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  1. Higher Transaction Costs

    Is there also a connection to the reduced validator agreement levels we've seen over the past month or so?
  2. Check out some of the discussion about high tx fees here: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/9645-higher-transaction-costs/
  3. Higher Transaction Costs

    Regarding the astronomical fees, the ledger in which someone (ledger 32691020, account rKLPBY3nEhETSThEfWRaHNBH1Rxeo57UGn) was paying 75K XRP fees (a total of four transactions of ~75K and a transaction of ~0.2 XRPs, for about 300K XRPs burned in one ledger!!!), by my count there were only 4 other fee-paying transactions. Three of those were for 11 drops and one was for 122 drops. I know the fees have been spiking here and there -- as they should when the network is under load -- and maybe there's a bug hiding somewhere, but to me, in this case, it looks like one individual messed up forming their transactions. And it looks like a MM bot, so it's probably not a wallet bug either. From Ripple docs (emphasis mine):
  4. Higher Transaction Costs

    Probably a mistake with the bot, not setting a max fee.
  5. Higher Transaction Costs

    I haven't looked at all of the ledgers from this period, but from the handful I did look at earlier it seems like the outrageous TX fees are from same account (MM bot). Would be interesting to hear from the Ripple folks about this one.
  6. Higher Transaction Costs

    The big transactions from 32691020, from account rKLPBY3nEhETSThEfWRaHNBH1Rxeo57UGn: 5FFC0C4C29F6B051B852C5D55138869306240004E32594A2E2EDDE79411CA933 965596FC13E9AF8FBC23F30A76E3CD28FA37543FA3DBB47308F44B732D13D1AB B7DD02C2598E38323F48CC63FE9B51F0E0C0FFE47EA7ABD707F0524A6DAA8E7C BEAE00FBED3D187522C812B2C8429A450313BB160963E972144074412CC3E112 All OfferCancel (?!), all for around 75000 XRPs!
  7. Higher Transaction Costs

    The big spike occurs between ledgers 32691010 and 32691060, with a maximum TX cost of over 75K XRPs in 32691020... (>$15K USD!!!)
  8. Higher Transaction Costs

    Around 1800 UTC on Sept 11 for anyone investigating
  9. Higher Transaction Costs

    Good point - I just saw the spike on the charts metrics yesterday.
  10. No indication there's anything to do with Ripple at this time, but interesting. https://www.timesofisrael.com/bank-hapoalim-microsoft-join-forces-on-blockchain-technology/
  11. Higher Transaction Costs

    A *HUGE* spike yesterday, burned a half million XRPs in an hour. I haven't tried to track down the details yet... I wonder if someone burned a bunch with a malformed TX?
  12. Ripple has hired India country head?

    This might be the Santander app that they were using with employees last year.
  13. Ripple (XRP) Merchants Directory

    Woo Ripple Gateway plugin for WordPress (recent update): https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-ripple-gateway/
  14. My understanding of the task forces is that they won't choose one solution. What they will do is say, "This set of platforms meets our criteria for this purpose, and this other set of platforms meets our criteria for this purpose..." That could mean Ripple is the only recommendation for certain purposes, and one of several for others, and not recommended (or wasn't even in consideration) for others. It's more of a stamp of approval. It's not a use mandate per se. That being said, being vetted by the Fed is still a big deal. And being the only good option to get stamps of approval in the right set of categories might be good enough to essentially give the market no other choices...