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  1. That's a topic highlighting the "internet of value"
  2. Furthermore, BTC isn't sustainable on an energical POV. I just see this technology as a proof of concept but his time will end. In my opinion it's just a matter of time.
  3. Such a bear market is an opportunity for decoupling, I'm also pump during those time
  4. Big Up and all my respect to you @Hodor ! You provide a huge amount of knowledge for the XRP community
  5. Thank you very much gentlemans @IAmATroll & @aavkk, it's now clear !
  6. Hello XRP community! I get a bunch of XRP on eToro and I'm considering using the new XRParrot service because of the fees on eToro (Futhermore I use EUR) Nevertheless I used eToro because it was easy to use and I have some question Consider I buy XRP on this new platform, where did they actually go and how can I sell or buy more? (I don't have a ledger) I would be glad you explain me (I know it's kind of a newbie question.
  7. Thank you so much ! I realy respect people that provide freely tools to ease the knowledge flow ! (you speed it the way XRP is speeding the value flow Ahaha)
  8. I didn't recommend it, I just said I use it and it was for me the easier way to acquire XRP
  9. I personally use eToro (mostly because it was conveniant at first). Fees are quit high so it's for holder. They will be soon providing a wallet and allow you to moove your XRP freely.
  10. If you suppose that they keep their position, human is not rational
  11. https://www.iflscience.com/environment/heres-just-how-quickly-bitcoin-could-destroy-the-planet/
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