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  1. say no to drugs , just hugs ok , you obliviously can't handle them this market is 100 % speculation
  2. i'm not selling ! by the time EOY 2022 roll's around there will be lot's of different option's
  3. no i don't think you're way off the mark , just accumulate and hold , i dont know if you have seen this link below , swell information , https://www.xrparcade.com/ Ripple aren't into announcement's of grand proportion's yet unless it suit's their gameplan , there is 24 ODL customer's ATM, there is 100 million to 200 million daily liquidity volume according to Ethan Beard, so not enough for any large banks ATM. Ethan Beard: "And certainly I would say our business, Ripple’s business, changed when XRP liquidity increased. So if you go back six or seven years ago and XRP, in essence, was worth nothing, and the daily liquidity of XRP was close enough to nothing, you know $100,000 a day or something, if there’s only $100,000 liquidity, it’s quite hard to move a million dollars in and out of it. Now, on any given day there is $100 to $200 million worth of XRP and so it’s much more liquid, but obviously, with only $100 million in liquidity, you couldn’t really move $500 million to it. So we work closely with obviously our customers, MoneyGram, we work closely with our partners, the exchanges, and then we also work with market makers to make sure that there is adequate liquidity for the transactions that are coming through." https://www.abra.com/blog/money-3-0-ethan-beard-from-ripple-talks-about-global-payments/
  4. crypto is 100% speculative ATM Now in other news " i'm not your dad " now for the weather
  5. awesome thank's @Julian_Williams i'll listen to it while i'm driving
  6. oh great , i'll cancel my next meet up then, we were getting so close , i'll let cryptohawk , awake and the other guru's know the meeting's off
  7. the news of late and threads like this makes me want to dance
  8. looking forward to the unmasking one thing , the quality will not cease , cheer's and good luck @Hodor
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