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  1. @kiwissz Moved to off-topic. Please do not post this sort of material in General.
  2. I've inquired at a few places, just trying to find if we can get a place for 10 or so that's fairly quiet. I'd rather just make a reservation but could always get a private room at a few different restaurants if necessary.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking at reserving a space for 10ish. There are a couple options; any objections to chipping in for a private space if necessary?
  4. Ignore that piece of trash! I wouldn't be surprised if he's running around with a Pepe the Frog tattoo somewhere on his nether regions.
  5. @R8102V1D2D In the future, please post these in the XRP Trading sub-topic.
  6. For user-specific technical issues, please contact GateHub support through their support website:
  7. For inquiries about user-specific GateHub problems, please see the GateHub support website:
  8. If you are looking for immediate activation, please check out's wallet activator service: This service is run by long-time member @Warbler.
  9. @CaptainGeorge Welcome and thanks for posting. I've merged your thread with an existing thread. In the future, please check if there is an existing thread that would be appropriate to post under.
  10. Women in Payments Symposium

  11. Are you also in the Bay Area or traveling here?
  12. Excellent - I missed the previous one late last year due to illness, so I'm excited to meet those of you I haven't yet. I'll do a bit of searching for a quieter place for 10-15 people, maybe somewhere where we could reserve a room. Any suggestions for East Bay or SF FiDi/SoMa?
  13. How about Thursday, June 1 @ 7PM? That seems like a good time for most based on the poll. Location TBD, probably somewhere in downtown/uptown Oakland. @MundoXRP @rootvegetable @physbio @cmbartley @Apollo @Duke67 @Kaze @xrpaware @lucky @JoelKatz
  14. Growing pains. I don't think Ripple expected this sort of acceleration. We all know of the sudden interest (and traffic, and subsequent problems). 🍻