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  1. Interesting thread , an insight into the minds of some.
  2. Im forever the optimist there bull , perhaps you could give SBI thing a push like you did this motorbike. Um , was that exhaust still hot lol
  3. The blinkining is coming So far , wrong hole blinkining But their is a cure "patience" or
  4. This is great news . But after a long bear market some are numb and hardened, so its going to take a lot to impress. I certainly won't flinch for this. Disclaimer: to experience numb and hardened lie on your arm
  5. You are correct, someone get my wife a drink and now let's.............
  6. Lol , I was going to but didn't want to taint this thread. Oh that's funny Hallwaymonitor
  7. Great find thanks. The CV of the Ripple team members is always very impressive. This company certainly knows how to hire the cream. Now where are the Negative Nancy's and Debbie Downers saying " yes that's great for Ripple the company, but what about XRP boo hoo cry cry " c'mon you lot , I'm ready for you , lets rock and roll.
  8. Just a troll @Hodor , I bet my left ball bag ( it ) doesn't even hold XRP , just Kyle Reese it's ar*e and push the ignore button. There's plenty of them ATM rearing their ugly heads in the forum. I'll be reading your blog shortly with a , thanks in advance.
  9. Copy, paste Q1 2019 Report. Who the quack knows , we have to wait, just like the price.
  10. 10 Most Reliable News Sources Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal is a well-known name that can often be very controversial. ... New York Times. The New York Times hardly needs any introduction. ... BBC. ... NPR. ... Snopes. ... Reuters. ... The Economist. ... PBS. The Ekatahuna weekly rag TheXrpDaily
  11. Thanks for that, an agreed on the hijacking, OOL as well
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