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  1. Guys, I read a very lot this thread but I think the truth is here: @P3T3RIS what do you think about it? Is this fake?
  2. I don't think Russia wants to invest the China controlled Bitcoin. More likely Ethereum could be the logical choice for the Russians – especially after that when Ethereum will drop the POW algorithm. What do you think?
  3. Confirmation not equal for me that somebody tweet something. I like Alex's works but nowadays he use too clickbait titles on his articles. Sure there are some very good clue from a Twitter user and that's all. If Ripple or United Nations confirms anything that will be confirmation.
  4. Yes, and another proof for xRapid: I think the expected cost saving, (which can be found on UAE government site) simply not possible with xCurrent.
  5. Somebody shared on Twitter, CLS group invested in r3. I think the r3's announcement really important because only the CLS group daily FX trade volume 1+ trillion, which is greater than the current total market cap (120 billion). And what about the other r3 partner?
  6. This information also can be found here: https://www.government.ae/en/about-the-uae/uae-future Quote from the site: Anybody knows how much the UAE government's transaction volume? They expects to save approximately 3 billion dollar annually (11 billion AED) so I think it can be calculate somehow considering the published xRapid cost saving reports.
  7. I think it was a joke https://twitter.com/search?l=&q=from%3Ayoshitaka_kitao%20since%3A2018-05-16%20until%3A2018-05-16&src=typd
  8. Unfortunately same issue here. I set up a codius host and it’s seems to be ok (version number 1.1.1) but upload test tool doesn’t able to upload pod to my host. I got the same error message.
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