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  1. Welcome, @Born2beKing!
  2. The Peter Todd/r3 paper has been thoroughly debunked here/on XRPTalk and by Ripple directly. In addition to that, r3 has done Ripple/XRP trials since that time.
  3. Call the lawyers - @enej is infringing on Ripple's trademark! But seriously, that's good news. I am surprised that GateHub hasn't been running one since it started up, though.
  4. Could someone help @KarmaCoverage connect with the right person at Ripple? @JoelKatz @nikb @Tim @miguel @mDuo13
  5. Why would Ripple be better managed by "technical people" and why do you believe that people on the business and finance side of things do not bring value to Ripple's strategy and management? Before criticizing anything and everything about the interview, I'd suggest doing your homework and getting an idea of the show by listening to a few other Let's Talk Bitcoin interviews. You might want to start with one they did with Stefan Thomas a year and a half ago:
  6. Excellent interview... Since you're on XRPChat, you need to listen to this interview. Here's the audio-only version:
  7. @Vinnie It seems like there are some nice things about USDT, but as a Ripple employee, why not encourage use of XRP, RCL gateway IOUs, and exchange via RCL instead of USDT and using exchanges like Poloniex?
  8. The good news is that there is more info out there if you want it. It's just obfuscated in the ledger. Where are the bigg XRP chunks moving? Who's been pumping and dumping on the exchanges? Maybe we should just dig in a bit more and find out what's been going on, like @Vinnie suggests.
  9. Can we get the full story?
  10. Ripple is working with the Bank of England, y'all... Is @MikeF the only one besides me that is going to find some joy in that news for a few minutes?
  11. There's plenty of room at the bottom.
  12. The global forex market does around $5T worth of transactions per day, not SWIFT (and only about 30% of this figure is spot trading, the rest being forwards, options, swaps and other contracts). SWIFT carries on average 10M to 20M messages per day, though I'm not sure what the daily value associated with those messages is. It surely isn't anywhere near $5T - My guess is maybe a couple percent to tenths of a percent of this - I can't seem to find any stats quickly. Those figures might matter in the very near future, as legacy financial system mutates into this "Internet of Value." But beyond that, these numbers don't mean anything. IMO, the people arguing about this coin and that coin and distributions and exact numbers and forecasts can't see the forest for the trees. (That doesn't mean it's not fun to get geeky and have those discussions. It's just when that is the only perspective that it becomes myopic.) The analogy is the production of information and acceleration of information exchange with electronic communications. We now produce and exchange more information in a couple days than even existed in all of history before the year 2000. I don't think that value exchange will have the same magnitude of growth pre- and post-"Internet of Value" (and we seem to be sitting somewhere right around the cusp of whatever that is). But I do think it will have the same pattern: cost goes to near zero and capacity is magnitudes higher over a relatively short period, and importantly, it's pretty easy and reaches everywhere, creating explosive growth. (Another modern example of this type of pattern: DNA sequencing) This is not just about Ripple/XRP, but they are a part of it (and arguably about to be a major part of it) and bring some necessary utility and innovations to the system. That's why I think the price of XRP will be higher.
  13. We all know that Ripple is effectively the benevolent dictator of RCL until an uncertain date in the future that may or may not come. Why pass an amendment to fix this exploit if it is not actually necessary? For all practical purposes amendments and their use are still in beta. They're being used for major changes to RCL. A hot fix to make sure rippling rules are always enforced seems totally appropriate to me, essentially making sure RCL conforms to the intent of the system rules. Other versions can still vote to validate these transactions based on old rules. They just won't be voting the way Ripple's validators do until upgrading. But we know the deal and so it doesn't really matter right now.
  14. @ripplerm Can you tell us if this attack is any different from this known attack described here? Can we get some guidance from Ripple? @JoelKatz @nikb @Vinnie @Tim @mDuo13
  15. Welcome, @Tim!