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  1. I am not an expert either. Still, it's hard to deny that things in the US are getting more expensive. Forms of energy, food, goods such as automobiles are inflating. There are a lot of differing reasons one can find, including the fact that trillions of dollars have been printed in the last two years, making the purchasing power of the dollar, in the US at least, diminish. The pandemic has substantially affected supply chains and I'm sure the production of commodities . . . food, energy, etc. In the past if a country wanted to purchase commodities they first had to convert their currency into dollars to do so, which is expensive. Countries such as Russia and China no longer wish to do this. It's likely that countries where food (a commodity) is scarce will be squeezed harder and harder in this pandemic economy and supply chain. They will begin to shout for a more efficient way to purchase goods. The way I read that video on France is that process beginning.
  2. Regarding the usefulness of xrp outside of the US: Bombshell! France Finance Minister Declares Independence from the US! Dollar death, Inflation coming
  3. How would it make our xrp useless? The rest of the world isn't ruled by the US SEC. If you self-custody there is bound to be some exchange, somewhere in the world who would enable one to sell their xrp. The rest of the world does see its usefulness.
  4. I understand what you're saying Brian, but in my view we're not even at adoption yet. Given a level playing field a lot of shifting is still possible. Time will tell.
  5. Gensler himself is an ex Goldman guy. The dirt bags have the whole system rigged.
  6. Once the big investors who have been sabotaging XRP realize they are not going to win because the public will not stop exposing them, they will run the price of BTC and ETH up or at least look for an opportunity to sell. Some will go down with the ship. Some will invest in the likes of XRP and others, causing the leaderboard to flip, as it should have long ago. I simply wish other countries, such as Japan, would speed the process up!
  7. https://u.today/xrp-ledger-transactions-can-now-be-initiated-offline-what-is-xpop "XRP Ledger's Proof of Payments protocol (xPoP) can be utilized by a variety of devices that are not connected to the Internet 24/7. For instance, it is compatible with vending machines and public transport."
  8. That's odd. I remember now that I had to use Firefox. Couldn't get Brave or Chrome to work. Weird!
  9. Some days, it feels like the old days of Hodor and others who brought unbelievable hope to us xrp hodlers. All the doubters remind me of the Pink Floyd lyrics: "fat psychopathic wives"!
  10. If you have a VPN running on either wallet you might try turning them off and then trying again. The process was temperamental to me too.
  11. I had that problem. What seemed to correct it is this: Open your Bifrost Wallet Click the arrow at the bottom to reveal the "Send" "Receive" "Connect" buttons. Click the "Receive" button. In the next menu click "Songbird". In the next menu click "Share address", then click "Copy" to copy the address. Then, go to your Metamask wallet and paste that address directly in the send to address. (I do not currently have Metamask in front of me, so can't remember the precise menus within it. I don't know why, but copying the address directly from my Bifrost wallet seemed to make the difference, even though I had entered it correctly many times.)
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