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    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    Being registered with FINCEN is not the only requirement to sell a security, since Ripple has never considered XRP a security there is no doubt a long list of other requirements they wouldn’t be able to show due diligence on in the event XRP was deemed a security.
  2. slinuxuzer

    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    The FINCEN issue was because of not complying with KYC/AML laws, and it was more of a technicality and point of view than anything, based on what I read I'm willing to bet if you asked the leadership at Ripple privately they would say they weren't at fault there, but that aside I don't think any declaration of Ripple ever having been a security is good for anyone and I don't believe it would be over quickly. There is no way to know for sure what these losses would total, but I'm willing to bet it could total in the billions of dollars. I don't know of any companies that are going to write a multi-billion dollar check without question and take it in stride. Money aside it would distract the company and leadership heavily. Also, keep in mind there is a difference between fines imposed by a Government agency and losses / damages to individuals. The losses and damages to individuals would be litigated in civil court and while I'm not a lawyer the thought of liability for "pain and suffering" would worry me. Imagine "My wife left me because I lost our home betting on XRP at $3.80 and its all Ripple's fault"
  3. slinuxuzer

    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    No just no. Ripple being found liable for securities fraud and having to refund "investors" money would become an albatross around Ripple's neck for a looong time to come. Nothing good comes of this, even if your bag was tripled it wouldn't matter because of the massive dilution and devaluation that would surely follow.
  4. slinuxuzer

    Bittrex Email Announcement of 12/7/18

    Excellent information, I did not know this. Thanks.
  5. Honestly I feel like what we are waiting for is xCurrent 4.0 to get rolled out, then we will see a liquidity providers operate in Crypto regulated countries, the Fiat swaps would take place there and then its just a DLT hop away from being back into the originators / Payee's account.
  6. You suspect TCH will use RippleNET / XRP?
  7. Def seems some sour grapes are there.
  8. Well, we can't be sure they will "consider" it, they are collecting it, possibly for show.
  9. The Government doesn't like to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the free market place, at least on paper, that being said the Government is run by people and all that comes with that. This excerpt from NACHA's response is very telling IMO.
  10. slinuxuzer

    589+ See it as a Riddle

    So obviously you are right, the rule is a real thing and Miguel Vias was tied to it, but what/how will this impact XRP? One thing that is interesting is that the rule was put in place around Nov 1 2016 and Miguel was announced as being hired by Ripple very quickly there after on Nov 30 2016
  11. BoA Merrell Lynch is in the market maker business, are they or do they plan to become a market maker for XRP? How extensively is BoA integrating xCurrent? Specific use cases and GEOs, or all in?
  12. Didn’t answer the question lol.
  13. slinuxuzer

    JP Morgan and Bank of America on RippleNet?

    They were boarded up “inside” and un-available for comment.