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  1. https://greatcoinnews.com/2021/09/15/ripple-xrp-will-redefine-online-payments-former-goldman-sachs-expert/
  2. If it was so obvious why did the SEC have Hinman give a speech giving BTC and ETH clarity in 2018? Of course it was only his personal opinion, wink wink.
  3. There it is, Ripple's lawyer suggested the judge may want to look at additional documents beyond those in appendix A (those getting in-camera review). Ripple's lawyers are sharp!
  4. Their lawyers seem to be very good. Their arguments are far more clear and easily understood than those from the SEC.
  5. I think she wants to see the documents herself (before issuing a ruling as to whether or not Ripple can see them), so she can ask more pertinent questions, etc.
  6. Jorge is trying to argue why she shouldn't allow an in-camera review.
  7. He's being a bit of a smart ash; he has it coming! Her "inclination is to conduct an in-camera review".
  8. Respectfully, bullshit! The primary job of the SEC is to protect us, the investor. What you say here completely ignores that context. Eight years of sitting on their asses having coffee with Ripple once a week, to discuss what, the weather? All the while they were arguably enabling our investing. The SEC has utterly failed from all angles. The judge will see through their bullsh!t and should check the SEC and their disdain for the people and companies they were obligated to represent. You're a smart guy, but I think you're wrong.
  9. What you say makes sense for the time being. Hind sight is also 20/20. However, xrp still has a larger use case, by orders of magnitude, and in my opinion a higher potential for price appreciation. It could happen very quickly, and it hasn't been worth the risk to stay in other coins because the chance of being out of xrp when it goes. I have largely accumulated xrp at good prices for over 4 years. Still, I benefitted by owning some Solana, Cardano, Stellar, VeChain, Safemoon, etc., but the real play is xrp. I'm in it to win.
  10. Price on all tokens is disconnected with reality today, especially for xrp. When regulation clarity comes price will increase dramatically. Following that when utility becomes dominant price will increase by shocking amounts.
  11. It's still very, very early. Hedge funds and politicians want you to think it's the end until they are ready.
  12. Could be why the SEC will likely push back against the judge more regarding her allowing Hinman to be deposed. Apparently it's very rare to do this but they must be desperate to at least delay until congress can bail them out, maybe on the 28th.
  13. It's with several stipulations but better than being rejected. We might be updated soon on what lines of questioning will be allowed.
  14. Conference Call Number USA: (844) 291-5490 International: (409) 207-6993 Access Code: 4917104#
  15. Caitlin Long usually has a good understanding of what is going on in Wyoming. Here's her twitter account. She's founder and CEO of one of the first crypto banks:
  16. Yes, he says Codius is a ledger agnostic tech. Still, it was first created with the XRPL in mind. Stefan Thomas confirmed that "yes" Codius is still and ongoing project, and said "we'll try to be ready . . . . as ILP becomes established". I don't see anything about it being on "life support". Nor, do I see anything about it having to be "mature". In my view ILP is in the process now of becoming established. Suit yourself, though, put the least favorable spin on "recent" facts.
  17. The XRP Ledger is equivalent to the TCPIP layer of the internet. That is, it is the primary layer where all other protocols can be built upon it, such as http, email, ftp . . . layered on top of TCPIP to create the internet. XRP is the native asset to the XRP Ledger. While other assets, such a BTC, can use the XRP Ledger with efficiency and dramatically reduce their transaction cost because the Ledger offers interoperability, they cannot do it as efficiently or as cheaply as XRP can by approximately 30% savings.
  18. This interview might be useful to you. The idea of Federated Sidechains may influence your opinion regarding why governments might use the XRP Ledger:
  19. That's interesting, bringing the fox into the hen-house. Andreesen-Horowitz fund raises for Ripple, Hinman—right-hand of Clayton—gives somewhat clarity to ETH and BTC, Clayton sues Ripple, and now Hinman advises Adreesen-Horowitz. Next, will Ripple hire Clayton to advise?
  20. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/bipartisan-crypto-bills-pass-us-house-of-representatives-again-2021-06-23 "The blockchain bills are one of many in a series of attempts to provide regulatory clarity on digital asset ownership and management. Many in the crypto market are increasingly demanding regulation, claiming that the lack of a legal framework stifles innovation."
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