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  1. "Aside from moving XRP into Sygnum custody account, users can also improve fiat liquidity with lombard loan against XRP."
  2. His identifier is "Let Her Rip". That's a pretty big hint! I wouldn't take him too seriously.
  3. You've probably heard the rumor about Ripple buying R3 (probably false, but . . . ). Now combine that idea with this news and it makes even more sense for Ripple to buy R3. The two combined would likely be the nail in the coffin for SWIFT.
  4. Time is running short not only to innovate but to consolidate technologies because of the current Covid19 and financial crisis pressing the need. Think of JP Morgan as a potential competitor to R3, both having a consortium of banks. If you think of it that way and the intense competition involved you can see the potential for mergers or buyouts. Just like we've already seen with Visa and MasterCard purchasing companies at a premium to help their placement in this emerging financial world, might we start seeing the same with companies like R3, JP Morgan, even Facebook?
  5. What an amazing move it would be by Ripple to do so. It goes without saying that people should do their own research. However, speculation is very much part of this and every market.
  6. And this is how the underdog becomes top dog. Ripple will leapfrog Swift. Legard will not sit idle and let Swift sink them.
  7. If enacted this will be fun to watch the effects on BTC vs. XRP. Both would likely drop initially, but then we would likely witness the BTC decoupling for which XRP holders have been waiting.
  8. Were you around during the 2017/2018 rally? If so I'm sure you would remember that BTC was painful to trade. You didn't know if your trade was successful or not often for hours. That was with just a few speculators relative to the what the market will be when adoption really takes place, especially if there is a run fueled by the current Coronavirus/financial crisis. It's true there are more exchanges, on-ramps, etc. and they are better prepared, but the underlying problem has still not been solved with BTC. All the while Ripple has only improved and built out their tech and partnerships to increase the velocity of exchange. I do not believe that the store of value argument will sustain BTC.
  9. I am so, so sorry; I sure hope you get your crypto back. Stay safe and take care of yourself. Perhaps Binance will come through for you.
  10. No offense. They can coexist, but once people see that one works efficiently and one doesn't the market moves quickly. I think one can reasonably deduce that those in the know, such as Bank of America, already know.
  11. While he may be correct, as it was with Blockbuster until it wasn't. The switch over from BTC to XRP is going to be like Ernest Hemingway's description of bankruptcy: "It happens very slowly at first, then all at once."
  12. That's true, a contrarian can add value, but he is someone who in my view does not add any value that I can see. I've put him on ignore. In this space it is very easy to be a contrarian. Those who believe in the possibilities of XRP and several other digital assets that have use cases are very much the underdogs. As the underdogs our hopes are speculative, to say the least. I come here for information that is useful, not easy cheap shots that neither refute the information or prove anything of significance. The contrarians are generally lazy. Those who work the hardest in this space are the ones researching to uncover details that can be pieced together to create a larger, likely scenario. Sometimes the information they come up with is thin, sometimes it's solid. As individuals we are tasked with taking the thin for what it is and taking the solid for use in analyzing the larger possibilities. There are several on YouTube who add a lot of value–far more than a lazy contrarian, and for the last year far more than this chat forum has offered. I for one appreciate that value.
  13. So go put your money elsewhere, and spend your time elsewhere too. You are simply a contrarian who adds no value here.
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