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  1. Apparently there was someone on reddit who summed up his prediction. But I can't find the comment. Perhaps it was erased or I can't find it. Last year he was almost right. I remember last year he also made a short market forecast. Of course, his market prediction stopped at EOY 589 +, but ...
  2. Please hold on a second. I'll find a link.
  3. The volume is likely to increase. It is now likely that the value of XRP will be decided in Japan. I'll go find my popcorn pot!
  4. Prices under a dollar are very attractive to buy. So, I am still buying the XRP with my change ... I would like to stop this purchase in May. Please!
  5. I'll trust Brad and wait three years. My worry after three years is the increased tax, right?
  6. BG123's puzzles are one of my pleasures! I trust him about seventy percent. Because I believe in Ripple, I am bored but I wait ... Don't you think it's a good idea to spend boring time with puzzles? If you are going to wait without selling XRP within this year, just enjoy it like me!
  7. I am the one who is waiting for XRP to go to the moon. Waiting is very boring. Maybe it's not 589 dollars this year. It's more likely it's not. It's only 0.86 dollars now. I am enduring a long wait as I believe in the XRP and Ripple. BG123 is the one who makes the tedious waiting interesting. He could be a troll, but I continue to wait because I believe the XRP will be $ 589 in three to five years. As BG123 said, I would be happier if it was $ 589 within this year, but I don't care. My target is $ 589.
  8. The good news is building up. We'll all go to the moon!
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