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  1. .... regarding John Deaton above.... he is a bad, bad, mothafucka!.... like... bad,bad..... any rate.... I remember attorneys such as Palley simply leaving an "LOL"... in response to one of his tweets..... damm.......... get ready.... it's getting warm.....
  2. agreed... would you mind sharing your Twitter handle, I'm sure you have one and I'd love to give you a follow, cheers!
  3. Oh man, you're a genius... great points! Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a Twitter handle you can share, do you? I would love to follow you on Twitter as I am sure your presence there is sensible and worthy as well....
  4. It's been 3 years since I have had a satisfactory release down below.... the revolution is cumming.
  5. INdeed... good going. I agree. Analysis is the future.. and it should be better. Thanks for the info. Say, do you happen to have a bottle opener? Mine broke and has a smokey flavor. Let's send the moon to the people it belongs to. Also, great info, if you have more don't hesitate!
  6. Good point, Rita! Say, by any chance are you the sister of Mary?
  7. had a crazy dream alien craft above me beam deployed I wake
  8. Haikus are for real but have you ever seen one feast your eyes on this
  9. ..... was taken away... thank you... but transplaced onto a planet of plants... yes... only plants as the main form of life.... pretty sure it was a clerical error... no worries. try again?
  10. but yeah.... hyper excited about aliens, ufos, etc... etc.... always have been... and we are being slowly desensitized without a doubt... billions of planets... billions! We are not alone... and we are definitely not all that smart. (see comments re XRP on twitter) dammit, take me away!
  11. I can not wait to communicate to the aliens... But I will wait, then congratulate all the aliens... If I hesitate instead of incumbate blame the aliens... Gonna tribulate and procrastinate with the aliens... Goal was to fornicate yet I ma$turbate with the aliens...
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