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  1. You might not need to "take" anything at all... https://www.healthline.com/health/itchy-balls
  2. Good to hear from you Allvor and thank you for explaining that.... there is much confusion regarding your project... personally, I am rooting for you as I have several ALV from your airdrop to XRP hodlers... Are you (ALV) finally on an exchange? I know you were supposed to be on that exchange in Brazil but that kept getting pushed back... and back... and back... I eventually stopped following updates.... at any rate, what exchanges is Allvor actively listed on? Thank you!
  3. I'm pretty sure Greg muttered the words "it's now or never" right before he placed that sell order...
  4. Awesome! That means I was comprehending correctly, thank you... And BS! That's an awesome answer! You got balls, Bob!
  5. Oh yeah... don't get me wrong... that's gross!
  6. Yo, Jango! (coincidentally and fittingly, the "D" is broken on my keyboard). Throw out some links if you got em.... the only thing I can think of that might have spread such an article out into the German region is the following by Weiss Ratings.... I would start by reading all about them, what the community thinks about them, and the history they have with their ratings regarding cryptocurrencies.... Good luck Jango!
  7. I agree.... they are indeed everywhere (bots in general)... ofcourse, I am biased but I have wondered if some of these (more ridiculous) bots were deployed by BTC maximalists to have an argument about how "obvious and ridiculous" the XRP (bot) army is..... living in the Wild West!!!
  8. I try to pay attention... I really do!! (I've always had a reading comprehension issue)... But this whole time, I thought "your number" had to do with the price you think XRP would get to..... Either way... yeah... no-brainer.... don't tell anybody how many you have.... I have 3 million! CSC!!!
  9. @rippleHero Do you have anything to declare? For example, are you with Forbes?
  10. Perfect! Two sentences to get the point across that usually takes you 5 paragraphs.
  11. BTW @Ripple-Stiltskin Good to see you! In the same breath, I'm going to bed because I don't want to suffer the wrath!!!.... Peace!!!
  12. LOL! Was wondering where the guy above has been...... Either way...... He's a bad aZZ motha.........
  13. Awesome! Good point.... I almost wish these sites weren't "anonymous"... I have a feeling that if our identities were known.... we wouldn't have to offer such obvious information..... but then again....
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