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  1. There's always a section in a community that act this way, the trolls, the keyboard warriors, the extremists - part of the human condition imo, you can't have a community without a section of miscreants (although I wish we could!) - a shame for the level headed folks who are then tarnished with the same brush as the nutters. I'm just desperate for the whole thing to mature so we can replace these headlines with more balanced ones. So and so says XRP market cap is too high because of their XRP short position, so and so replies with verbal threats because they've remortgaged their home and put it all into XRP - wears you down!
  2. Think this fits in with the same timeline for Mexico. Would put "Pertinent regulations to be published within a year from the enactment of the law", points to March 2019? https://www.loc.gov/law/help/cryptocurrency/mexico.php
  3. So does this mean that different Cordapps on the Corda Platform can share each others information and/or businesses that make use of multiple Cordapps can pair them together to share information and make things run more streamlined? So for example if an insurance company uses a Cordapp for managing a property portfolio and they decide they want to use another Cordapp to calculate expenses they can share information between property and expenses without having to have 2 separate pieces of software, 2 sets of costs and 2 APIs? Does this make them a competitor to someone like SAP? Sorry, 100 questions. Seems like good news though if it all has the option to settle through XRP.
  4. I quite like the idea of an app that let's you round up transactions in your bank account to the nearest penny / pound which can then go towards stuff like: Savings accounts / ISAs Charitable donations "Things" that are tokenised (stocks, commodities etc). Buying more XRP! There are apps out there that do this now (Moneybox here in the UK) but I think they batch payments weekly once you've done all your round-ups. Guessing using XRPL would allow for the quick settlement so your round-ups would be where you want them to be quickly (especially useful for Charities). I remember reading something about someone getting funding for a crypto round-up app like this but it looked like it was Bitcoin driven which is daft imo.
  5. Absolutely crushed it. "Shut up PoW maxi". That's the same IMF guy from the awkward Brad Garlinghouse clip?
  6. They were based in Gambia in 2016 then moved to St. Lucia by the looks of it. https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/ibs-news/euro-exim-bank-to-beef-up-kyc-processing-with-igtb/ Also seem to be keen on being first at new tech
  7. It's impressive progress for Ripple, 16 months after the 2017 SIBOS snub. xRapid launches. SWIFT say DLT is years away. Treacher sets them straight. Swift CEO steps down. Cory J states Ripple is replacement for SWIFT. First bank(s) start using xRapid. Ana Botin says Ripple outperforms cross-border competitors. SWIFT & Ripple Heads of Banking share a stage. Super Brad & Gottfried share a stage. Only one thing left ...
  8. Not the best time for a finance related conference in Paris .... hopefully Brad packs a high-vis jacket just in case.
  9. Strange how the same isn't said (by Greenspan) about some of the Bitcoin community who are hardly angels. People threatening XRP community members kids on Twitter, mocking XRP community members with speech impediments etc. Also, when eToro market crypto to new and unsuspecting investors as crypto and then tell you it's not actually owned by you (and it might not even be crypto but a CFD) but you can put it in a multi-sig wallet for 133XRP but only if you are a "Gold" member - no wonder some people in the community are angry. Anyway, never wise to trust people in the financial industry with the surname Greenspan is it?
  10. Certainly think it is a long-term possibility. I guess a few things will need to be done beforehand potentially: Increase in liquidity (Wall Street entry into crypto could facilitate this along with obvious xRapid use case) Cobalt? Taking over Fed settlement and potentially other countries RTGS systems would need more than 1,500tps? This is the dream though (even if it is a tin-foil dream) https://www.docdroid.net/rNLBpXQ/ripplexrp.pdf#page=7
  11. The list of banks on their participants page is impressive to say the least (granted not all of them may be using the service), just skimming through half of the list there is: ABN Amro Alfa Bank Allied Irish Banks Credicorp Bank Bank ABC Bangkok Bank Bank of America Bank of Cyprus Bank of Montreal Barclays BBVA BNY Mellon Commonwealth Bank China Merchant Bank CitiBank Commerzbank Credit Suisse CTBC Bank Deutsche Bank Dankse Bank HSBC ING KEB Hana Bank Obviously doesn't guarantee that they will have the minerals / regulatory clarity to use XRP as settlement but surely this lays the groundwork when regulation is sorted? Is this what Garlicmouse was referring to when he said "dozens" of banks will use XRP in 2019? Or maybe I'm getting carried away
  12. Yes please ... https://www.corda.net/participate/index.html (this is the same Corda right?)
  13. Friend of mine just pointed out that Tether seems to be going mad - jumping from $1 to $13 then back to $1, replacing XRP at #2 then going back down to #8 (see spike below). Is this someone dumping a load of BTC into Tether and then moving it straight back to BTC ?? Looks and feels like manipulation.
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