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  1. I have hesitated to write this post as I questioned its relevance, however with the recent response from the SEC regarding exchanges choosing to delist XRP on their own, now I think it is very relevant. In early to mid 2019 the "XRP is a security" FUD was in full swing, it was annoying, its still annoying. I decided I would place a phone call to the SEC and just ask them out right. So I did exactly that. I reached out VIA phone, email, and web form. They were actually gracious enough to schedule a webex / zoom type meeting with me. During this phone call I spoke to a lady whose name I can't remember, she was very nice and eager to answer my questions. I asked in as plain language as I could "Does the SEC consider XRP a security?" She of course didn't know the answer right off, so she placed me on a lengthy hold and came back. She was a little less friendly, and deliberate after coming back, not rude, but IMO much more serious. Her response was this "Ripple does not have any securities registered with the SEC", so I clarified my question. "I'm not asking if Ripple the company has securities registered, I am asking if the digital asset XRP is a security?" her response to this question was "the matter of if XRP is or is not a security is a legal question that I can not answer in this phone call and you should seek legal counsel to help you determine that" The reason I chose to share this now, is her answer to the second question is very similar to the most recent response from the SEC, and IMO it seems like at least to some degree the SEC does not see itself as the final arbiter of XRP being or not being a security.
  2. Wal-Mart, Kenya, Post Offices man this one is really interesting. Lets not forget MoneyGram and Wal-Mart are very tight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ria_Money_Transfer
  3. Thanks for clearing that up, LOL
  4. Boom-Boom good or boom-boom bad?
  5. TD Ameritrade is using BTC/USD:CXERX and LTC/USD:CXERX in their test system - CXERX (Currency Exchange Eris X) ?
  6. So first thing, the rumor is NASDAQ, but I have no proof NASDAQ is doing anything here, other than past rumors. I did however login to the paper trading side of the TDAmeritrade platform ThinkOrSwim and searched for the symbol that was rumored to be BTC/USD and this is what I saw
  7. Pretty sure I asked Galgitron this and fiat isn't exchanged on ledger, IOUs are? Can't remember the exact answer, but there wasn't a good way to track actual fiat.
  8. Someone has to feed the trolls I'd hate for them to experience a crisis of purpose.
  9. Can you provide a link to that article please?
  10. Interesting news out of Apple today, no mention of XRP or Ripple, but interesting development. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/apple-unveils-new-service-offerings-as-company-looks-to-grow-revenue-outside-of-devices
  11. I'm not sure what's better, your handle, or the content of your first post. Cheers mate.
  12. Can you please explain what you mean by "And DTCC is going live in May this year." ? And what is your source for May being the go live time frame. Please and thanks.
  13. That was a really good one, thank you for posting this. Anyone who is feeling down about crypto and XRP should take a look at this, there isn't a single project that gets close to making the kind of progress XRP has in 2018, truly amazing.
  14. Binance announced a while back they would be starting a Fiat trading service, my point is they aren't listing every Coin against USDC, so maybe the USDC list is a preview of what they might eventually list against USD
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