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  1. SnoopXRP

    Is a dump incoming?

    Volume is still slowly climbing, we are sitting in a .....rocket?
  2. I'd probably buy back in now and sell again when it goes up 10%
  3. I would have bought 12k @ .52$ had I had the funds ready.
  4. SnoopXRP

    Good Exchange

  5. SnoopXRP

    Good Exchange

    The best thing to do is just wait 15 days and see where xrp is?
  6. SnoopXRP

    Good Exchange

  7. SnoopXRP

    Nice little pump

    My palms are sweaty, my palms are sweaty, my hearts a racing my hearts a racing......
  8. The market is so young, it skips logical steps.
  9. SnoopXRP

    Nice little pump

    Speculation...or utilization
  10. Ok, let me get this straight. You saw a poll that asked people if they heard about the bitcoin, and everyone in holland voted yes. And that makes someone else's view limited?
  11. He referred to your world view as limited; do you live in a remote village? He apparently knows everyone in the Netherlands personally and the fact that they all know about bitcoin.
  12. SnoopXRP

    XRP Phishing Scam Uncovered By South Korean Authorities, FBI

    They take negative xrp from your account and then you owe the ledger.