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  1. Yes. I dont think it has to be an "alliance" (thought it could be). I would think it could simply be an interface to ILP/XCurrent/XRapid. That is the point and capability of the new SWIFT GPI. Analogies always breakdown at some point, and mine in this case was second-hand. I was simply pointing out that in Glagatrons original analogy he was implying that it was a "full" use of the old SWIFT system (horse, saddle, walk, etc) - when in reality the SWIFT GPI is built to break that model and integrate with external systems and technologies (such as Ripple, hypothetically).
  2. I typically like Galgitron. But here his horse/jet analogy breaks down. The SWIFT GPI is made to integrate directly from the interface to systems like XCurrent/XRapid. They arent having to use the horse at all (hypothetically), they are attaching an airline terminal to the old barn. For the record, I am skeptical of a SWIFT/Ripple alliance. But - it is possible. Galgitrons objection here doesnt hold up for me.
  3. ... Moon viewing....?....?....!! *Grabs tin foil hat and back of chips*
  4. I must be missing some history. Where does .006/1.88 or 313 come from?
  5. I dunno, that is at least an interesting correlation with the number 589. It always was a strange price point to predict. Why 589? What not just predict 600? That was always curious to me. An external reference may actually make sense.
  6. Japanese business men (especially at this level) really don't joke.
  7. If I've missed something, I do apologize. The last I knew SBI indicated they were delayed due to the number of applicants. Is there any update to their status in terms of trading via XRP base-pairing?
  8. Can someone fill me in on the handshake BG123 reference that is potentially troll-material?
  9. What was the original "We're getting close" about? Getting close to what?
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