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  1. (also, if anybody in the community did have an idea, and continued to throw shade here.......)
  2. .... and is it possible to split a "whistle blower" fee at the SEC? Cuz I think they probably had several claims.... but... I think the SEC might be realizing that they actually conflated the company Ripple, with the XRP Ledger.... embarassing..... Go get em Gaaaaaaaaary!
  3. 5 euro pennies! They used to say.... Actually, I'm pretty disgusted.... thinking back, most of the caulk n balls fud packing c-holes that used to frequent here.... were in the know!!!! IMO, ofcourse.... but holyish..... what a joke!
  4. .... even if they might have wanted to take advantage of the FLR drop.... they would be torn.... kinda.... they would figure... "well, I'll just buy FLR when it comes out as it will prolly be a penny.... just like XRP giggle giggle giggle... tee hee hehhehehehe" BALLZ!
  5. for the confused: If one did infact know that Clayton was planning on dropping a bomb on Ripple... would they be holding XRP... ? So unconfuse your face!
  6. I am also struggling with the personalities and the match they posess below.... but am giggling nonetheless....
  7. .... and if they did.... they probably missed out on FLR.... right?! ... and maybe that's why they are even more pizzed.... cuz not only did they have privied info that they tried to game... but it didn't even work!!! I'm so happy about that.... IMO.... they were here... they knew...they were smug.... and they have genitalia that represents their personalities.....
  8. interpretariration... if spell doesn't kick in..... I'm freeballllling!
  9. Who does this doooosh bag think he is calling the judge "a glutton for punishment" to fit his narrative? ******* idiot! @Pabloaren't you part of his circle? If not apologies, but could you shed some light on this as you used to speak pretty freely about the case...
  10. This guy has been extremely jealous of Deaton from day one.... If "Ripple is Enron spelled backwards." Then I think it's fair to say that Palley is an acronym for "something to hide".
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