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  1. That's a great news. Ethereum is leading smart contracts platform and that may bring wider adoption of blockchain technology and add new features to xrp ecosystem. I don't really get it why people treat other blockchain - crypto solutions like they are enemies.
  2. The San Marino isn't issuing their own currency. Their currency is EURO and they having monetary agreement with EU.
  3. There is no institution taking care of xrp price stability, just like central banks protecting their currencies and that's causing xrp to be easy target for speculative attacks. Utility may be the factor driving price up, but doesn't guarantee that.
  4. Xrp isn't a share in Ripple business. That's completely different thing, than shares. Its really hard to predict future price and basically its just guessing.
  5. Sbi holdings is not as big as you might think. I think you're confusing it with SoftBank.
  6. SBI holdings isn't biggest bank in Japan. Its actually has no ties with SoftBank since 2006.
  7. That's wasn't bad idea, but they was only available locally at San Francisco Area. I know about similar crowdsharing service https://fatllama.com, but that sort of business isn't popular now. .. Maybe it will be in the future
  8. Coil is great idea, but they need to attract more publishers and people with interesting stories. As yet there's lack of interesting reads on there and $5 subscription seems to be overpriced.
  9. That will allow companies to hold the money in their preferred currency and just exchange it when needed.
  10. That's very similar idea to Dai, that is issued on Ethereum network and taking ETH as a collateral.
  11. You guys never heard of Medium? Basically it's very similar to Coil with their 5$ subscription, but it's more popular website. Currently Medium is having more acclaimed publishers. Coil will have to work really hard to attract them to their business.
  12. FED isn't competent to provide liquidity to global finances. They should be focused on US economy. They don't need any digital asset like bitcoin or xrp for domestic money transfers, because transactions are made with USD.
  13. I don't know if that's make sense, but what I'm trying to say is that cryptocurrency can't be SoV because it's value coming from its usefulness and exchange ability. Basically BTC or XRP will have no value without working network or exchanges allowing users to exchange their crypto to fiat money. In the other hand gold having its value from it's physical and chemical properties. Gold is non-corrosive and easy to storage. I would say that gold is an ultimate commodity for being SoV and besides being apolitical that's why is being kept by central banks.
  14. Cryptocurrencies can't be SoV. That's total BS. Cryptos exists only virtually and haven't got incentive value. Cryptocurrency can be great medium of exchange, but not more than that. Gold or silver can be SoV.
  15. That's XCurrent and I really doubt we will see XRapid PLN corridor anytime soon, because unfavorable law against the crypto. From the next year every crypto transaction in Poland will be 1% taxed.
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