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  1. real and speculation in the same sentence , this post
  2. there is a video clip with someone saying they are , i look for it later , just wrestling with a chainsaw in the bush ATM , nothing like a 066 Stihl magnum singing it's tune
  3. cry me a river , your starting to play the victim game , look at your past posting , you troll , infact you are one of the worst on this forum , i don't mind opposing views , but post with substance and facts to back it up , you have no credibility imho , so block yourself
  4. keep the great idea's coming man , Elon Musk must of felt the same way at the start , i see one person liked your last idea , maybe this one will get you 2
  5. i listened to him on JRE , so i'll leave the man crush to you sweetie pie
  6. not only poker but he has other revenue streams as well , and sleeping with the most stunning woman the world has to offer , many at a time " the poor bugger " almost feel sorry for him , his Halloween parties are legendary in his $250 million house as well , not bad.
  7. yes lol , now thats the funniest thing you've posted , are you playing the victim now , c'mon stop it , wheres the low down ruthless D.C , i know your in there
  8. that's your source for Brad's predictions , good for you , well done , your amazing , you really are
  9. he has made lot's of statements , but i don't recollect any predictions , please provide source ? and will you be leaving at break even , oh that's a shame
  10. status don't mean sh!te lol , what are you doing looking at my profile , oh you like me , thats nice as for you joining the zerpening
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