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  1. At least give Winston Churchill some credit if you're going to steal, I mean borrow his line..
  2. With J Mc selling so much xrp I'd like to know who's buying it all? I'd like to but I've got a healthy stash and can't at the mo..
  3. Go to door, place hand on nob (door) pull it down, push and exit...easy
  4. Anyone who's been into crypto for more than 5 mins will know that massively fluctuating highs and lows and volatility are normal in this space..it's embarrassing how many folk are getting their knickers in a twist over recent movements. .show some maturity or sell up and leave...Appologies to anyone who is actually a kid..i'll let you off ;p
  5. I'd say that all this proves for the time being at least xrp is still well and truly tied to btc..people may not want to admit it but there we go..nice to see a rise of a couple of pence today but I won't be getting my knickers in a twist like some folk on here..chill out, deep breaths..don't be an emotional fool..be a robot
  6. You can pay me for my information but your not getting it for free my friend..suggest you try growing up
  7. Very much against this personal polling stuff...Appologies if your legit but what value is it to you to know this information..too many kids on here playing infantile games, again no ofence intended
  8. Children..please. have some milk and a nap and everything will be fine
  9. Wall Street crashed on Christmas Eve too..interesting
  10. This is a good example of the difference in perspective from those of us that are obsessed with every little jump and slump and those of us who think more clearly..no offence intended
  11. Just seems to me recently that US dollar is becoming redundant. .and crypto price seems to be following GBP and Brexit.
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