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  1. @cracker666 are you here to take me to your leader
  2. first you must pass the test BTW this isn't it, we do this just for fun.
  3. i like your enthusiasm but perhaps a tad extreme , maybe try this
  4. https://www.xrparcade.com/ @LeonidasH just taking time out ATM , an amazing contributor and researcher https://www.stedas.hr/index-en.html Crrpto Eri you tube and welcome
  5. i've always been a Donald Duck fan , i never liked Mickey
  6. well as you can see by my avatar i'm no developer , i'm a holder , i hold XRP and the odd beer , many here are just waiting on the returns that may happen , for me this is a waiting game , i put in what i can afford to lose , no biggy , i've wasted more money on alcohol and wild woman in my time , i don't agree with all you say but agree with some , thanks for your time , all the best to you and @nikb , your number 1 fan , take care all the best for your choices in life
  7. ok thanks for that , i appreciate your thoughts , i'm being genuine in my questions as well fwiw what do you think the hold up is for XRP , lack of development , lack of clarity , both or doesn't stand a chance of succeeding
  8. Thanks , what other projects do you believe in
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