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  1. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/breaking-ripple-and-moneygram-announce-strategic-partnership/
  2. Bgogo exchange to list XRP on the 18th of June with BTC/ETH/USDT pairs. Bgogo is currently ranked 36th on the CMC reported volume rankings Reminder: Always DYOR before using any exchange https://www.xrparcade.com/news/bgogo-exchange-to-list-xrp/
  3. Standing Ovation is a leading Swiss service provider for events, congresses and shared communication. Standing Ovation develops, designs and realizes events and live campaigns for brands, companies and institutions. It operates internationally and offers all strategic, creative and administrative services from a single source. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xrp-gets-a-standing-ovation/
  4. Tip amount has been increased to 0.01 XRP. Even if you claimed the previous tip, you can re-claim now. IOS users click the link at the top in order to fill in the questionnaire. Thank you.
  5. The Tipper application utilizes Wietse’s XRPtipbot, a very popular bot/app that is being widely used by the XRP community. Users can earn XRP by completing specific tasks (visit a website, complete a survey, view a video) and website owners can use the Tipper to attract traffic to their website or a specific page they wish to promote. We will be testing the Tipper on one of our new sections on XRParcade, the demographics. We have prepared a few questions, addressed towards the XRP community, in order to learn more about the people that believe in XRP, their aspirations and targets. Visitors will be able to claim 0.001 XRP if they visit our demographics page. They will be able to claim it even without completing the survey, although we would appreciate it if they did. https://xrpcommunity.blog/introducing-the-xrparcade-tipper/
  6. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/beaxy-exchange-goes-live-xrp-listed-from-the-get-go/
  7. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/ripple-officially-launches-operations-in-brazil/
  8. Juniper Research issued a new forecast stating that international digital remittances will surge to $525 billion by 2024, compared with an estimated $332 billion in 2019. The report estimates that mobile remittances will show a sharp increase in market share, growing to 41% of international money transfers, compared with 33% in 2019. The report says blockchain-based payments have the potential to further grow digital payments, as the technology may be used to disrupt traditional business models. "While traditional operators have launched digital solutions, they have yet to adopt transparent pricing of transfers," Nick Maynard, who authored the research report, said in a company release. "Unless operators accept this requirement, they will continue to lose market share." The report showed that blockchain based network operators can offer faster, cheaper and more transparent services. Services like RippleNet and IBM Blockchain World Wire are expected to disrupt the industry, the report said. https://www.mobilepaymentstoday.com/news/juniper-says-digital-remittances-to-surge-to-525-billion-by-2014-aided-by-blockchain/
  9. Its OK. My reaction was strong because I've put a lot of effort into XRParcade and even though it could be much more visually appealing, its content is vast and unique. Moreover, I try to go by the "rules" I set for myself in the beginning. Most important one is: No clickbait and no hype/speculation. Even if that means less visitors.
  10. 193 events added at the date they occured (more or less). 144 of those include the video or audio file of the event. Oldest video is on May 14, 2013. Let me know if I missed any! https://www.xrparcade.com/events/
  11. Apologies if XRParcade is too "cheap" for your standards. I operate it single handedly, in my free time. If you actually opened and read the article on XRParcade, the original source is cited with a direct link leading to it.
  12. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/vontobel-investment-banking-launches-xrp-certificate/
  13. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/bitexbook-lists-xrp-xrp-based-pairs-to-be-added-in-the-future/
  14. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/bittrex-partner-exchange-catalx-goes-live-xrp-listed-with-4-pairs/
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