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  1. I mean can't his "brother" simply join? He can sign up as "Phil Hopium"... It'll be a play on the rebirth.... like "fallopian" ....
  2. Generating a "Sonic Boom" is something anybody can achieve quickly and affordably:
  3. So.... you're not really a farmer? Then where did you get all those bananas?
  4. I'm just getting this party started! I am ready to go all night long! You can't stop this train once the motion is put into place... choo choo!!! Dancing all night.... but yeah, maybe just a little nap.
  5. ... they condemn the "XRParmy", they blame them for instigating and insinuating negative behavior.... but the only thing I see here is the inverse.... what gives?
  6. so gross... these twitter lawyers.... thank god xrp is no longer a threat (for now) but they seem to have a huge problem with ADA and BSC.... pathetic I'm convinced both of these guys come here for headlines and more than likely are members... at any rate.... ETH maxis disguised as BTC maxis.... not financial advice
  7. keep triggering me! you laser eyed tattle-tale, you... who keeps telling on me? ....lol! reporting me! is this a poem.... or justice! here's the punctuation............?
  8. .... so embarrassing.... come clean... which twitter lawyer are you?
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