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  1. I don't think the inverted yield curve is why BTC dropped 10% of its value. Rather, it was likely stolen BTC was being dumped in order to launder it into cash. Overall BTC has been reacting opposite the stock market. Esoteric Trading Solutions produced a video that goes into detail regarding this very question:
  2. I liked the answer to the final question from the woman regarding Egyptian remittances (10% of Egypt's GDP) being settled cash to cash . . . "why not digitize them?". Great opportunity for Ripple and XRP.
  3. I respect your view, but the same can be said of fiat currencies. Currency wars are raging around the globe at the moment. It could be argued that the Federal Reserve has the most control over the US currency; that is, a single entity has control and one that at least began as a private entity. Look where it has led us, to a point in time where we are looking to digital assets such as XRP to help alleviate another contagion because the Fed has irresponsibly abused our money. China's communist government controls their money and have equally abused it in numerous ways, including devaluing it as well as loaning trillions to their own companies with no intention of being paid back (basically the same thing as running the printing presses). I guess it all depends upon who one sees as the adult in the room. While it may be a stretch for Ripple to be that adult long term, it may not be a stretch short term in a crisis. The crisis itself may bring about the liquidity needed. I think XRP can be a store of value just like BTC, except with the difference of having much greater technology behind it and a much broader use case. It combines the best of gold and the dollar. The gold cannot be inflated and the dollar is useful on a day to day basis. XRP is both of these with modern technology (At least it cannot be inflated from a technological standpoint. I know your point about Ripple applies here). I'm betting that in addition to having that great use case we all admire that it will also be a store of value.
  4. Ripple does have this concern in mind as they stated in December 2018 in their submission to the Federal Reserve (see in other thread): "The industry should advance fraud detection and mitigation capabilities, that operate in real time, to maintain the integrity and confidence in our payment systems while minimizing risks and losses." Other thread:
  5. Compliments of xrpdarrin: https://twitter.com/Fame21Moore https://www.federalreserve.gov/SECRS/2018/December/20181217/OP-1625/OP-1625_121318_133062_342361754812_1.pdf
  6. Perhaps I'm not thinking this through, but what if they bought into non-financial companies who (theoretically) could benefit by using xRapid today without primarily going through banks but instead exchanges with a final off-ramp into a local currency or bank. Say, for example, they buy a percentage of an international company who has a need to transfer a lot of money around the globe, whether it be a company like Uber or one like McDonalds who needs to pay vendors and employees daily, if not hourly. Ripple could buy into the company using their XRP escrow—literally purchase part of the company using XRP instead of cash. Then, the company, say Uber, could use the new XRP via xRapid to more efficiently run their affairs in real time (pay vendors and employees, etc.). I don't know if this is feasible but would it be a way of both increasing XRP liquidity and showing how xRapid can benefit companies before banks even sign on, even if it starts out only in a few corridors. This is after all proving to be a guerrilla campaign to get xRapid adopted.
  7. Ripple is trying for something a whole lot larger than to just up the value of their company or XRP for the quick sale. They are trying to change the way value is exchanged for the foreseeable future, for a hundred of years or more, perhaps. Modernizing money is a massive undertaking. The only way to be successful is to grow the ecosystem by encouraging its use and educating its potential users on a global scale. Their escrow is the most efficient means of accomplishing this. Have some patience because for the greatest success the market has to come to a usable scale before the value of XRP will.
  8. Yes disruption sometimes causes headaches, and those not willing to deal with it will eventually cease to exist.
  9. That's funny because McDonalds' primary bank is BOA: https://www.usbank.com/small-business/credit-financing/mcdonalds-franchise-financing.html I don't think it's a far leap to think that they also use BOA to pay food distributors around the globe, to manage the accounting for their franchises, etc. etc... People on this site are so incredibly narrow it's really a shame.
  10. Considering you will see Money Gram in every Walmart with the trademark "Runs on Ripple", and then at every McDonalds, I would say this is fantastic news. Ripple continues to bring their products to the eyes of main street. It makes me wonder if they will be using xRapid for settlement in their restaurants all around the globe. Like Amazon, McDonalds has a very large footprint globally, and moving money around to distributors, retailers, for salaries and wages, etc. is I'm sure very complex. Who better to simplify it for them than Ripple. I think it's great news if verified!
  11. So, what you're saying is that she has already advanced the policy and issued advice for the EU while at the IMF and is now going to implement Ripple technology and start utilizing xRapid. We can hope!
  12. I was talking about the last time; that is, they were working hard behind the scenes to make the real launch rock solid. I'm still hopeful there will not be a delay this time.
  13. "The essence of regulation is to ensure that cryptocurrency has the legitimacy it essentially needs to participate in mainstream finance." This makes the delays a little more bearable.
  14. "We have also partnered with MoneyGram which enables anyone to send cash which can be picked up globally at the click of a button."
  15. I think whether we like it or not governments are going to be involved in controlling our money. However, their roll is changing and perhaps diminishing. I don't really see central banks going away anytime soon. I am hopeful that their power to inflate the money supply and reduce our purchasing power over time is going to be checked with the free-flow of digital assets around the world. This could make it a win, win. One aspect of digital assets is that they could inject real-time competition for governments to behave responsibly or face immediate flight of their currency from their citizens. This is where countries like the US and UK will prevail over the likes of oligarchs of Russia. The technology of crypto will make things much more efficient and much more accessible to the individual. These are the byproducts of a free market! But we digress on this thread.
  16. This! My dogs already live by these micropayments!
  17. Absolutely, bacon is priceless. I like that for sure! My point is really that fiat has been abused over and over throughout its history. It's not as stable as perceived; e.g. Venezuela today where you now need a wheel burrow to purchase that bacon if there were any bacon there to purchase. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know in that the invention of crypto was in part to reduce government's ability to devalue our hard-earned money. It's slight-of-hand because most people only see prices of goods rise and fall rather than the value of their dollar rise or fall, even though it is in comparison—steadily decreasing in purchasing power. One of the reasons I'm buying crypto is because in the longer view I believe it will be more stable than fiat is, even more than the US dollar is today and will be on a world-wide scale.
  18. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and the cost of bacon had doubled in terms of the USD. Hmmm! Rent, and the cost of housing in terms of the USD (in the US) has not exactly been very stable either.
  19. I read that it is down to a few days now. I'm pretty sure it has to do with XCurrent 4.0. I can't remember exactly where I read that but I think it was Garlinghouse who said it. Could be wrong. If I can find it I'll paste it.
  20. https://ripple.com/insights/finally-a-better-payment-experience-sarinyas-story/ Very nicely done.
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