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  1. I will only sell when it is life changing... Like paying off my mortage. In that way you'll never can be mad at yourself if it hits higher levels. A friend of my dad had 1500 btc at one point and a load of ethereum. He sold everything to buy two Rolex watches. Then he was the man, but at this moment he has trouble to keep his business up. The guy could be a millionaire but sold everything. That's the lesson he learned me, never sell before its live changing. 3.80 would be nice... Almost life changing. But not enough to look back the rest of my life and laugh my balls of
  2. What happens if someone just puts a 4,5 million buy order at binance... Does this one at poloniex stay? If by a big order on a different exchange the price suddenly rises to 0,52 usdt can you pick up his sell order for 0,48cts? honest question (if you are a whale and you like this idea, try it... you make 4.500.000x0,04=$225.000 ill just charge you 30%)
  3. We are familiar with Ripples product and the solution they offer as a possible improvement of the international payment system. We are looking at the Ripple interledger and have eye for x Current. We are not sure if we are gonna work with current. By the way, ripple isn't the only company who is working on this. Two years ago we tested D+H (now Finastra). At the beginning of 2019 several Dutch banks will start with instant payments for euro payments. This is the translation. The funny thing is that the mentioned Finastra is a partner of Ripple. Making this topic hot again.
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    It's coming home!
  5. En dat vanaf een eigen vermogen van meer dan €25.000, daaronder dus niet
  6. There is a difference between investing what you are willing to lose, and seeing that slipping away. I'd rather lose it all than sell it now and seeing it hit $whatever
  7. I tink i'm fearful of the thought that behind the scenes there is a agreement that 1XRP=$0,25. I read a lot and i'm in since early 2017. You read stuff like XRP will be the next world bridge currency. I just cannot imagine if I buy something at Amazon and it costs $100 that I have to convert it (I'm from Holland) that it will be 0,5, 1, or 2 XRP. That just doesn't make sense.
  8. Thanks for saying its a nice question. I will not sell or be freaking out. But I still have a kind of fear. Yes i've invested the money I am willing to lose. But just a fair question. If YOU would subscribe today. Would your nickname still be @XRPto50dollars. I am really not making fun of you. But this is the kind of "fear" I have.
  9. I know, and some keeping my hope up. But still...
  10. Are you not in the fear phase anymore? And if so, when was that. Are you nog feeling any fear if we drop even more? Say 30ct or even 20? I'm not spreading fud. I'm just a regular guy
  11. I see all those youtubers, people on Twitter and people here with such a self-assurance. Am I the only one who is a little frightened now and then?
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