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  1. 2020 should see more XRP use, how much use?
  2. Summary for stuff out there concerning CSC Long term investing Exchanges to buy CSC New token CAM added (Cammegh) Do your own research!
  3. https://aruzegaming.com/ CasinoCoin Twitter : https://twitter.com/CasinoCoin Read the full story: https://casinocoin.org/aruze-gamings-brandon-knowles-joins-as-casinocoin-advisor/
  4. CasinoCoin Tokens 1. Tokens can be used by Operators, Processors, Manufacturers and others for a variety of purposes, immutable data, enhanced billing, support services, bet tracking, results tracking, and many others things. 2. The data uses can be customized for each user as necessary and expanded upon when needed. Tokens can only be created by the foundation. 3. The use case of tokens has just scratched the surface with new ideas being suggested all the time on how the Distributed Ledger data can be used. More Tokens will be going live this year. 4. Token users make a onetime donation to the Foundation of $25k worth of CSC, that is purchased on the open market (exchanges). They then continuously purchase $csc on the open market to fuel the tokens. 5. The token fee for each transaction is currently .01 CSC. This will be adjusted as necessary by the foundation to ensure the fiat value of each TRX remains the same regardless of CSC current value. 6. Example @CammeghGaming Roulette wheel sensors detect anomaly. It creates an entry on the ledger and someone at @CammeghGaming on the other side of the world is monitoring the ledger gets a message about the anomaly. 7. The example given is speculation on my part as I don't have any info on exactly what data is being used. Ultimately any event that records any type of data could be transmitted via the ledger (DLT) so the possibilities are endless.
  5. https://beincrypto.com/swift-spokesman-calls-cryptocurrencies-useless-and-unstable/
  6. What do you know. You think Craig Wright is Satoshi
  7. It is gambling.
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