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  1. Very good blog and to the point....many thanks for wiring this up @galgitron
  2. Coinspot charges 1 percent fee when converting from XRP TO AUD
  3. Guys I would like your opinion on best way to cash out in Australia when time comes. Most of the exchange charge 1 percent of fee when converting Crypto to AUD. When you cashing out big amount you have to pay hefty fees. Is there better way to cash out ?h
  4. By the looks of it seems they are setting up for institutional users and retail users. FI will need big liquidity so yeah they might be going for Xrapid.
  5. http://www.mondovisione.com/media-and-resources/news/independent-reserve-launches-ripple/
  6. Well.....when you see things like that...you know that you are close to a bull...may be with in 1-3 months
  7. Hi Guys I was wondering if someone knows any Australian Exchanges where we can do cash out with 0% fee in Australian Bank. So far i have been working with BTCMARKETS and they are good and they have 0% fee to transfer money to bank account. But they only have $8000 per day limit. I have used coinjar as well but they have 1% fee to transfer to bank. Do you guys know any other ways to transfer money to Australian bank account ? Thanks
  8. We don't give a damn about coin-base. XRP does not need coinbase, they need XRP
  9. Mate try asking help here. I haven't seen this message before. Stefan Thomas himself is available to help here https://gitter.im/codius/codius-chat
  10. I am just using server in cloud. 1GB RAM AND 2 CPU. I am paying $5 per month at vultr.
  11. Hi Guys I just finished installing CODIUS HOST. If you follow the instructions here , its easy to setup. If anyone need any help please send me message. https://medium.com/codius/how-to-run-your-own-codius-host-42e13afe1fb2 regards
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