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  1. If you ever have a daughter, you should name her Drop.
  2. Everybody is mentioning this lock-up. Is there any real evidence that Ripple intends to lock-up a susbtantial portion of XRPs, or is this just an urban legend started by some trolls?
  3. At what price would you sell... some of them/all of them? Or use XRPs for purchases. Whatever comes first.
  4. So, probably the best option for a newbie would then be to keep some on Bitstamp (for occasional trading mabye) and transfer the bulk of it to Gatehub (for holding)?
  5. What do you all think a realistic maximum market cap for XRP is? I remember that a guy on this forum made a chart comparing market cap for XRP at different prices ($0.1, $1, $10, $100, $1000) with market caps of stocks of big companies like Apple, market cap of dollar supply, etc. I tried to search for that post but I could not find it... anyone knows the name of that topic?
  6. TD31

    XRP meme competition?

    XRP had reached $0.1 today. The meme magic is working. Keep the memes coming, people.
  7. TD31

    XRP meme competition?

    Here is my own original one:
  8. There should be a meme competition to promote Ripple and XRP. The best meme entry should get some xrp prize (I don’t know who will provide it, I’m just suggesting). Hillary Clinton was defeated by Pepe the Frog meme which shows that meme magic is real. We should utilize meme magic to get xrp to the Moon! Who is with me?
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