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  1. Now this is what I like to see. A company that gives back to the community is a good one in my book. Some of them at least "Ripple Announces Ripple for Good, Social Giving Will Top $100 Million" https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180927005026/en/
  2. English: In November, the National Bankers Association will strengthen the "foreign exchange yen settlement system" that mediates international yen settlement by domestic and foreign banks. Corresponds to a new system that can be tracked by the cloud, remittance process introduced by the International Banking Communication Association (Swift) which is responsible for the international remittance infrastructure. Regional banks to remit overseas via mega banks will also be able to benefit. In 'gpi' (Global Payment Initiative) introduced by SWIFT in 17 years, which bank overseas is processing requests, you can grasp completion of clothing completion of landing. Transfer banks can choose the most efficient route because the relay fee of each line is also specified. Participating rows are also requesting immediate processing of requests, and more than 90% is completed within one day. Foreign exchange yen yen settlement system is operated by the Bank of Japan Cooperatives, and the office is entrusted to the Bank of Japan. If it corresponds to gpi, local banks and shinkin banks that request mega-silver to communicate with foreign countries will also be able to track the process. gpi was introduced by Mitsui Sumitomo in February and Mitsubishi UFJ in August. We plan to introduce Mizuho in November. -- Isn't Ripple already working with these banks?
  3. Just an Opinion here from @leeR912 She went missing for a little while and posted on Twitter this morning. I'm sure many don't like her, but I thought it was interesting. If anything, a nice Tinfoil hat read. Enjoy! ⬇️ ----- I’ve been asked to shed some light on my opinion surrounding XRP and the IMF. We all know the story about Ripple+ Chris Larsen + IMF so we wont go into that again.. lets look at the fundamentals behind why I believe XRP has a greater role to play in the global economy.. Currently the IMF issues what they call SDR (special drawing rights). These are issued to financially troubled nations as a means to provide them with liquidity to help get them out of sticky situations.. The SDR is backed by NOTHING. It has no real value like fiat money. Since the SDR is backed by nothing & has no real value, the IMF uses a basket of worthless fiat currencies to determine a value for these SDRs. We look around the world today & we see with the US dollar as king, global currencies are unstable.. Emerging markets who borrowed dollars on the cheap back in 2008 days are now finding it difficult to pay back their debts due to a strong dollar. This is causing currency/inflation problems for multiple nations as nations print more money to keep up.. The US dollar is being used as a tool to do exactly what we see being done today. Donald Trump is just another globalist who is in on whats going on. These trade wars are meant to cause chaos.. its meant to cause a currency crisis globally.. More and more nations are seeking to walk away from the US dollar and conduct their trades in their own currencies.. i hope you can see where this is headed? If you cant, this means the US dollar as a global reserve currency used for trade is being dropped.. As the US dollar fades from being used in trade between multiple nations, a new system would need to step up and step in to bridge the gap. This is where Ripple and XRP come in and this is why the globalists are all over this project.. what you see is by design, not accident.. SWIFT has 2 options, die off like the US dollar reserve status or hook up with Ripple tech and survive.. SWIFT is already on board with ripple. Do your research, connect the dots... Theres no other way SWIFT survives whats coming.. The US dollar reserve status keeps SWIFT alive.. Coming back to the IMF and the global liquidity crisis thats unfolding.. The IMF as we all know is just another globalist organization. Just like the US Federal reserve. They are all interconnected.. And they are all over Ripple… The IMF is not going to use gold and silver in any new monetary system or deliverance of liquidity. What they may do is ask nations to hand over gold in return for XRP… XRP value is going to be significantly higher from where it is now and that can occur overnight. It wont take much once xRapid is live. Ripple are already well positioned and at the end stages. Brad Garlinghouse talks about the marathon, we at the final leg.. Ripple, being a globalist company, has no use for the XRP in escrow. They can’t distribute it amongst themselves. Everyone already has their allocations of XRP. The rest is for the IMF or which ever globalist bank takes over to re-liquidify the world. 50billion XRP in escrow for example at $1000 per XRP will position the IMF in the perfect position to re-liquidify the world as well as ask nations to hand over their gold for XRP.. do you think Ripple is successful on their own? Of course not.. they need the tech & the blessings Some people ask a silly question or make a silly statement like why would IMF buy the XRP from Ripple or force ripple to hand it over. It doesn’t work like that. Ripple is creating digital gold with the help of the globalists. Thats just part of the deal. Hand it over.. Chris Larsen and Arthur Britto get to be trillionaires, others get to be multi billionaires and you & I get to keep a slice of the pie as well. Ripple has no other use for the 50billion+ XRP in escrow.. all you have to do is sit back and watch it all play out like a movie.. This is just my opinion, do your own research, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, keep an open mind and think outside the box. There is no artificial intelligence with Ripple and XRP. We are entering a new age.. I hope you are ready..
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