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  1. Wal-Mart, Kenya, Post Offices man this one is really interesting. Lets not forget MoneyGram and Wal-Mart are very tight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ria_Money_Transfer
  2. Thanks for clearing that up, LOL
  3. Boom-Boom good or boom-boom bad?
  4. TD Ameritrade is using BTC/USD:CXERX and LTC/USD:CXERX in their test system - CXERX (Currency Exchange Eris X) ?
  5. So first thing, the rumor is NASDAQ, but I have no proof NASDAQ is doing anything here, other than past rumors. I did however login to the paper trading side of the TDAmeritrade platform ThinkOrSwim and searched for the symbol that was rumored to be BTC/USD and this is what I saw
  6. Pretty sure I asked Galgitron this and fiat isn't exchanged on ledger, IOUs are? Can't remember the exact answer, but there wasn't a good way to track actual fiat.
  7. Someone has to feed the trolls I'd hate for them to experience a crisis of purpose.
  8. Can you provide a link to that article please?
  9. Interesting news out of Apple today, no mention of XRP or Ripple, but interesting development. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/apple-unveils-new-service-offerings-as-company-looks-to-grow-revenue-outside-of-devices
  10. I'm not sure what's better, your handle, or the content of your first post. Cheers mate.
  11. Can you please explain what you mean by "And DTCC is going live in May this year." ? And what is your source for May being the go live time frame. Please and thanks.
  12. That was a really good one, thank you for posting this. Anyone who is feeling down about crypto and XRP should take a look at this, there isn't a single project that gets close to making the kind of progress XRP has in 2018, truly amazing.
  13. Binance announced a while back they would be starting a Fiat trading service, my point is they aren't listing every Coin against USDC, so maybe the USDC list is a preview of what they might eventually list against USD
  14. One thing I think we haven't talked about in this thread, XRP/USDC on Binance tells me there might be a good chance Binance will list XRP/Fiat once that goes live.
  15. Fingers crossed, I've given up on CB and I hate them for their games they have played, but it's still worth being listed on, even though the CoinBase effect is in fact dead.
  16. The beauty of xRapid IMO is that it sort of "Crowd sources" liquidity, back to the branding issue, I think any single branded asset "Stable Coin" will have trouble gaining enough liquidity to become a global bridge asset. This crowd sourced liquidity requires trading of the asset for that level and depth of liquidity to materialize. That is just on the liquidity side, lets not forget there is a whole product side and business development side.
  17. I understand you can't take anything for granted, especially in this space, but I don't see how a stable coin alone is competition, there must be some reason that the creators of XRP chose not to have it be a stable coin and with Ripple's five plus year head start and the best C++ team on the planet, sorry I'm just not nervous yet.
  18. It's very interesting that Binance is listing these coins against the USDC, my initial thought was that there is some sort of partnership between the two and maybe this is an indication that we will soon see a XRP listing on CB because of said partnership. My second thought was, well these guys are huge competitors, so maybe this is more Binance taking advantage of CoinBase's in-action over the last year and a half to list more assets and playing games about an XRP listing. So now you can buy USDC on CB, move it to Binance and buy XRP, I think at a minimum this will turn up the heat
  19. By that rationale these players would need to create their own products that leverage the asset, as well as build up global liquidity for their stable coins. Sorry, but I disagree with you, I don't see these exchanges taking the time to create their own versions of xCurrent/xVia/xRapid - and even if they did they are literally years behind Ripple in this pursuit. Also don't forget the beauty in XRP is that it is brand agnostic, any coin made by a Circle or Bank of America or whatever would have trouble gaining widespread adoption, because companies will be against using a branded asset.
  20. Being registered with FINCEN is not the only requirement to sell a security, since Ripple has never considered XRP a security there is no doubt a long list of other requirements they wouldn’t be able to show due diligence on in the event XRP was deemed a security.
  21. The FINCEN issue was because of not complying with KYC/AML laws, and it was more of a technicality and point of view than anything, based on what I read I'm willing to bet if you asked the leadership at Ripple privately they would say they weren't at fault there, but that aside I don't think any declaration of Ripple ever having been a security is good for anyone and I don't believe it would be over quickly. There is no way to know for sure what these losses would total, but I'm willing to bet it could total in the billions of dollars. I don't know of any companies that are going to write a mu
  22. No just no. Ripple being found liable for securities fraud and having to refund "investors" money would become an albatross around Ripple's neck for a looong time to come. Nothing good comes of this, even if your bag was tripled it wouldn't matter because of the massive dilution and devaluation that would surely follow.
  23. Excellent information, I did not know this. Thanks.
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