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  1. Van Dyke went back to being a superstar DJ!
  2. That is just a formatting issue on the chart. Edit. That could look like I was trolling but I was being serious.
  3. Exactly this. I work in IT sales and a lot of our enterprise customers have written agreements which state we don't mention them by name etc.
  4. Are you referring to Bitstamp?! Seems to be a load of issues there I had the same trouble and ended up using Uphold despite the fees.
  5. Hope to be proven wrong. I think if the news was huge there would have been insider trading and an uptick would have been noticeable. Still happy to be wrong.
  6. But to actually answer your question if they did use ripples tech, the customer wouldn't see any difference and Ripple would have thousands of extra banks using them.
  7. The way I see it would be that the swift interface would stay the same and then plugin to ripples suite in the backend.
  8. Nice, looking forward to a little rise!
  9. Got to love a bit of talking heads! Stop making sense is one of the best performances ever! Anyway back on topic, we're back!!
  10. I am hoping there is a link. I think that the fact SBI is working closely with Ripple and also MoneyGram is that there could be more to it or it could be wishful thinking on my part. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about and I am sure will actually remain this way.
  11. It definitely seems like Ripple are continuing to lay the foundations! Fingers crossed for a nice xrapid release by the end of the year!
  12. Been discussed before. Even looking at their website, without judging a book by its cover is a joke. There are things I am worried about with XRP but this is honestly not one of them. This isn't me being sarcastic just being honest. I would be worried about the big boys, and Ripple is 100% amongst them and definitely ruffling feathers. I am the point of writing this year off and seeing where we are come January.
  13. I also don't believe that we will hit $589. Happy to be proved wrong but can't see it happening.
  14. All the predictions seem a waste of time. They are never backed with anything either!
  15. Haha that's ok no biggie. Right off to work, can't afford to retire yet ?!
  16. I bloody hope this doesn't continue. This is getting broking now and had only been 6 months ?.
  17. That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us!
  18. Back to just below .44, now sat at .44. I bet tomorrow that we wake up and we are at about .45125...
  19. It seems as though we are going to bounce about between .44 and .46 for a while. Feels exactly the same as it did last year ?.
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