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  1. Be interesting to be in the room with U.S. government regulators and hear their thoughts on Ripple working with companies in countries like Pakistan who are not quite the flavor of the day with the U.S.
  2. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ripple-launches-a-massive-google-advertising-campaign-to-promote-blockchain-product-xrapid/amp/ Interesting!
  3. Love this part: Brian Harris, Chief Product Officer at Currencies Direct, said of the move “our trial with XRP was a resounding success. We’re currently assessing our next steps, but the evidence we’ve gathered indicates that the use of XRP is a game changer, making payments near-immediate and significantly improving service to our customers.” “Our goal is to offer the best possible service. We believe that utilising cryptocurrencies in this way – as a transfer of value, rather than as a store of value – is the next logical step for our industry. It is, after all, the intended purpose of cryptocurrencies and we’re proud to be leveraging new technology to deliver the most convenient and seamless experience for our customers.”
  4. Add a little Temnos in for good measure. https://www.google.com/amp/s/coingape.com/nordea-banks-in-europes-ripple-connection/amp/
  5. Don't know if already posted but: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/10/the-sec-may-deliver-encouraging-ruling-on-xrp/
  6. Theoretically, will a U.S. resident be able to transfer from Nano to Uphold USD card?
  7. Interesting times. Everything on my list is red........except xrp. ?
  8. https://hackernoon.com/ripple-not-a-cryptocurrency-afc5e9248c4c I like this guy!
  9. Hodor, since this article talks about "powering through barriers ", I was wondering if you know of any concrete connections for the remittances being described here and Ripple/xCurrent: https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/personal-banking/fx/direct-remit/ Thx
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