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  1. Whilst I do think that $50k is insane and I also agree that institutional would have been buying for around $3k, I still don't trust what JPM says. Busy at the moment but will defo watch the video.
  2. Which would equate to buy moarrr. Didn't actually watch the video.
  3. Really well thought out and written posts by the way. Can I just say to not bother wasting time on xrp-nuke. I do genuinely think that he is a troll.
  4. @xrp-nuke Following on from our convo yesterday, this is why people warned about pump and dumps etc.
  5. They are basically saying don't get caught with your pants down, buying the top of a pump. It is just standard. There is a huuuuuuge difference between saying that underlying tech will be great for XRP, in comparison to saying buy xrp at "x" time and date. A big, big difference. I can't work out if you are trolling and aiming to get a bite or can't actually see any difference here?!
  6. I don't really get your point. They are saying pump and dumps are risky, people win and people lose. Also, pump and dumps and illegal, they aren't going to promote it like a complete mong.
  7. If the custodian of the escrow was third party, releasing each month for ripple tell sell, how is that any different? The issue is ripple continuing to sell surely, not the escrow in general...
  8. Thanks for that. I will take a look. Once a check as mine were in self custody, how do I go about the claim? Is there a fool proof step by step?
  9. @CountZerpula I also have mine on my nano. Is there a way to create the snapshot and have the flare stored on a nano?
  10. Yeah, pretty much this. It will be to do with KYC and where the customer is registered. Not based on where the customer is logging in from unfortunately 😞
  11. I don't want to say that the other post is someone shit stirring, however, brand new account... Etc I, along with you guys haven't had any emails from revolut. Apologies if revolut have sent something, just not seen anything from my side.
  12. That is my logic. I want the best / biggest % increase. It feels like XRP is very much oversold. I also feel that if it takes off, then it will fly. 300%+ doesn't seem too unreasonable.
  13. Erghhhhj. And xrp¿?? Hopefully we explode 2021
  14. I bought more. Could be one of the best ideas I have made, or, up there with some of the other dumb shite I seem to do.
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