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  1. @Hodor Outstanding - thanks! And, I agree with @21x2....Ripple needs you. Direct, factual, diplomatic, polished. 🙂
  2. LMAO....please don't hold back, feel free to lay it on with a trowel. I luv a bit of sarcasm. Blimey, one couldn't make this stuff up! *oops, someone just did 😂 IMHO....it's this place that's keeps many of us reasonably sane!
  3. Further on this from @Liagala I don't use FB and I defo won't be entertaining this.....
  4. Beenie

    Charts - How To's

    'Almost' being the operative word, eh! 😉 Glad to see you back, Mr Prez... and on top form, too. 😊
  5. I wonder how many folk are going for this idea?! "If there is anyone who has dollars or gold under their pillows, they should go exchange it for liras at our banks. This is a national, domestic battle," https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/turkey/erdogan-urges-turks-to-sell-gold-and-u-s-dollars-to-save-lira-1.6364838
  6. Yeah, this ads got almost everything required to sell the internet of things - mum, dad, kids, ideal home, a birthday, a dog and we even catch a glimpse of granny and gramps right at the end there. What's not to like! 🏡 😊
  7. Beenie

    XRP Futures Volume Quadruples

    Thanks @cryptoxrp Very helpful....and I'll be taking your sound advice 100%. Do keep us updated on this? Be interesting to see what TPTB do about it - if anything.
  8. Beenie

    XRP Futures Volume Quadruples

    Apart from betting for or against a pre set price (price range?) I know absolutely bugger all about futures. So, for the hard-of-thinking (me in particular) I would have thought that manipulation could be advantageous to interested parties?? And, with or without manipulation how does this futures market effect price? *sorry, as I said....I know nothing, zero, zip, nada
  9. Tesco Bank y/day. Not an epidemic....but interesting nonetheless. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/06/05/tesco-bank-latest-hit-failures-customers-unable-log/amp/
  10. Yeah, this is the kind of exposure we need. XRP did get a brief mention.... I wonder if the piece has been picked up elsewhere?
  11. I wonder if this could be something to do with Brads delectable beard? Can't do Ripple any harm having such a handsome front man! LOL....after all - #SexSells 😉
  12. Beenie

    Facebook vs Ripple

    Unsurprisingly, Teflon Zuckerberg wants a slice of the action. Agree that the big money wouldn't touch it with a barge pole but the little people (of which I am one) will get sucked in (which thankfully, I will not).
  13. Beenie


    I've been here lurking, learning and laughing since last December and I can honestly say that if it hadn't been for this forum and everyone in it I'd have thrown in the towel long ago. Yes, I know it's only 4 or 5 months but it seems like very much longer! LOL Anyway, my thanks to all 😊