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  1. tomxcs

    How xPool may work, an attempted guess.

    Wow, nice job! I really liked your thoughts on tying pathfinding to the streaming payments concept at the end. I hadn't made that connection yet.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/miguelvias/status/987700667866402817 See his continued comments by checking out the conversation above.
  3. Locked - very old news. Please find the original thread to comment on.
  4. Yes - check out the data API. https://data.ripple.com https://ripple.com/build/data-api-v2/
  5. All the browsers and such will be integrating the new payment request standards. Interledger is just one option. To say that "Apple is using the Ripple Ledger" is a big stretch. Yes, there are lots of connections to draw between Apple and Ripple and I wouldn't be surprised if something is going on between them, but right now, making that statement is speculation based on a misunderstanding of the facts.
  6. Locked for off-topic posts and bigotry.
  7. @1Ton Thanks for investigating a bit more. I made a mistake, seeing these transactions show up in the Allvor distributing wallet's transactions list and posting before realizing that these transactions were originating from a different wallet.
  8. My mistake. It looks like a bunch of small offers rippling through.
  9. They've also been putting up very small XRP/ALV orders from their wallet (0.01 ALV sized orders) many times in small bursts (over the course of a few minutes). Strange behavior.
  10. @Allvor Why are you making so many very small (0.01 ALV) XRP/ALV market orders?
  11. tomxcs

    How to prove address ownership?

    In addition to the methods above (sign a message with keys off-network or send a payment to a pre-defined address), you could use AccountSet's email (as @tev just suggested above) or domain fields, or use the memo field with any type of transaction, to include some information that proves ownership to a third party. This would not necessarily require payment of an asset, like in the payment method, because a transaction that only requires a transaction fee would be sufficient (so, you could pay one drop less). Perhaps you could also submit a purposely bad transaction that would generate a tec code, which would claim a fee but fail to apply the transaction? Or use a bad transaction to generate another non-claim error code to show proof, which would not claim any fee (fee-free proof)? Could Payment Channels tools be used to verify identity off-network? This is something I'll look into later today.
  12. The article you posted had nothing to do with Ripple or XRP and everything to do with Bitcoin, so it was moved. You've posted nothing but criticisms for months and we've let it run. Get over it.