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  1. Thanks @JannaOneTrick for reposting it . It starts at 1:07:55 your outstanding
  2. Damn they pulled the video, does anyone have a copy . That was an excellent video. Did ýou save it @JannaOneTrick
  3. Thanks @supernelson a great link. The longest heading lol , but nevertheless keep posting thanks again.
  4. Sure just finished 7 - 10 yrs does that count joking joking , was only 5 - 7 , I often exaggerate about the length of things.
  5. Robot , chicken, wizard , ant , animals, cartoon characters, the seats would eventually be filled but it would be like herding cats
  6. Raw truth ? That's a matter of perspective. No one knows 100 % how this is going to play out , it's just a guessing game ATM. But the odds are overwhelmingly positive IMHO of XRP being a success. I know you like playing the devil's advocate and stirring occasionally that doesn't worry me as I don't let other people affect my decision's as I DMOR. Yellow card lol oh well if you keep fudding you risk a red card. Oh well we all make our own decisions in life.
  7. Both of your trolling is very sub standard D minus , up your game , at least @Freaky tries
  8. That was an issue being recorded alright Tiny, editing interrupts the flow of an interview. She did asked some hard questions which i liked also she obviously went off her Twitter feed to get questions which is questionable e,g mentioning bitlord for f sake that was a waste of airtime. I was certainly not 100 % happy with the interview but that has not changed my attitude towards XRP or Ripple
  9. Great video for newish members and all really. Fantastic production and quality, enjoy or share with others they may not have the knowledge you do.
  10. Its been that way for a few months. Obviously they're not in for the tech lol Keep up the great work , patience is the key for me.
  11. Great blog as always @Hodor Student debt is a shocker alright , im guessing some will still be paying it off when they retired. Possibly due to bad money management or unforseen circumstances and not even bankruptcy makes you exempt from paying it off. Great post @dr_ed. I hope the fudsters stay off this thread as well. Many thanks again
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