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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone
  2. Hello all, I’m new to this site but have been a long time hodler of XRP. I’m no whale but certainly not a minnow in relation to the rich list stats. Over the course of this entire experience, I found it hardest to convince loved ones of this revolutionary technology and where Ripple/XRP are headed in the future. I come from a large family and yet I am the only investor. I find myself upset at the fact that I cannot convince anyone to understand what’s about to happen even though I have a long and extensive background in computer science as well as a greater than average understanding of economics with years of experience investing. My first question to the board is; does anyone else have this issue and if so, we’re you successful in convincing them and how so? I’d also like to get some experience using the XRPtipbot as maybe a way to share and get them interested. Is there a trustworthy guide or manual on how to use it? Such as requirements for both party’s of the transaction (they need to have this and that before tipping). I’m assuming some sort of online wallet needs to be created for each party but not sure. Thanks in advance! Go Ripple! Go XRP!
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