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  1. Need help

    Hi @Bhuvan, Please see the thread here. If you've sent everything to the correct address and destination tag, you should be OK and they should update your balance on the exchange once they have deposits working again.
  2. I can verify that this Max and the old Max both seem to log in from the same city... So welcome back, @MaxEntropy. You're nothing if not a stalwart!
  3. This had been discussed many, many times on the forum before. Please search the forum for those threads.
  4. Ripple and MoneyGram (MERGED THREAD)

    Pilot = real money on real infrastructure MoneyGram is big, with outlets in some of the biggest and most widespread retailers in the US (Walmart, CVS).
  5. Amazon next partner Ripple?

    Very likely other servers running on AWS instances.
  6. Seagate and WU stocks jumped on rumors of holding or use of XRP... More reason for companies to be open about their use of Ripple!
  7. Is Coinbase truly this lame?

    Try GDAX, Coinbase's trading platform.
  8. Gatehub Reserve Dropping On Its Own

    You should be able to find see transactions associated with your XRP Ledger wallet and the amount they cost you with either your wallet address or a TXID.
  9. Gatehub Reserve Dropping On Its Own

    Any time you make a transaction on the XRP ledger (whether it's a payment, trade, or modifying ledger objects like account flags), those transactions "burn" a bit of XRP as a fee. All you need to do is hold enough XRP to keep above your reserve minimum. I'd advise making sure you always have at least a couple more XRP than your reserve minimum so that you can pay transaction fees. You can read more about reserves here: https://ripple.com/build/reserves/
  10. Ripple Nodes

    What are the specific concerns? An analysis with constraints is easier than one that's totally open-ended.
  11. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Are we still on for Sunday @ 4?
  12. OKEx Launches XRP