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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxzkvu64gnl8cn9/Discovery Dispute Letter Motion with Exhibits 4.16.2021.pdf?dl=0 "1. The SEC May Not Conduct Discovery Outside The Scope Of The Federal Rules OF Civil Procedure" "2. THe SEC Has Further Violated The Federal Rules By Refusing To Give Notice To Defendants And Produce Its Requests and Related Communications With Foreign Regulators." (Apparently judge hasn't ruled yet; looks very good for Ripple, however.)
  2. https://github.com/CommissionerPeirce/SafeHarbor2.0 Credit to Michellebond for the link Some of the explanation: (a) Exemption. Except as expressly provided in paragraph (d) of this section, the Securities Act of 1933 does not apply to any offer, sale, or transaction involving a Token if the following conditions are satisfied by the Initial Development Team, as defined herein.     (1) The Initial Development Team intends for the network on which the Token functions to reach Network Maturity within three years of the date of the first sale of Tokens;     (2) Disclosures
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/14/gary-gensler-confirmed-to-lead-the-sec.html
  4. I was just thinking this morning that I might put take some assets off of my ledger and put them in Bitrue's power piggy to earn interest. Upon reading this I instead began the process of withdrawing some of my assets from Bitrue. I've used them for a couple of years. I haven't had any real problems, except they would not let me withdraw Monero, and gave no warning as such, which made me angry. The other day I had enabled a new security feature that simply said withdrawal security. In doing so I didn't realize you had to white list all the devices or IP addresses you use in order to withdraw y
  5. Wonder if the SEC will drop the case to save face. I would not be surprised! They were trying hard to keep those communications under wrap. Why?
  6. I think David is brilliant; however, his brilliance does not shine from trying to price the market or by estimating value of a particular project. Frankly, he's too logical for that. He's famous for selling a lot of ETH in order to purchase solar panels for his home. The amount of ETH he sold in today's dollars would be equivalent to $70 million. It takes a "loonie" to be willing to take great risk in an undefined and untested asset class. It takes a loonie to be early to the market, and at the moment loonies are winning far more often than those logical types.
  7. It's understood that many exchanges took the safe route; however, it ignores all context and history.
  8. Are you familiar with how the U.S. Federal Reserve was formed? It's rife with chicanery.
  9. Exactly. I listened to it and did not hear they are creating a new bridge asset. Not true.
  10. Dot connectors were correct! Tremendously good news for XRP. XRP is the native asset for the XRP ledger, and it is the only neutral asset; it will be used.
  11. Senator: Mr. Gensler, do you think in your proposed job capacity you can: 1. Provide no value to the space, but still allow it to grow and create wealth? 2. So that you can in-turn pay for your job and those who work for you? 3. Provide insider tips so that I and my fellow senators can continue to gain wealth and power over the minions? Gensler: Yes, yes, yes. Senator: Hired!
  12. I'm of the belief that utility will sustain the price once we've finished grinding our way up into fomo and reached some extent of price discovery. What is happening in the broader markets is companies are flush with cash. The reason they are flush with cash is because every country in the world is spending (and in the case of the US "printing") far beyond their means. Companies are looking for a hedge to retain their purchasing power; i.e., dollars are losing value as they are printed. There are only so many assets worth putting money into. The stock markets, arguably, are way overvalued. The
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