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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/moneygram-debuts-streamlined-transfer-service-fastsend-2020-2
  2. First of all, I have to admit that I did not want to read that many sentences so I simply skimmed through your post when I first saw it.... But damn, you put a lot of thought into this post and I will award you accolades in the green sentence.... I might have OCD... I really might.... and that outweighs the negativity I think I might invoke when I inquire as to the beauty of Maja.... She's hot, right?! Also, I was going to say the same thing about Alex but you killed my hopium when you used the noun "he"... ........ What you put together is awesome! I am happy ready thinking hopeful absolute itchy happy redundant drunk!
  3. Sorry Peter, You got it all backwards!
  4. What's the gawddamn problem here?! I thought we were ALL just betting on the fastest, quickest, strongest, leanest, most handsomest, largest caulked horse on the track! And XRP is.... and that is why we are here!!! Right? No? Some people are just here to be doooshe bags? Oh, I see. I'm going to BTC chat to pretend to be interested in the project but secretly drop hints that I don't think it will survive cuz.... well, it's a schitt coin! Boom!
  5. Let me know if you want the number to my horse and carriage dealer.....
  6. ..... crap.... don't let me detract from those who think this idea is brilliant! Please share your enthusiasm, as that is not illegal in any way... if it was, we would have the FBI all over this forum!
  7. Take it seriously, it is projected that more and more people will be eternally imprisoned due to scams and misdemeanors due to the wild wild west of new technology seeming like a free for all.... odds are it will be easier to jail these criminals than the ones that dealt fiat, gold, clamshells, or.... wait for it......... tulip bulbs! Think, don't stink!
  8. bitcoin already leads in the kittypron arena.... https://www.coindesk.com/child-****-bitcoin-blockchain-what-it-means
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