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  1. Maybe it should be left up; just change the title to reflect the possible reality?
  2. Perhaps it's that they didn't really want their competition knowing about it but they did want their clients knowing about it, and this was a logical way to deal with the dichotomy; e.g., JP Morgan saying crypto is a fraud, etc. all the while developing their own crappy imitation of it. I think in the near future we are going to be enlightened by a lot of these kinds of contradictions. Most of these are going to prove to be good news for XRP.
  3. Yep, I think it's hard to refute now. In addition, the blog post was from May of 2018. I would think a company that large would have: 1) cleaned it up or removed it if it was not legitimate before today. 2) Taken legal action against a fraudulent website, especially one of that much sophistication.
  4. Quite a lot of work to create a fake web site with this much info, pages, articles, etc.. I think it's legitimate. https://tencentcloud.io/2018/05/07/how-china-is-running-forward-with-blockchain/
  5. You mean like this from Tencent's own web site blog: https://tencentcloud.io/2018/05/07/how-china-is-running-forward-with-blockchain/ "Tencent embraces Ripple currency The most effective thing a company of Tencent’s size and scale can do for the development of digital currency is to infuse some capital into various platforms. Tencent recently threw its support behind the Ripple payment protocol, pledging $2 billion to the project in March 2018. Over the course of the next year, Tencent will convert that $2 billion into Ripple cryptocurrency to be used across different applications within the Tencent ecosystem. Ripple is an especially attractive digital payment protocol for banks and other financial institutions due to the fact that transactions are fast, relatively inexpensive to process and highly secure thanks to blockchain technology. By both providing monetary support to the currency and incorporating it into popular platforms like WeChat and QQ, Tencent has given Ripple the best chance possible to catch on with users in China. Blockchain technology requires a great deal of computing power to operate, and Tencent Cloud can provide all the resources needed to maintain ideal performance and uptime levels. BaaS solutions like TrustSQL will continue to grow in demand, and Tencent Cloud solutions help organizations develop their own tools and integrate them into popular applications. Tags: Tencent Cloud After-Sales Support Discover support options that meet your needs. Contact usReturn to blog " I learned of this originally from Ian Northing retweeted by @GreenEggsnHam.
  6. Interesting to speculate how this could affect digital assets. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2019/02/01/china-urges-world-undermine-u-s-sanctions/
  7. VanGogh

    Escrow Sales, Who's buying?

    Bearableguy is alive and well. Still ahead of the curve too, just not on xrpchat.
  8. https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2018-299 "The Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) today announced its 2019 examination priorities. OCIE publishes its exam priorities annually to promote transparency of its examination program and provide insights into the areas it believes present potentially heightened risk to investors or the integrity of the U.S. capital markets. This year, particular emphasis will be on digital assets, cybersecurity, and matters of importance to retail investors, including fees, expenses, and conflicts of interest".
  9. VanGogh

    Xrp 20's xrp 50's and xrp100's

    Sounds like a politician has found out about XRP!
  10. Me speaking: Could be very favorable to the digital asset world in general. I see many parallels with what Christine Lagarde has recently said. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/06/donald-trump-names-america-first-conservative-david-malpass-run-world-bank/ “A key goal will be to ensure that women achieve full participation in developing economies,” said Malpass. He recognized first daughter Ivanka Trump for her work on women’s economic empowerment: “I look forward to continuing our work together on her women’s global development prosperity initiative.” “Mr. President, I’m very optimistic that we can achieve breakthroughs to create growth abroad that will help us combat extreme poverty and increase economic opportunity in the developing world,” said Malpass, who thanked the president for the “great honor.” "As president of the World Bank, Malpass plans to advance “broadly shared growth in the countries that need it most and … focus building and expanding a robust middle class in emerging economies,” according to a senior administration official."
  11. VanGogh

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Your thoughts make me consider further, if the banks were to venture out from making money with their/our money, would they be regulated out of that idea? There is already a lot of regulation that prevents banks from being too risky with their/our money.
  12. VanGogh

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Of course smaller banks will use Ripple and XRP to avoid the inevitable fees large banks will charge them just like they do today.
  13. VanGogh

    Navin Gupta Interview

    Absolutely. It is addressed some in this current conversation:
  14. VanGogh

    Navin Gupta Interview

    I'll take it. Two banks! That is fantastic.
  15. VanGogh

    Navin Gupta Interview

    I don't remember seeing this bank: "Among the latest batch of 13 new financial institutions two banks joined, Euro EximBank and Ali Bank in Kuwait." Here's some info on it from Wikipedia: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) is a retail and commercial bank located in Kuwait City, founded in 1967. "Global Finance Names The 50 Safest Banks In The Middle East 2016"
  16. Google Translate: Ripple (Ripple) and inter-bank intercommunication association (SWIFT) survival competition urgency Author Yuichi Nagase - January 30, 2019 In case Ripple (Ripple) and inter-bank intercommunication association (SWIFT) survival competition urgency Survival competition between the International Banking Communication Association (SWIFT) and Ripple which is undertaking international settlement is intensifying, and some rumors that merging is the most peaceful solution Even flowing. Primarily, international payments between banks now requires remittance processing speed in addition to reliability. The ripple which prevails with speed emerged, and the significance of existence of SWIFT which has survived since 1973 is questioned. ★ Ripple (XRP) real-time chart Contents [hidden] 1 What is the significance of SWIFT sending 15 million international transaction data per day? 2 Survival competition of SWIFT and Ripple (XRP) is intensely done 3 IBM and JP Morgan will also enter the market and the significance of the existence of SWIFT will be questioned What is the significance of SWIFT sending 15 million international transaction data a day? SWIFT is a computer system between banks that securely and reliably transmits global financial transaction data. SWIFT is today the kind of overwhelming large-scale communications network, sending 15 million messages per day between about 11,000 members. SWIFT has been periodically upgraded, but it has often been criticized as communication delay, inefficiency, and error, while maintaining a centralized structure. Depending on SWIFT, remittance operations take several days to complete, and errors sometimes reach 10%. In contrast, the product Ripple Lab offers is aimed at fulfilling its functions more efficiently and safely as well as SWIFT. It uses the XRP of the virtual currency as the medium and shows the ability to process the international settlement took several days in a matter of minutes and remittance legal currency at only a small cost. The survival competition of SWIFT and Ripple (XRP) Already more than 100 banks have contracted with ripple including testing, ripple Brad Garlinghouse chief executive officer does not mind declaring as a substitute for SWIFT, and with SWIFT We have denied the rumor that it has any cooperative partnership relationship. The correspondence of SWIFT is also steep. SWIFT has launched a new money transfer service "Global Payment Innovation (GPI)". During the examination introduction period, it is well received from member companies, and 100 billion dollars (about 11 trillion yen) are remitted per day through the GPI system. GPI is centralized and SWIFT is looking to use block chains for future upgrades. By challenging SWIFT, Ripple is trying to turn a financial service that has been relatively day-to-day into a competitive market. Currently in the world $ 5 trillion is paid international daily for international settlement, but its privileged services are brought to the competitive market at once. IBM and JP Morgan will also enter the market and the significance of the existence of SWIFT will be questioned In fact, in addition to ripple, IBM is also beginning its own international payment service called "Blockchain World Wire" using Stellar. Since October 2005, JP Morgan also began test operation of its own block chain interbank remittance network "Interbank Information Network (IIN)", and Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation also participated in IIN. In this way, the significance of existence of SWIFT is questioned, and unless there is international discussion of users such as banks, it is expected that it will be put into the survival competition of the muddy. Or the self-destructive action of SWIFT may occur. Many leading banks testing the use of ripples are planning services for full-fledged international payment services in the early years of 2019, and financial institutions, general corporations and governments are also paying attention to success or failure.
  17. VanGogh

    How Ripple Is Screwing XRP Bagholders

    I'll buy all your XRP for .15
  18. This is Kitao pointing at Swift, with his eyebrows raised and nodding his head, in agreement that Swift is the frog sitting in the water that is about to boil.
  19. https://cryptoregradar.com/2019/01/30/draft-cryptocurrency-regulations-issued-by-central-bank-of-iran/
  20. Off of @bankxrp twitter feed: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/02/01/worldfirst-abruptly-closes-us-operations-amid-ant-financial-deal-talks.html?__twitter_impression=true
  21. Just off the top of my head I was suggest three letters: S.B.I. (and R3)
  22. Here's another one that Working Money Channel found that was missed. BG pointed out the date of Feb. 14th in an earlier post. I can't remember if he pointed that out prior to Jan. 31st (and don't have time right now to research it), which is the date of this following doc., but if so that would certainly be provocative:
  23. VanGogh

    China Urging World to Undermine US Sanctions

    China has been using loans all around the developing (and struggling parts of the developed) world to use as leverage for power and resources, not unlike the U.S. and Europe did in the last century. In addition, one of China's many versions of printing money within their own country is loaning money to businesses without expectation of payback. It's why they have warehouses full of knockoff products from around the world and ghost cities. I think it will be interesting if digital assets will be used to get around sanctions. The SDR basket of currencies hasn't worked to undermine the dollar, but digital assets, in particular XRP and the ledger could change the landscape significantly. Geopolitical dynamics are going to affect the adoption or discard of this tech perhaps as much as the tech itself, and they are playing out before our eyes.
  24. A true General reaching out to a Private to understand the fundamental health of her army. She is one of the few who actually understands the impact this technology will have for the freedom-loving world as well as for the power-driven world. The reach, the autonomy, and the velocity this tech brings to money is transformative. And, I love that she sees it in Ripple. I love being a part of it!