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  1. I think they are already watchin... I mean "following" us in this forum. A few days before Garlinghouse made his grand announcement I was followed by a random new user with no posts or content added to his forum.
  2. Another silver lining not mentioned in the article is XRP has the full backing of SBI. If SBI drops Ripple then it might be time to listen to the FUD but until then there are many scenarios that play out here. The government is just a corporate mafia anymore and they want their cut of business and individual's funds. If the SEC takes a fine and gives Ripple a slap on the wrist then trading will continue but the asset will be reduced in value as it is right now until there is no more fines or BS. This might push Ripple to Japan and the US will miss out entirely in the crypto game because we're
  3. I'm just saying its called a rebrand. A company or product changes their name due to a bad mark on their image or a different focus on their product or a buyout. KIK is now rebranded to KIN because of the case I would assume.
  4. Its obvious because Ripple bashed ETH for being a Chinese manipulated currency.
  5. Agreed, if they work with the government agencies on regulation then they might have a shot at further adoption. However, XRP was founded before there was any regulatory foundation in the industry so they can always try to grandfather themselves into the lack of regulation, thereof. But then again if the SEC or FinCEN get their cut then they might go away or XRP will just move to Japan.
  6. Actually they rebranded from what I can research. Kik is now Kin. https://www.kik.com/kin/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kin Its worth a Sat at best but they really didn't innovate and focused more on the ICO than what XRP has done for banks and now XRP will DeFi with the FLR drop. What do you think of the FLR drop @LetHerRip?
  7. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ethereum-address-creation-hits-35-month-high-did-xrp-provide-the-spark
  8. Wow this creates a whole new concept for the IRS actually due to Spark not being added to exchanges until next year. Therefore, it has no value to be taxed and as someone already said Spark is like a dividend. I'm sort glad that I left my XRP at NEXO so I don't have to account for this IRS quagmire as they will be airdropping it in earliest March and latest May.
  9. I'm not saying that your prediction isn't possible in the distant future but what I'm talking about is the near term prediction of $1 as this analyst had stated ($0.92 to be exact and we are not far off right now).
  10. If XRP hits over $2 then I think there is a possibility for a scale upward to it's ATH. Until then I agree with this person's analysis of $0.92 but feel more bullish towards the $1 range.
  11. I could see XRP going to $1 if it hits $0.75 this cycle but other than that I do not see XRP hitting its ATH as there is just too much more of it than there was at the ATH. There would need to be lots of institutional players with retail adoption to push XRP past it's ATH. That's just an opinion though I could be wrong. I was somewhat off in my conservative analysis of BTC this year. I said it would hit $12K - $14K but it is already touching it's ATH. The reason why BTC is near its ATH and XRP is not is due to the regulatory clarity and overall demand due to scarcity.
  12. You know they aren't entirely evenly distributed some of the tokens will be burned as well: Flare: "What happens to Spark that is not claimed 6 months after the date of the snapshot? They are burned." https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/ However, your statement is somewhat correct: Flare: "The right to claim the 45 Billion Spark tokens will then be apportioned to each remaining address according to their proportional XRP balance in the snapshot. This may result in valid claimants receiving more than 1 Spark token for each XRP tok
  13. It is 1:1 ratio from what I've heard and it depends upon how the market values the token when it hits the market. I'd say the first few minutes might show a high valuation but then the price will dither in as always. I might sell half at the right price and save the rest.
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