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  1. tomxcs

    XRP vs XLM

    Thread locked for infighting.
  2. tomxcs

    XRP vs XLM

    @AllinXRP If you wish to criticize another forum member, please do so without name-calling.
  3. @Invincible, when you come across threads that you think need moderation, please flag them to bring to the moderators' attention.
  4. Discussion is off-topic; thread locked.
  5. tomxcs

    USFederalReserve Transaction from 2014

    The owner of that wallet probably just made up that alias. In fact, a lot of people back then were creating account aliases like ~CocaCola, ~Amazon, ~BillGates, etc. No chance that transaction had anything to do with the Fed.
  6. Why not choose a random number or ledger hash?
  7. @yxxyun, good guess: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/224
  8. tomxcs

    data api v2 get_payments

    Can you elaborate? Which response were you expecting and why do you think this is incorrect?
  9. @Mcripple please post a link or other information.
  10. tomxcs

    Anyone care to shed some light on this...

    @fregatta's toast. ??
  11. Due to personal attacks, this thread is locked. Please keep future threads on topic.
  12. https://github.com/mikemilano/xrphp "This is a PHP 7.1+ library for communication with the XRP Ledger. The intention is to provide PHP developers with an easy way to interact/explore with the rippled API. The Ripple Developer Portal is a great resource to use along side this project to study basic and advanced concepts of the XRP ledger."
  13. tomxcs

    Zcash added to Gemini

    @mm34505, please provide a link.
  14. PDF of suit document: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5938711a9de4bb74f63b4059/t/5aebc4112b6a28e0ef4a0381/1525400594617/Coffey+v+Ripple+Labs+Complaint.pdf