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  1. https://financefeeds.com/sec-cant-shake-off-empower-oversights-questions-improper-conduct-xrp-lawsuit/#.YeiluDdxUWA.twitter
  2. Well put. We in the US are so up-side down, fraudulent and broken it's heartbreaking. You can't even count on an honest vote today. Oh wait, that makes me a conspiracy theorist! I'll wear it with pride today. Main stream lost its way years ago.
  3. ..."Nothing the SEC proposes to submit now is new or intervening." That sums it up: delay, distract etc.
  4. If there are 65000 in the class action lawsuit there must be 5 times that who hold xrp and are following this lawsuit. I hope these people cheating the public will not be able to walk down the street without being heckled and called out. I truly hope they go to prison, but I do not hold my breath.
  5. Maybe they are working out a settlement. If the SEC thought they were going to win they would not want a delay. Delay for Covid makes no sense at all. They have not been meeting in person all along.
  6. Not necessarily talking about XRP but he's surfaced: https://gab.com/libertarian_3739202 @libertarian_3739202
  7. Sorry, didn't see that this was already posted. Please take this down.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forrester/2021/12/30/everything-retailers-need-to-know-about-cryptocurrency/?sh=48800de96c14 "Over 60,000 retail holders of XRP have been admitted as friends of the court against the SEC, the agency that is supposed to protect them. Dozens of crypto influencers with their own media platforms have a collective audience that rivals cable news networks, and they are starting to talk about the midterm elections. The Republicans need not exert themselves much to get the crypto vote so long as Gensler and the Democrats continue to self-destruct."
  9. The American media; that is, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, NY Times, LA Times, etc, has been straight left wing propaganda for years. Yes, Fox included. They've sold out freedom and democracy. They will not report real stories unless those stories further the narrative of the Left. As with Twitter and Google, these outlets are monitored and censored. A person is a 'sheeple if they actually believe what is put forth on American mainstream media. They are completely uninformed, yet believe they know it all. The only real news is to be found in alternative media.
  10. Could backfire on the SEC. FOMO could cause other countries to get in while it's being suppressed. If I were a leader in a country who could see the writing on the wall I would want to purchase and hold xrp at a little over a dollar rather than wait until it was closer to ten dollars. Once momentum starts to move it's hard to stop . . . perhaps the flywheel effect.
  11. A little off topic here, but wondering if anybody knows when we will be receiving our second drop of Songbird. Now that the initial 15% has been dropped shouldn't we be receiving approximately 2% (of our total snapshot) every month from them, until our total has been reached?
  12. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/11/09/biden-banking-nominee-would-have-most-powerful-least-accountable-position-over-cryptocurrencies-banking/
  13. On the one hand the governments of the world and legacy finance cannot let the people be their own banks. I mean if that were to happen how would politicians fund their pork projects and long standing wars with the fractional reserve banking system if it evaporates for a more favorable decentralized banking system, where the people actually benefit and grow wealth with their money. On the other hand, decentralized banking does open the door to massive money laundering and other dishonest money operations. The governments aren't about to let their monopoly on those operations get away either.
  14. It's so clear. It's a win win for the legacy players, banks . . . JP Morgans of the world. They get to benefit by huge fees and cripple the only real competitor to their existence by sicking their cronies from the SEC on them. It's disgusting! People like the Deaton, the Blockchain Backer, all of us, are the reason they are going to have to let XRP compete. It's just a matter of when, and they will hold it off as long as they can.
  15. Perhaps businesses from around the world are beginning to say to h e ll with the Americans and the lunacy in which we find ourselves.
  16. https://thedailysats.com/bitstamp-relists-xrp-trading-pairs/
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