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  1. rippled is written in C++, with other projects in several other languages. You can see open source code here for more info:
  2. BAFT Global Payments Symposium

    Sponsored by Ripple
  3. With the tecPATH_DRY error, you need to make sure that your receiving account has a trustline to the issuing account. If you want account rISSUER to issue XXX and send it to rRECEIVER, then rRECEIVER has to trust rISSUER for some amount of XXX first.
  4. Are you sure you're using the secret key for this account and not a password to the wallet? tefAUTH_BAD_MASTER is an error due to a key mismatch. This might be relevant:
  5. They can buy at market as long as there are ask offers or put up bids.
  6. I think the receiving accounts only need rippling enabled if they want to allow PRX rippling via their account.
  7. Are you sure PRX rippling must be enabled on the receiving accounts? I think it is only required for your issuing account.
  8. Basic info about the NEX Group:
  9. I don't think that the Admiral Group and Admiral Markets ( and are the same company. BTW, it looks like Admiral Markets has Visa & MasterCard deposit and withdrawal, if anyone is looking for a way to get in or out quickly. Edit: Correction, looks like V & MC desposit only. Other instantaneous deposit/withdrawal and many currencies supported.
  10. @Coroneus I know he's very, very busy, but perhaps @miguel could point you to some resources for learning more? I know I'd also be interested.
  11. @jenesta, please, no asking for XRP. Please see the above link or wait for GateHub activation.
  12. Ripple's data services have been up and down over the past week. I just checked, and Charts is working intermittently for me. These outages do not affect the Ripple network and are not caused by a lack of validating servers. Other ways to keep up with the Ripple markets would be to query other rippled servers, use a desktop client to track offers or check offers and prices on private exchanges.
  13. This and the "companion piece" by Peter Todd are old papers (published >2 years ago) that contained several misunderstandings and were debunked at the time by Ripple (though I can't seem to find anything right now). Ripple and R3 have since worked together. (See: