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  1. Nope - doesn't use nearly enough smiley faces for sarcastic and condescending effect.
  2. @Howard26 can you please add a more descriptive title?
  3. Yes and yes. Need some help or advice?
  4. Did Gatehub activate your account? (They may be backed up with activations due to recently high traffic.) @enej If they don't get to you soon, post again and I'll get you going.
  5. Hi all, Ripple and XRP finally seem to be picking up some steam. And - I think I speak for almost everyone here - we want to keep it growing. That means: communicating to the new or misinformed initiating new users and projects building tools and services that make use and information dissemination easier and clearer helping or asking those who already do the above to support XRP/Ripple in new or better ways getting people excited about the future While Ripple is mostly taking the top-down approach, we also need some grassroots, bottom-up efforts from within the community. I wanted to start this thread as a central place to talk about some of these efforts. We've already seen some successes in the past couple weeks. In this top post, I'll highlight past successes, current community initiatives, and ideas that are worth exploring. Please add more ideas or news below and suggest specific threads that we can link to here and I'll update every few days. SUCCESSES: Ledger Blue & Ledger Nano S hardware wallet support: XRP support was recently added to this hardware wallet's roadmap after an XRPChat campaign., @TrocheUszkodzonyKompresor Add and clarify RCL gateway information on CMC: Major gateways and their XRP/fiat and XRP/crypto pairs were added as separate entries. @cmbartley CURRENT INITIATIVES: Get XRP added to platform: Many traders use this platform to exchange info and ideas; currently implements Poloniex charts. @RafOlP IDEAS: Coinbase support for XRP CMC and other crypto sites ad campaigns (@papa?) UI make-over for @jatchili's minimalist client
  6. I should have added a post when the topic was locked, but several of the mods thought that this thread was getting too personal and no longer productive. That's why it was locked.
  7. No - in fact, at the moment, I don't care much about what bitcoin does specifically. I'm saying that for point-of-sale use, blockchain transactions don't make sense, whether bitcoin or XRP or *coin. They're too slow and those transactions will clog up the networks. That's what trusted centralized systems are for (or maybe lightning/payment channels) and, I'm assuming, how this "bitcoin retail payment" system works.
  8. This is purely my speculation, but I highly doubt this initiates a transaction on the blockchain. As you note, this is very slow and therefore risky. My guess is you send bitcoin to the exchange/institutional wallet and get bitcoin credit/IOU. When you make a purchase, they deduct cost plus fees from your bitcoin balance on their ledger and can then sell that amount of bitcoin from their holdings. So in this way, you are "spending" bitcoin (really spending bitcoin IOUs and the provider settles with the retailer in cash - the actual purchase/settlement transactions never touch bitcoin). If there are ever XRP-accepting point-of-sale machines, I'd expect it would work similarly or use a payment channel.
  9. No - banks do not need to hold XRP to make payments or settle via ILP. And yes, you do need market makers/connectors in the picture. Edit: Above, when I say "ILP-based" settlement, of course RCL is probably involved unless an off-ledger swap, but is only one hop.
  10. @Verndoggin, you can always just place a limit order for XRP at your chosen price near current prices and it will (probably) eventually get filled. You don't have to buy at market rates.
  11. This is probably a PoC not yet available to us mere financial mortals. Hopefully we'll learn more in a few weeks.
  12. Yes, please continue discussion. I don't want to shut it down. Let's just agree on a couple basic facts and stop the aggressive nature of what was being written.
  13. Please stop the "I'm right/you're wrong" back-and-forth here. It's not constructive and is turning nasty. Both sides have a truthful point: No, there is no direct evidence of XRP or RCL use by banks beyond some PoCs. Yes, there are clear and public business plans in place for use of XRP markets.
  14. This is XRP used for ILP-based settlement, not RCL-based settlement. Re: better neutral tokens: Which would you suggest?
  15. If you're purely looking for liquidity, then Poloniex is the best, but many have reservations about its volatility and questions about its security. Something you might want to try out. For other private exchanges, Kraken and Bitstamp have very good reputations, but won't have to liquidity that Poloniex does. With the private exchanges, remember that your XRP is held by them and is technically an IOU, so there is always that counterparty risk. If you want to trade real XRP (in your wallet, not an exchange IOU) for USD and EUR, you can do so directly on RCL via the Gatehub wallet or other wallets (see Links & Resources above). The XRP pairs with USD.Bitstamp, BTC.Bitstamp and CNY.Ripplefox are the most liquid.