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  1. Does nobody have a Ledger Blue?! LoL I'm guessing the steps are the same. So this my project today!!
  2. Link to original article https://investorplace.com/2021/06/ripple-xrp-crypto-news-ripples-client-dlocal-preps-to-come-public/
  3. That was so Medium Rare! Which is just how a good steak should be!
  4. Yah, could very well be a pump and dump sort of article, but the basic premise is there for countries to get off the dollar. And no question Russia is doing that very thing. But using BTC.... hummm.... maybe, maybe not. And FYI, do not have any BTC.
  5. I've been posting and commenting for at least a year about this very situation with sanctions and the need for countries to exit the Dollar (and SWIFT) via cryptos and for years about the accumulation of gold. It was one of my main reasons for getting into XRP as moving funds outside of the reach of the US is paramount for most of the world. Now with capitol controls of China on the rise again it's going to be an interesting 2019.... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-14/russia-prepares-buy-10-billion-bitcoin-evade-us-sanctions
  6. Far as I'm concerned, they could have formed this bank in a garage... oh... yah... like Steve Jobs. LoL. Look, it's all about transformation and disrupting the "status quo". If you don't have brass balls (or brass ovaries - as not to leave out the more distinguished of the sexes) then please exit stage left. I love the fact that they are small and come from other disciplines!!
  7. I like fintechs pushing the envelope and taking margin away from the "big" banks. What can I say, registered Libertarian and all. Like gold, lead, and not afraid to make a dime off the big banks too... lol
  8. Yup, arbitrage. Market efficiency (or the lack of in some cases). Plenty of banks also hold currencies (fiat), gold, copper (big time copper swaps) so it would be sort of the same principle. OTC markets, private swaps, inter-bank over night lending, repos, and so many other financial "tools" that banks of all sizes and varieties use to inevitably make money. XRP would just be one more tool for them to use. And they will. IMOH, one of the biggest items out of Ripple was the adoption of a rather large credit union... the banks are NOT going to let "them" waltz into "their" domain. One thought I had was in thinking about all the payments the US Government processes through the Navy Credit Union (yes, I'm former military) and how this might be handy. I bought my first house with a gov backed loan through the Union. Had savings, checking, credit card, auto loan...EVERYTHING that a young person needs in the financial realm right out of the gate through the credit union. Then after the military - being a defense contractor I STILL used the credit union (and can for life). So world wide ability to send funds FAST would have been great back in the day. Because paying/buying weapons in (insert any third world country here) wound have really been much better than a trunk or two of cash But on the other hand, if you had to hang around being entertained by a Sultan for a few three/four days while SWIFT transfers the money a half dozen different times to ping it around wasn't to bad either (hypothetically seeking of course LoL)
  9. Yup @XRPfan_Eelco I find that my cattle are always running and happy to see me when I have a bucket of sweet feed.... Not so much when I grab my cattle prod. Once the new cattle find out how tasty the feed is, you really can't stop the stampede. It takes a day or two, but figure it out the most certainly do!
  10. Good Heavens Hodor, what would happen if everyone started posting a new thread promoting YouTubers !?!?! The Horror! /sarc The regulatory (USA) frame work is going to come into focus quick. To much money to be made for it not to.
  11. Who is the "we" you are talking about? To me, your posts to this thread sound like your own individual opinion and frankly, I don't see anyone agreeing with you on this specific point. Now for my thoughts..."If you don't hold it, you don't own it." This is, and has been, one of the golden rules for the gold/silver community. Any time you let someone else have/hold your assets, one opens the door to many possible shenanigans.
  12. I like it. Fits well with my collection Argentum, Ethereum, Aurum , Plumbum and now Xenium
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