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  1. I think the reaction will be much bigger than today's BTC millionaires.
  2. If XRP was to moon, how would the world/economy react to a bunch of crypto millionaires? lol I always think about this.
  3. Since xRapid's production version is expected to be released later this year, what version of xRapid did Cuallix use in production earlier this year? They formally confirmed cost savings were verified by using xRapid around Jan 17th 2018. Was it a beta version? And how does it compare to the production version expecting to be released?
  4. Why the crypto market abruptly went down today and if we should be concerned about this? Definitely a good video for XRP investors since XRP dropped to double digits percentage wise.
  5. My video on Ripple releasing the first pilot results of xRapid and Mercury successfully trialing xRapid! Awesome news for investors!
  6. Thanks! ? Yup, they definitely do which emphasizes this partnership.
  7. Why Coinone Transfer partnership with Ripple is important and how they plan on using xCurrent product.
  8. Thanks!! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more helpful videos on Ripple! ?
  9. In this video, I explain what Rippled is and what 1.0 RC1 version means for it.
  10. It was discontinued in 2015 due to lack of demand but recently revived. Lol
  11. My perspective, as a programmer, of why I think Ethereum has a potential competitor, Codius (Ripple), to compete with its Smart Contract platform:
  12. Right, we can only speculate! I'm not concerned about short term price, I'm more for the long term. @Sharkey, you can go to my YouTube channel "Crypto Therapy" from the video in this post.
  13. That's true. Also yes, I meant to say "5.3 trillion-dollars." My mistake! lol
  14. Sorry, I'll be sure to provide a description next time!
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