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  1. What other software product that Ripple offers uses XRP sir? 12 months to build a commercially viable software for financial institutions (whithout anybody testing it)? It could not have been X-Current because back then the sole use was strictly for 24/7 instant messaging (Wheras the new 4.0 version allows for the use of XRP). I believe this was a strategic play to expose banks to the innovation of Ripplenet without the exposure to the temporarily unregulated digital asset; they are still able to save 30-40%+ in operating costs, and able to greatly improve upon the outdated SWIFT system; the final phase will occur when global regulation is set in place....Which would allow for the use of regulated digital assets, which allows for the use of X-Rapid/X-Current 4.0, therefore increasing the potential cost reduction to 40-70%. Imagine owning a business and being able to reduce your costs by 70%......This would give you a massive competitive advantage over your competitors. I am not the only one seeing this inevitable domino effect unfolding. 1) Explain how it works to the Canadian Government 2) Test , Onboard customers, Build Liquidity. 3) Global Adoption Crawl>Walk>Run All software generally goes through an "Alpha" and a "Beta" testing phase prior to commercial availability. Yes we can agree it was not LIVE or available for commercial use in 2016, but to say they were not testing X-Rapid in one form or another is false. Check out "rppl.info" for a well made spreadsheet that has all of the info pertaining to clients testing, and confirmed partners. Every single major bank in Canada can be found there. Lets not forget Cory Johnson's deleted last year Shaking hands with with Prime Minister Trudeau at SWELL "I'll say it again: This Matters..."
  2. Although XRapid was not live in 2016, it did exist. They started with a pilot that included 12 banks...... “In 2016, we piloted 12 banks. These 12 banks are located all over the world and there is no pre-financing relationship between them. What we do is to give these banks some XRP and let them solve the problem by themselves. The result is very good.” -Sagar Sarbhai (Ripple's Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs)
  3. From what I am observing....This whole crypto movement is a global effort, so maybe after the G20 (Which Canada is apart of) all of the countries might get the go ahead? Considering Swift was created in the 1970s, I think 3 years to ensure a new tech is viable and secure is really nothing lol. There's a video of Chris Larson explaining how this all works to the Canadian Senate in 2015....So perhaps 2015 they see its legit.....2015-2016+ test.....2017 global recognition after the run......2018-2020+ onboard customers...2021 become SWIFT 2.0 ? Might take longer could be 2025, but 100% speculation, I don't know ***** aside from the news and what is publicly shared in pdfs. But my gut is telling me $XRP is on the path to become the future of payments/settlements on a global scale.
  4. Interesting! Not sure who you were in contact with there, but their knowledge about how things run on the back end could be somewhat limited. Simplii is brand of CIBC (their "Direct Banking Brand"), whom has been testing X-Rapid since 2016. Very curious how this "Proprietary network" actually works..... CIBC has the same program as well https://www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/ways-to-bank/how-to/global-money-transfer.html Perhaps there is some sort of NDA, or they are using X-Current (which the new 4.0 can use XRP, but perhaps that hasnt been implemented yet). Regardless....Global Money Transfer still takes 1-3 business days wheras $XRP settles in 3-4 seconds. RBC has publicly stated that Ripple tech (X current) could save them 46% in costs, so I think its just a matter of time before the banks HAVE TO join Ripple-Net in order to stay competitive. I believe we are pretty damn early to this party lol, and great things are likely to unfold. Happy Holding!
  5. http://bfy.tw/NsVX Since 2015 you say? With the lack of ease to actually purchase and safely store $XRP back then...Find it very hard to believe you couldn't track this info down yourself. A lot of effort on this FUD.... Tone or Joe is this you lol ? Happy Holding & Trading Folks. #XRP #BTC #ALTS
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