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  1. By the way great post just need to be patient. The rails are being laid and a lot of work we don't hear about.
  2. Pretty much this. If you think about all the rails being laid for if money to enter this space, everything SBI is doing all the work coinbase is doing, sorry for dropping the C bomb... Basically, the point I am making is that money is due to return to this space, and when it does it seems that rails have been laid to cope.
  3. I'm willing to bet 10 zerps we won't. A bet I would be more than happy to lose ?.
  4. Pretty much this. I wouldn't really call it a safe haven! Still holding mind.
  5. Such a waste of time looking at bg123 things. I guess he has won as I am replying. Back to a nice Sunday, have a goodun everyone ?.
  6. This downward trend is just getting tiresome now! I think I just need to go back to not checking prices or news and just check it in a months time.
  7. I know you have said you can't say anything but are we in for a shock like a price crash (even further)?
  8. You are missing the point, there are other companies that sellers can use that do the same role as Currencies Direct. Whilst this is very good news the link to Amazon is not the strongest and I don't want people thinking Amazon will be using XRP as that is not the case! As mentioned previously, I do think the news is huge with regards to if and when they should go into full production. All the companies around this size will add up to a larger daily volume and ultimately an actual use case for XRP. Once these companies start going in to full production I don't think other businesses that are either trialliang XRapid or are still at the decision stage will continue to just sit there and watch their competitors have an advantage in an already saturated market.
  9. I know of currencies direct through my current job, you are reading into the Amazon link wayyyy too much here, they will deal with conversion rates when an online seller sells something. So all those links basically means they will plug into those sales channels i.e. eBay, Amazon and Cdicsount. None the less currencies direct is a great addition and the feedback is awesome. *Edit Sorry fat thumbs and a mobile...
  10. So much going on in the background! Thanks again for all your searching. When times with the price are tough it is posts like this that help people hold. I definitely think that there will be a massive snowball effect with companies going live and then more signing up.
  11. Well said! If you actually sit down and look at the White paper for half of the crappy coins on the market it is a wonder why anyone would throw money at them. Based purely on the team and use case there is one clear winner in this space. I have bought one number of occasions and still feel confident that things will turn round, eventually! Enjoy your Sunday, go out get some fresh air, if you are going to sell today or tomorrow then do it, if you are going to hold for a year, 2 years or more then by all means, check the price but don't let it control your mood, have fun with friends and family etc. I kind of went off topic here a little but I keep reading very similar comments.
  12. Thanks for this. Sorry to potentially ask a stupid question but where would you say this could put us now / moving forward?
  13. I have noticed this but sometimes the exact same question does get asked time and time again which is frustrating. As a lurker I see the same questions constantly being asked. That being said I do think sometimes a quick answer is all that is needed maybe a link. All in all I do like this board and thought I would come out of hiding and actually post. Hopefully enjoy the ups and downs with everyone else. Back on topic I don't know whether we will hit the highs being mentioned but then again nobody does, I think it has the ability to reach the prices based on the usecase, tech and the team at ripple but I am also not expecting too much so I don't end up with huge dissapointment.
  14. Couldn't agree more. As long as ripple get their target audience long term I think we shall all be rewarded hansomely in the future.
  15. There is also a huge difference between the two. I hope to be proven wrong though! Realistically I think we will see a top price one day of £100 and that is very optimistic. My realistic side says maybe £50 at some point in years time. Again I hope to be proven wrong, but the returns either way even at £5 or so are still incredible!
  16. Yeah exactly. So many better things to do on a weekend than to watch the price. If you watch the price it should on be at the point of sale.
  17. Back to .86 now ?. Hopefully we can keep a bit of momentum going and break into .9 tomorrow and next week.
  18. Mr_Rippling

    Hi All

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I have been following the forum in the background for a while now. I noticed today that WU are being test test via more countries now. Has anyone seen this? http://ir.westernunion.com/news/archived-press-releases/press-release-details/2018/Western-Union-Expands-Digital-Service-to-Panama-and-Jamaica/default.aspx
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