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  1. If XRP succeeds at all in becoming the world's bridge asset then it will also likely be used to some degree as a currency. Think of all the work in this technology being directed at the underbanked alone. There are roughly 8 billion people in the world. One hundred billion / 8 billion = 12.5 xrp/person. Subtract perhaps half of that due to people and businesses who hold xrp. That drops it to 6.25 xrp/person. I think the future looks very bright if XRP succeeds first in achieving their primary goal of being the default bridge asset.
  2. Wow, bringing the next generation into digital assets. Ripple is hitting it from every angle. Amazing!
  3. I don't know. I'm not sure anybody really "knows" definitively. I base my opinion on the things I've read such as SBI is now moved to July because of regulation, Baak has been put off until about that time as well, and the list goes on of similar things coming together around that time. Russia is setting June as its deadline for regulation. The geopolitical things shaping up in Iran and Venezuela. With all this I believe that bigger money is slowly accumulating. As regulations become more defined, storage or custody solutions for institutional investors are built into the infrastructure now being built by Fidelity, Baak, etc., and insurance begins to cover these digital assets—hedge funds will be able to legally invest their clients' retirement accounts into digital assets, which will further raise the price. Once these things are established (hopefully starting around July) then retail will begin to open their eyes to it and utility will begin to take hold with banks and such. I am generally overly optimistic, but again this is just my opinion. I still see this all as just the beginning, but I feel like it is the beginning of the end for the average investor to be able to get cheap digital assets. Don't take my word for it!
  4. Just like clockwork, let the weekly manipulation begin!
  5. @Eric123 Even if we don't make a sudden, hard move upward we are making higher lows and generally moving up. We might have a few sudden but brief selloffs like we had Friday evening, but I think we're moving up and bigger moves will start happening mid summer as big money enters safely after regulation and infrastructure is more secure. I still think that even these moves will be preliminary to another major bull run, but who knows. I enjoy checking your analysis. Thanks and best of luck!
  6. VanGogh

    Hi! I'm Bob

    If I'm not mistaken, https://www.homeexchange.com does something similar to this. If you don't want to exchange your home directly with someone who wants to exchange with you, you have the option of taking a "balloon", which allows you to later exchange with someone you want to. P.S.: David, it's really great to see you on this chat. Thank you for all your hard work pushing this technology forward in a stubborn world!
  7. VanGogh

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, what is really great about this thread, indeed about you spending your valuable time here sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom from being "inside the big show" is that you don't owe any of us a thing. Nor does Ripple—not a peep! It's so reassuring to realize that Ripple and separately XRP are the real deal. Most here already assumed that with as much research as we could get our hands on, but this is more than any of us deserve. THANK YOU!
  8. I hope I'm not being too forward in suggesting that this might be giving you trouble. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't throw your pearls to pigs"? You might feel a whole lot better if you quietly hold your investment in XRP and didn't try to convince others of its merits. You will likely not change the mind of anybody anyway. Continuing to research your investment, continuing to research XRP is not a bad idea, but I think you might find it helpful to your own well being to do it quietly and only for yourself. I find it much less stressful to not have to defend my speculative investments. If someone asks you, if you do want to say anything at all you could just point them to the XRP chat or the XRP Blog. https://xrpcommunity.blog Best of luck to you, and hold tight!
  9. Very nice analysis. June! June, accumulation begins from deep pockets.
  10. VanGogh

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Let's call it the Bearableguy123 Club! ha ha!
  11. VanGogh

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I don't know either or you, but I still believe Bob is who he says he is, and is very intelligent. Perhaps we can ask the other 12 Apostles if Bob truly was born of a virgin and later resurrected?
  12. VanGogh

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Someone from Ripple could easily confirm Bob is who he says he is.
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