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  1. Behold the sanctimonious tone of the Wookie. No doubt fueled by his 'Gold' status - nothing more than a certificate of mountains of wasted time. It has gone to his head and the weak-minded pay it heed. Looking for serious nonsense? (yes, that exists here) please visit the Zerpening Club, where members feel free to dishonor principals of Ripple by pasting their faces on various cartoons - all for the cheap hyucks that is their bill of fare. Our pious Wookie is a 'Leader' there. All rise.
  2. What is sacred about this oft-repeated mantra that "banks aren't going anywhere" - what if the blockchain revolution rendered them obsolete? Why must we live with these monstrosities? Reminds me of the sing-song during the 2008 fiasco when we heard that some banks were 'too big to fail' I counter that they are too big to exist. Time will tell.
  3. The Winklevoss twins. Reminds me of what Nixon used to say about Gerry Ford: "Too much football without a helmet"
  4. Gates is the updated Leonard Zelig. He shapeshifts often to accommodate those who surround him. Pay him little mind - he is a tired anachronism.
  5. Excellent article - brief and rich with clear writing. Banks are a key instrument of control by the entrenched establishment. They have far too much sway for the benefit they provide. Look for interesting times ahead as these criminal organizations are upended. Bravo!
  6. Don't despair, Barry. Ripple will pull this out. They have some serious headwinds to tackle. That's a talented crew over on Montgomery Street.
  7. All of us who value her take on things (based on 20+ years in the financial arena) sit and think how awful her production values are. Go trivialize someone else, Susie is a favorite around here.
  8. Nonsense - you had a public hissy-fit and now you are getting called on it.
  9. Much better to scuttle back to the blather of a 17-yr. old in a t-shirt who has never held a job more complicated than fry-cook. Perhaps he will say the right things?
  10. My favorite horsefly. You retreat back to the clubhouse, letting all the kiddies know how awful that nasty pirate is. "I'm done with Captain Marbles!" Yet you come back. Do you know why? You are not the introspective type - I'll help you. Because you are finally waking up. It is painful. Deep sleep is the ultimate narcotic. You return to Captain Marbles because you know that soon you will be truly alive. Thinking freely. Hard to imagine? Don't give up. I count you as my top student.
  11. Your prose is becoming more Captain Marbles-like - do you notice this? Can you offer a reason?
  12. Quite a natural miracle to get the blood to your head, alas not far enough it would seem.
  13. Such a disappointment, poochie. I throw out an easy red herring and you jump for it like a Frisbee tossed over your head.
  14. We all truck in abstractions here. Has there ever been a more classic Vonnegutesque granfalloon than this site? A group of disembodied strangers 'discussing' an abstracted currency behind digital avatars. All interacting over a massive hairball of wires and routers inconveniencing untold numbers of electrons. You must dig deep to find anything remotely resembling reality here. Embrace that - don't dishonor it. We revel in this new time, even though nobody understands it. The psychobabble does not suit you. I can teach my macaw Max to blurt out the same thing. With equal or better gravitas.
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