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  1. Brian Brooks... I wonder what his middle name is. Does it start with an "O"? That would be funny: "B.O.B."
  2. Yeah, getting more and more difficult to access the precious..... JK, nobody wants it... let's look into this.... first, which exchanges have you tried?
  3. LOL... I've had a sneaking suspicion that at least a good majority of the "589" crowd on twitter etc are actually part of the FudSoldier's campaign designed to make XRP holders look like foolish imbeciles.....
  4. @LetHerRiphas an imaginary bag he'll sell to you.
  5. While we are still on the subject and for those who might want to learn more, here is a great thread from Twitter:
  6. I mentioned a couple days ago... the FudSoldiers will soon begin to focus their campaign on Flare.... DISDAIN!!!
  7. It's actually exactly like my AA meetings but I don' t have to take the bus. -Aristotle
  8. Last few sentences of the article: “If the SEC rejected [Ripple’s] proposal [to settle] and there seems nothing more than a court case, then the token is now over-valued, in my opinion.” Swissquote’s Thomas said. “As an 18-month court case it will weigh heavily on the asset.” At the press time, XRP traded at $0.31, down 8.95% in the past 24 hours but up 14.2% from the December low of around $0.17.
  9. I think he should quit. But not before securing a leadership role at Stellar.
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