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  1. I'm not saying that your prediction isn't possible in the distant future but what I'm talking about is the near term prediction of $1 as this analyst had stated ($0.92 to be exact and we are not far off right now).
  2. If XRP hits over $2 then I think there is a possibility for a scale upward to it's ATH. Until then I agree with this person's analysis of $0.92 but feel more bullish towards the $1 range.
  3. I could see XRP going to $1 if it hits $0.75 this cycle but other than that I do not see XRP hitting its ATH as there is just too much more of it than there was at the ATH. There would need to be lots of institutional players with retail adoption to push XRP past it's ATH. That's just an opinion though I could be wrong. I was somewhat off in my conservative analysis of BTC this year. I said it would hit $12K - $14K but it is already touching it's ATH. The reason why BTC is near its ATH and XRP is not is due to the regulatory clarity and overall demand due to scarcity.
  4. You know they aren't entirely evenly distributed some of the tokens will be burned as well: Flare: "What happens to Spark that is not claimed 6 months after the date of the snapshot? They are burned." https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/ However, your statement is somewhat correct: Flare: "The right to claim the 45 Billion Spark tokens will then be apportioned to each remaining address according to their proportional XRP balance in the snapshot. This may result in valid claimants receiving more than 1 Spark token for each XRP tok
  5. It is 1:1 ratio from what I've heard and it depends upon how the market values the token when it hits the market. I'd say the first few minutes might show a high valuation but then the price will dither in as always. I might sell half at the right price and save the rest.
  6. So very true, WarChest. I probably would not be in Crypto anymore if I didn't withdraw from Cryptsy in time. I got had by Topia and a few other random scams and scam coins. I think that is another reason why people aren't into crypto so many scam coins and bad actors.
  7. I bet you were really doing this for the Spark airdrop, right? I've seen quite a few people on here mentioning the same thing and I was considering moving my XRP to that exchange until you made light of the dark side of Bitrue. It is sad that so many exchanges go bad and this is why crypto won't be mass-adopted or will be avoided by the masses. Well this and just plain greed like ICOs, Defi and *ahem* airdrops which can quickly devalue the respective currency or currencies. I always felt Bittrue was kind of shady with their piggy bank and other incentives that yield more than other exchanges.
  8. There are email scams as well where they act as if they are with CoinDesk and there is a giveaway news for (x) Crypto with a link to click. Don't fall for it. If it seems to go to be true it probably is.
  9. The courts move slow and now even slower with the COVID-19 outbreak. Now I'm more interested in the government's ruling on XRP being considered a security or not. The problem is government moves slower than a post-COVID court.
  10. I'm sort of kicking myself for not buying into LINK. I think their pump is as inorganic as the 2017 markets. All it will take to bring LINK down or any asset is for regulators to get involved or some sort of huge FUD news. I almost wonder if the Zeus Capital news was made as "Reverse FUD" news that caused a huge pump for Chainlink. If you are new to the markets, Bitcoin and other crypto assets would pump sometimes when the news would try to FUD it and other times the reverse would happen as hype would turn to FUD. LINK or their affiliates released a bunch of news concerning their asset (2017 m
  11. I agree with you on this but like any coin they can simply improve their old protocol on a testnet then fork it to a newer standard that can do what the other protocols can do. That is what Ethereum is trying to do right now with their 2.0 protocol. I have to agree with the relationships part of what you said and that is the real asset Ripple's XRP asset has over most other protocols. As a side note, if you trade XRP on Bittrex it pumped to 0.415 last night filling some old orders I had on it . They sat there for awhile too, someone was hungry for XRP or it was a wash?
  12. I went to Yahoo and did a rough estimate based upon the range given in the infograph. I used the following inputs: 0.64 (seems to be a good rough mean average for that time) and 0.20 (seems to be the stable price of this moment). So I divided 0.64 by 0.20 and received 3.2 as my factor. I divided the low and high estimate and received these results: Low Estimate = $2 (I had to round up) and high estimate of $10.28 (had to round down). Your thoughts? Or do you think XRP can only go lower or will it pump up again like other alts? XRP pricing https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/XRP-U
  13. No it is Paul LeRoux that created Bitcoin but it could have been multiple people who hyped it and brought it to where it really is today. https://www.wired.com/story/was-bitcoin-created-by-this-international-drug-dealer-maybe/
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