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  1. lol, always pumps before swell?
  2. EcneitapLatnem

    Valor, Another Ripple Scam?

    @RubMyXRPsposted this in the zerpening earlier today regrding this article....
  3. ..... Now, if you were wearing a glove when you gave me a high 5 and I didn't know you only had 4 fingers, do you owe me one?
  4. EcneitapLatnem

    40+ Companies using, accepting or testing XRP

    Welcome to the moon. The first thing I will need is your helmet.
  5. EcneitapLatnem

    Circulating supply calculations

    No, I think you are correct in what you were saying, you just should have left out the dollar symbol... right?
  6. Haha! I'm trying to figure out if you did this on purpose.... or if it was Freud... or if I'm even making any cent$
  7. You can give me a high 5 you can give me a low 5 either way you gave me a 5 unless you're missing a finger then you gave me a 4
  8. EcneitapLatnem

    Price manipulation

    That's a good point... I often wonder if sometimes they spam forums with TA and hints and tricks on how to trade while pretending to be contributing members of forums... naaaahhhhhh... probably not...
  9. EcneitapLatnem

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    Huh, wow! This is amazing..... I don't know what any of this means!!
  10. I have a feeling some of the overly aggressive "xrp advocates" out there.... are indeed anti-xrp/btc purists.... on a mission to shine a bad light on the XRP community... Considering that to be true, it is pretty pathetic... but possibly effective? In the same breath, if that is a last resort of sorts..... kinda funny too! On a side note, I want to pour XRP's all over my body and run wild through the mall!!! Yes, I finished the 6 pack!
  11. Sorry, I didn't have my reading glasses with me.