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  1. Yoshitaka Kitao tweets a lot about end of year $10
  2. It's Market size. Maybe your not following XRP very closely. It's not us, that will move the price to great heights. It's the end user. The end user does not care what the name of the coin is called. They want fast, cheap and easy. The Ripple team is the best in the world. No weak links. If you have an inability to see. That's not a HODLs problem. That's yours.
  3. So SBI are gearing up for launch summer time, few months. Lots of delays due to marking sure they can handle the volume, and getting good security in place. Price? I really have no idea. I know Asia love XRP. Japan big on XRP. Loads volume over there. $5.00 ?
  4. XRP SBI Summer You better believe it ?
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