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  1. I'm referring to the "asshole" comments. Please try to keep this kind of language in Off-Topic. We want to make sure the chatbox and main topics are OK for people to visit at work.
  2. Please try to keep the politics (other than what is directly related to finance/cryptocurrencies) to the Off-Topic threads. I've split the political posts here to a separate thread: Also, a general warning: Keep language outside of Off-Topic "safe for work."
  3. Split from this thread:
  4. @Max Entropy, please do not crowd this thread with your various criticisms; this thread is about a potential connection between Ripple and Inpher. If you wish to continue, make a new thread and I'll move your posts there.
  5. I was curious about Inpher last year: Maybe there is something going on with Inpher and Ripple?
  6. It's a non-commercial entity that serves the community. That's different than running a casino or shop with "XRP" in the name. I'm not trying to discourage you from starting a business, but you should probably consult a lawyer and think about a name change, as well as considering how to legally run a casino in your jurisdiction.
  7. They probably aren't cool with it, but now officially don't have to CYA!
  8. Well, then... Best of luck.
  9. Yesterday, I got an email from PayPal notifying me of changes to their user agreement. Normally I don't pay much attention to these, but since I do quite a lot of transactions with PayPal, I decided to take a look. In addition to hiking fees and margins for, well, lots of things (including currency conversions), I noticed lists of transaction types that are no longer eligible for PayPal's seller and purchaser protections: I wonder if buying/selling of cryptocurrencies via PayPal had anything to do with this change?
  10. Several partners already do have positions in Ripple. Take a look at their investors thus far:
  11. Beware that Ripple has trademarked XRP, so if you use it for these purposes, you will probably have to deal with Ripple's lawyers.
  12. Since I'm somewhat involved in this (see other NBAD threads) and have made similar posts in the past myself, I'm calling in @karlos.
  13. Good idea, then filter TrustSet TXs for those accounts. Or just check those accounts for lots of recent TrustSet activities.
  14. The Data API can be used for this: with type=TrustSet