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  1. Can someone help me understand what this is significant? Thanks -
  2. Ah man, total fail on my part. Sorry. I'll delete that post, thanks for clarifying.
  3. Ah thank you. I didnt get a notification for that filing.
  4. @Hodor Leave pass denied. Oh man. The honest response is to say this is a huge discouragement. There really arent any other voices as clear as yours in this space. You contributed so much, so well. This feels like a death in the community. I know you said you will still be around - but your blog man... it was our voice. #gutshot Edit: October fools, right?
  5. "technological dead end" - shots fired! I really enjoy you, David. You do great work and communicate well. Thanks - I wish you the best. Edit: From a product point of view, I really like the idea of robust auditing. Given the complexity of features offered by XRP, the need for log compliance, a demand for "tier 0" SIEM integration , actionable log workflows, forensics, etc - clients certainly will appreciate attention here.
  6. In a spirited, highly opinionated forum it is unreasonable to have reaction icons - but lack a "disagreement" icon. We can "like" "Thank you" or "confused". But no "disagree". No matter what side you fall on in the discussion this has certainly bothered you. If the design is to have a voice with them at all, we should not be so strangely limited. It should be well rounded or not at all. Mods, admins, your honor, whoever - please add a "disagree" icon.
  7. Yeah, using the stand layout as hype is pretty low quality. I'm all for the "big news" when it comes, but this is just a stand.
  8. I cant tell if you are either: A: Being sarcastic B: Completely ignorant of how Xrapid/XRP works C: Trolling (with low quality trollism)
  9. The deadline for their response is Sept 19 - will it be immediately public, or will it take time to leak/filter out?
  10. Yes. I dont think it has to be an "alliance" (thought it could be). I would think it could simply be an interface to ILP/XCurrent/XRapid. That is the point and capability of the new SWIFT GPI. Analogies always breakdown at some point, and mine in this case was second-hand. I was simply pointing out that in Glagatrons original analogy he was implying that it was a "full" use of the old SWIFT system (horse, saddle, walk, etc) - when in reality the SWIFT GPI is built to break that model and integrate with external systems and technologies (such as Ripple, hypothetically).
  11. I typically like Galgitron. But here his horse/jet analogy breaks down. The SWIFT GPI is made to integrate directly from the interface to systems like XCurrent/XRapid. They arent having to use the horse at all (hypothetically), they are attaching an airline terminal to the old barn. For the record, I am skeptical of a SWIFT/Ripple alliance. But - it is possible. Galgitrons objection here doesnt hold up for me.
  12. ... Moon viewing....?....?....!! *Grabs tin foil hat and back of chips*
  13. I must be missing some history. Where does .006/1.88 or 313 come from?
  14. I dunno, that is at least an interesting correlation with the number 589. It always was a strange price point to predict. Why 589? What not just predict 600? That was always curious to me. An external reference may actually make sense.
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