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  1. Perhaps this. XRP is leading the way.
  2. Just admit it, your a total dumb ass. Spread your FUD elsewhere.
  3. No, I went to the web site myself and took the screenshot. It appears you're the one who is a "dummy" because I'm not Alex Cobb. https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats#percentage
  4. When you originally posted this I found it very informative. I find it even more relevant now. I wonder if you would be willing to follow up given todays current events, noting especially that in the US pending (it may be enacted by now) legislation will create the digital dollar and corresponding digital wallets?
  5. There is something different about getting the money directly to a personal wallet, instantly, instead of having it be deposited into a bank account. The idea is to enable people to spend the money now. Many are wary of bank insolvency too—people are hoarding cash. It's the perfect opportunity. Politicians playing games by adding their favorite unrelated pork to the bill shows their lack of understanding of the immediacy for the average person and business affected by this. Unfortunately it's idiocy on parade in DC as usual.
  6. Go "FUD" yourself! You're clearly wrong. This graphic from today tells an XRP holder all he/she needs to know about whether or not there is current interest in XRP. Notice how they are all curling up? People are rapidly accumulating at all levels.
  7. I believe he has ties to Garlinghouse. I'll check into it tomorrow.
  8. Here's an article by Brian Brooks, the executive from Coinbase who just this week was tapped to oversee all U.S. banks: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/18/business/dealbook/digital-reserve-currency.html "...Countries around the world are racing to lead the next revolution in financial technology. . . " "America must maintain its leadership role by leading the way on research and development of cryptocurrency technologies — just as it did in the early days of the internet — rather than stifling it. And if it does, it could ultimately build dominant cryptocurrency technologies that become the backbone of the 21st Century financial system."
  9. I don't think so. Hiring someone to oversee all US banks from a company where you say they have a "lack of faith in". That makes no sense at all. It's far more likely they'd hire a guy to run the banks from this industry because they want to utilize the efficiency and technology in traditional banking. They want to bring crypto into the fold. He wrote in a piece published by Fortune in November of 2019, “The time has come for a tokenized version of the dollar—and it’s not just those of us in the cryptocurrency world who think so. In recent months, senior U.S. officials have been exploring the idea of minting greenbacks on the distributed ledger software known as blockchain. The idea appears inevitable.”
  10. This week: US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Appoints Coinbase Chief Legal Officer to Oversee Banking System https://dailyhodl.com/2020/03/16/us-treasury-secretary-steven-mnuchin-appoints-coinbase-chief-legal-officer-to-oversee-banking-system/
  11. Did you catch Alex Cobb's youtube stream today? You should watch it:
  12. For someone who says he has "no tolerance for bullsh@#@$" you sure indulge in spreading it. Ha ha ha ha, again, what a loser!
  13. touched a nerve did I? Ha ha ha. What a loser.
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