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  1. LOL! "Bad Gardenhose".... here's one in the wild:
  2. close your eyes, hold your nose and chant with me.... "the enemy of my enemy is my friend... the enemy of my enemy is my friend... the enema I received was from my friend... wait, wut?!" You get the point... almost there....
  3. LOL!! Coins... circular in nature.... nature... seeks circular information... We have come full circle!!
  4. from the first of January, (Happy New Year!) Christmas was great, thanks Jay Clayton! This is where we are now....
  5. FOOD

    Cracker666 WhoDat?

    Seriously Cracker, what are you collecting information for?
  6. LOL!! I'm assuming you were joking, right? Also, rememember when you ominously suggested that this site will go dark? What did you mean? I have had this uneasy feeling that some people were aware that the SEC case was going to drop before they should have known.... Also, do you still hold XRP?
  7. Damn.... Rick coulda had one for a million...
  8. FOOD

    Cracker666 WhoDat?

    Are you Gary Gensler?
  9. I tried to punch an alien directly in the face an alien, I'm telling you the kind from outer space I punched and missed now my arm burns and I have no balls tecnology ahead of ours, my biggie is now smalls. Alien Encounter By Food
  10. just a quick thought... if I saw an alien standing in my hallway, I would punch it as hard as I could directly in the face knowing without a doubt that I would not be successful.
  11. .... but yeah.... I think the aliens are here and we are indeed being slowly sculpted as a culture globally to be able to cope with the inevitable disclosure... whether it comes from our own governments... or the horses mouth directly.... when the time comes, we will be as ready as we can possibly be... the universe is too big... too big... not big enough!! .... also... wtf is time?! It's the weirdest thing in the world! Sure gravity and space are cool... but time?! What the actual F?
  12. we are dust in the wind as it is as it pertains to the world we know... multiply that by a trillion (those are the minimum planets throughout the universe that probably have life) and most people would prefer to look the other way... pfuck.. all we are dust in the wind... doo da doo da doo... seriously.... (ofcourse I am making up numbers but they are probably right.. ie think of a number 1-10... don't tell me.... don't look.. don't do it.. is it 2? exactly... no? well 7 is too common.... no, you can't pick zero.... at any rate...) there are probably planets with dinosaurs how we know them through discovery roaming around.... lifeforms similar to ours with problems much worse than ours.... and some more harmonious.... you get the jist... mind blown... mine is.... kaboom!
  13. yah... slowly but surely we will see more and more convincing evidince I believe... closer, better defined, more obvious pictures... those are next.... the above reminds me of the footage where one let out a plume of something.... also, invisible to the naked eye but seen via infrared/heat technology (whatever the terminology).... it might be this one but I'm gonna link what I'm referrring to anyway... whoah, too many 'r's.... my spellcheck used to be automatic... what happended? I need help!!!! Okay....here: (no idea of the credibility of the site in general, grabbed the first google hit I found, but definitely the video I was referencing... if already linked, apologies) https://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article125650839.html
  14. .... regarding John Deaton above.... he is a bad, bad, mothafucka!.... any rate.... I remember attorneys (Poopin Palley) going out of thier way to leave arrogant, obnoxious, and attention seeking comments "LOL"... in response to his (Defeat'n Deaton) initial tweet regarding the Writ of Mandamus... "first they laugh....." damm.......... get ready.... it's getting warm..... Take it to the house!
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