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  1. Careful guys...I once got into a legal tango with a very naive and stupid chap... thought I dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's... even added the squiggly at the bottom right corner of the Q... but I got bit in the azz (am no longer aloud to cuss) hard! Apparently, when I thought I heard that this person was going to "sue my butt", my response was "Bring it on, bud!" (yeah, he was a kiwi)... long story short, the accent got in the way and I ended up with sewed together asscheeks! DYOR
  2. That's awesome,and congratulations... I could only imagine what your mother is thinking right now... I'm certain it goes something like this: "You just gotta have Feth, a-Feth-a-Feth-a!"
  3. Still looking for the plot... think I found it.... nope... still unrelated.... but hey, NEO just passed XLM!!!!
  4. This makes no sense, and you know it! yea... but wait.... Oh.... you are soooooo cute!
  5. seriously though... and to my point... no reactions, or even signs of life until.... the end... the ridiculous end... come.. on!!!! You can't plan this better!!!
  6. ...now I'm wondering if I am an evangelical.... cuz I sure as hell am praying that XRP moons!!!~!
  7. ...dammit! Now I feel compelled to say that if you don't say anything now... and the price shoots up tomorrow.... you can't claim prayer or religion did the trick.... ... so yeah, basically asking the evangelicals (not even sure how many are left) to state the miracle is in the works now!... not when it happens... TIA
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