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  1. According to Armstrong, Coinbase is seeing a lot of institutional demand. 200-400M per week in crypto deposits.
  2. Exactly. Not many people understand this. Yet another reason why I'm confident in Ripple and XRP moving forward. I don't see any other solution that directly benefits smaller FIs.
  3. I think people forget that xRapid has only been live for 6 months. In that time, 12 remittance companies have confirmed that they plan to use xRapid, there are indications that xRapid volume is growing (check @behindtheledger on twitter), and XRP's liquidity continues to improve on a weekly basis through new exchanges. It isn't the get-rich-quick investment that many hoped for, but imo Ripple has made gradual progress.
  4. Thanks, @BobWay that really helps me gain a better understanding of the situation that Ripple is dealing with. I appreciate your detailed response!
  5. Thanks for the response. I'm trying to think of a better way to ask my question. I understand that Spring doesn't directly handle any of the regulatory issues, but do you think the fact that other companies and projects are building around XRP will help prove that it's not a security? Hope that makes more sense.
  6. HI Bob, Thank you for all of your contributions! I have really enjoyed reading all of your input. Do you think the XPring initiative will help determine that XRP isn't a security? Was this a primary reason for why Ripple decided to launch XPring? Thanks again for your thoughts
  7. Don't worry guys. Craig Wright is going to put an end to this whole thing
  8. Can someone explain to me how this even constitutes as 'blockchain'?
  9. The first time I started to question Cory was at 7:40 in this video. He had an excellent opportunity to address what Ripple/Xrapid offer, but he missed his chance. He looked like he didn't have an answer.
  10. I always liked Cory, but I usually came away unimpressed with his knowledge of Ripple's products and XRP in general. Good salesman but I don't think his background matches Ripple's needs. That's just my guess. Wish him the best of luck moving forward.
  11. apparently so... https://www.coindesk.com/cory-johnson-out-as-ripples-chief-market-strategist
  12. I guess this is a confirmation that the savings were related to Ripple?
  13. I thought SWIFT's blockchain project had reached a 'dead end'. Does their liquidity solution plan on utilizing digital assets?
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