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  1. Hey, I just noticed the XRP/MXN liquidity chart has tanked during the last month. Is this because of delistings of several exchanges, or has ODL usage just decreased because of Ripple focusing their resources and time on the SEC lawsuit? I hope they can settle fast so they can get back to focusing on creating utility for the asset. Tech isn't waiting around for anyone, and I fear that if too much time goes by supressing XRP in this stupid SEC situation, Ripple will slowly, but surely lose their edge IMO. I wouldn't think Swift is just sitting idle twisting their thumbs, they take the Ripple situation very seriously and will do anything in their power not to lose customers. They know exactly what's at stake, and if they manage to figure out some pretty good solution the banks will probably just stick with them to avoid the hassle of changing the banking infrastructure. They are not exactly known to love change.. What do you guys think? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/edit#gid=1888946776
  2. Wait and see man. We don't know what the rulers of this world has planned for XRP. They surely will take their piece of the cake, and make that thing fly in value beyond our comprehension.
  3. Very possible man. But only a few have the guts to hold that long really.
  4. Sure. I stand corrected I guess. I shouldn't have said "we all know". I'll research it a bit, but to me it doesn't make sense that price will increase when buying and selling pressure is equal. Ofc bi-effects of utility will be increased speculation, demand etc, but that's indirectly.
  5. I can respect that. We're literally talking about changing the entire global payments infrastructure, a new world order. Things like that takes time man, like the transition from horse to car. If XRP is to have a massive surge in price in the next months, I will likely sell a decent amount of my stack, because utility driven price increase is still not here imo, so I do believe we may see a repeat of 2017.
  6. I agree man. I am talking like 10-15 years down the road. If everything plays out perfectly I can't see why this can't happen tbh. However, already SBI holding quite a bit of XRP, first bank holding it. NASDAQ, Bakkt, Fidelity, all going to have to hold quite a bit of XRP for their clients. Why shouldn't it snowball?
  7. How is my statement not true? 1000 XRP is bought/sourced in USD via xRapid from bittrex, sent to bitso, transferred from XRP to mexican pesos, all within minutes. 1000 xrp bought, 1000 sold. Equal buying and selling pressure in itself, will obviously not move the price. I state later that obviously utility of xRapid will bring HUGE demand for XRP, because of speculation/FI's and banks want to hold XRP to have pre-sourced liqudity. And also as you say, market makers and liquidity providers will have to hold XRP hence bringing it out of the public supply. So when utility really ramps up in the $1 millions range, we could see some increase due to market markers having to hold quite a bit of XRP.
  8. https://twitter.com/ColonelXrp/status/1155583985558401024 Thoughts on this? (read entire thing from top) I mean to me it does make sense, however it's the absolute DREAM scenario for XRP, everything has to go right for that to happen, but in my opinion, possible. Obviously, if huge banks and fi's across the entire globe wants to hold XRP as a reserve asset, hence limiting the available supply of XRP, the price naturally need to go up to meet the demand for all global payments, which is trillions of $ daily. We all know xRapid usage itself will not bring the price up, because its just equal selling and buying pressure on each end, hence price won't move. It's the speculation/demand for XRP that comes with it that will get the price moving, so indirectly utility will move the price. What's your take on this?
  9. I'm saying there are a lot of elements that needs to fall in place for XRP to take over the world. Also I'm saying we can't possibly say xRapid is the superior tech solution many years ahead in time.. As you know David Schwartz said banks really isn't interested in using XRP for numerous reasons, liqudity issues, giving up their central power etc, which is why they changed up their strategy and now trying to target other markets first. We may think xRapid is superior tech right now, because it is. In 3-5 years time though, with still no significant adoption..? NO one knows man, that's my point, hence my thinking "Now or never"
  10. To be fair, what about other companies like blockbuster in the beginning for instance, don't you think they had connections and partnerships all over the place, and everyone thinking "damn this idea is friggin genius it will definitely be the big next thing". Time changes, and timing definitely matters.. Now look, it has lost almost all its market share due to superior solutions. Same with ripple and xrp imo. It sure as hell looks like a sure thing at this point, everything is falling into place.. However if you put some perspective to it, things never go exactly as planned. I believe the payments industry will change, whether it's Ripple or someone else pushing it through, it will happen soon imo, not in 10 years. I'm not saying it needs to be an all or nothing thing. It can very well be a gradual adoption process, but I would assume the snowball effect will be insane once the ball starts rolling, but if the ball don't start rolling for many years ofc one should start to wonder.
  11. This sums up my thought process pretty well. I do understand that Ripple is way ahead of other public companies in terms of progress towards digitizing the payments industry, but if it's gonna take 10 years rather than 3, ofcourse the chances of other solutions emerging will increase. Thing is we can't really foresee how the payments industry is going to form, as much as we'd love for it to be based on a publicly traded crypto and blockchain, we are not even sure about this, atleast for the banking industry. We can just place our bets on Ripple and hope they nailed the timing and regulations are not too tough short to mid term so they can get the ball rolling atleast..
  12. And that's why it will never be world wide adopted. Ripple has the team, the tech, to make it all happen. It will take time, sure, but the longer its gonna take the lower chance of sucess as other solutions are being experienced with and maybe we find superior ways of digitizing payments.
  13. I agree with this. Only thing we can do really is hold on to hope. All this talk about adoption happening soon but ledger really tells you otherwise. And also, David Schwartz recent discussion on SWSX, he literally said banks using XRP is FAR off still, for several reasons. How many years we talking? and whats to say if this is gonna take a decade to adopt that there will not be a ton of competition and XRP's is just another needle in the haysack of potential solutions? I honestly think if it takes that long to adopt XRP is not going to be the solution, unless we see very clear signs of it along the way.
  14. Hello friends, I am a true believer in the in the XRP ledger and Ripple's incentive to bring widespread adoption into the XRP ecosystem, however at the same time, I feel like it's kind of a now or never thing with XRP. The digitalization of payments will happen one way or another, wether the solution is XRP or some unforeseen other brilliant technology that is being worked on secretly, I know that it will take place, and it will happen soon. Let's say no one really adopts xrp on a HUGE scale in the next 3 years, and the adoption curve goes really slowly, I'd say the chance of some big organisation or bank will develop another solution that fits their narrative better that they can easily control, and it will be game over for XRP as soon as that is deemed the new standard.. Imo they will have to prove the technology's worth very soon, or it will be devoured by other newly developed solutions that may not neccesarily be superior tech, but if it fits the banking industry's conservative operation methods they will choose that any day. There might be some markets where XRP is suitable, but again if another solution becomes the standard what's to say that can't solve everything if its a smart system. Thoughts on this?
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