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  1. It depends on your holdings in XRP. IMO with 20K XRP I would not sell more than 20% before it reaches 125 USD/XRP.
  2. Reminds me of the Joker leaves hospital scene in the dark knight.. ..they gonna all ride the bus with us now..
  3. I did and received following reply: "Thank you for your interest in attending Swell 2018. On behalf of Team Ripple, thank you for your interest in Swell. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request this year. Hope you will join us in celebrating virtually on Ripple Insights, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. - Team Ripple Goldman Sachs / JP Morgan employees have of course much more priority than little bugs like me. Moreover I am not in the FinTech industry, what is the main target audience. Better luck next time
  4. Sounds like you have not realised the potential of XRP.. Where you under a rock the past 8months? I'd go all in Butcoin if I'd be you!
  5. @dadofzara ; absolutely unnecessary to make such a dangerous statement: "Firstly, let me declare my position - I am a 0.5% account holder" I will stay in stealth mode 2, but never sell all of my zerps!! Never
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/14/crypto-advocate-bitcoins-narrative-problem-is-spooking-investors.html Isn't that exactly what Brad G predicted for 2018? It is like they followed a script from Ripple in this discussion. GREAT "Bitcoin's narrative is hard to pin down" - this exactly is why we have invested in XRP at early stage XRP = solving a real problem for real customers and sending money as fast as an email
  7. Ripple / XRP is, has: -missing blocks -centralized coin -security
  8. Who is Martin Arnold? A Journalist who is wrinting about Banks & Bankers for the FT. As a matter of fact their will be not so many of them left when Ripple replaced SWIFT. Everything will get leaner and many jobs in banking will be gone in smoke.. So what would this fellow write about when the time has come?
  9. This is related to jp morgans Quorum and since jpm Amber Baldet, who was leading the crypto team left, this patent filing might have some strategic reasons. Quorum is based on Ethereum smart contracts and in terms of scalability and transaction speed, behind xrapid / xvia! Its just simply a reach into the loo for jpm!
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