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  1. For the record, Earthport has been doing business with BoA for several years (since 2013, I think). But it's great that this partnership has expanded. @Live4xrp, please do not post in "General Discussion" unless the post is explicitly about Ripple.
  2. @BTR, please do not post in "General Discussion" unless the post is explicitly about Ripple. Moved to "Off-Topic"
  3. Moved to "Off-topic" @TPM, please do not create posts in General Discussion unless it pertains to Ripple.
  4. Would be a shame. In my eyes, Meher Roy, one of the original Hyperledger contributors (which, admittedly, appears to have almost nothing in common with the current Hyperledger), sort of invented (or at least was the first to concretely conceptualize) the whole interledger thing.
  5. Moved to "Services." A reminder to everyone to be cautious of these services.
  6. Just received this reply:
  7. The first "dial-up" ledgers are already online! Check out the latest messages on the mailing lists (links in first post) for more info.
  8. I sent a tweet to these guys last week, wondering if they might be the current incarnation of Ripple Indonesia (a gateway that was announced but never seemed to materialize), but haven't gotten a response. Anyone have more info?
  9. BIS <mic drop>
  10. Great post, @hypostatization, and good to see you back here!
  11. I agree, but I don't think that it's the whole story. To me, it doesn't seem like going after taxes on BTC trading profits of coinbase users would be worth it, money-wise. But success might get them two other, more important things: 1. All-important precedent and 2. a list of people who might be using BTC to launder money or are likely to cheat on taxes with other income sources. Probably looking for a couple big fish in an otherwise small pond...
  12. FYI, I split the posts about @lucky's concerns with wallet activation to a new topic:
  13. @lucky, I think you are right that it is good to be cautious about this kind of thing. I think it might be good to have more discussion about it. (In fact, it would be great to hear from a regulator or lawyer about how these laws apply to public blockchains.) However, I don't think we should worry too much about activating a user's wallet. From what I know, in the US, the laws in the BSA generally apply to financial institutions and for transactions over $10000. Also, money laundering laws require intent to conceal, and I think there is a pretty good record here and on the official Ripple forum that the intent of wallet activation from one user to another is simply to activate a wallet and get people able to use the network and nothing else. Now, I don't think there are technically minimums that apply to money laundering, but given the small amount for activation and reasonable good intent on behalf of the activator, I personally feel OK with activating other users' wallets. I think there's more good than bad that will come of it. But, as always, caveat emptor, and if we see suspicious activity on the network, it's good to report it to the community. (BTW, I think there's a really good record of calling attention to shady activities here and to Ripple -- GCB, various MLM schemes, "market manipulation," Jed.)
  14. Santander UK's p2p payment app (I assume this one) uses Earthport's Ripple DLT hub:
  15. When you add a link to media (tweet, YouTube video, another forum post), there should be a box that pops up at the bottom of the post box that asks if you want to post a link instead: