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  1. Oh hellz yeah... digest it all! I'm gonna too!!! That was some awesome info they busted out with!!! @Sukrim and @karstnDE... wow, bravo!!
  2. That is awesome!!! You have to bump this... nobody responded?! LOL!!!!
  3. That would make me more of a "who" than a "what".
  4. LOL so the brain has a natural "fud" button! makes sense!
  5. Not sure what you are "pointing" out..... but I have been trying to get you to publicly post the link you sent me in a private message... since you seem to only understand arrows:
  6. While we are at it... anybody else accept the "$100.00's) of free poker lessons that were offered?..... if so.... let it be known..... probably nothing, but.....
  7. Can you share the link you "private messaged" me to put my paranoia at ease?
  8. Right! Excellent! and I may have experienced a bit of paranoia... but I did brush that off and meant to reply... and remember that you send a link in the private message.... never clicked on it, but do know that is a no-no in general.... so what was the link you sent? I'm assuming you can share it here?
  9. Let that question sink in..... ..... and if it sank in (lol, yeah I know .....) do you have any more respect for the people that are without? ..... mainly, if for whatever reason, you were unable to reserve your "anonymous" presence... would you still post...? anonymity is great... but it has a double edge swoard..... that is not how you spell sword...embarrassing, thank god nobody knows who I am..... At any rate, I forgot to mention that this thread is all about permission. Only post and/or react if you give full permission to give up privacy rights collected by me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Also, believe it or not... there is an easy way to tell when what you just posted is considered trolling...... 'Any time you have a "like" by Moonraker, you might have just trolled.....'
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