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  1. Fair points, but I would argue that it was a different time when those technologies came about.
  2. Exactly. Governments do not innovate. They will use the ILP. Nor do governments cooperate much. This hasn't changed over time. If there were another contagion and liquidity crisis like 2008, then without the ability to exchange money in a trustless manner they have solved nothing. The ILP and XRP solve this to a much greater degree than was available in 2008. The problem only grows, but the solution is already at hand with Ripple and XRP. Keynesian Economics, as it has been used for decades, is at the end of its life span.
  3. That is music to the ears. I'm hearing high-value/high-volume when I read your paragraph. It's the chicken and the egg: in order for high-value payments to be able to use XRP there must be high-volume. Let's hope this is the beginning of the solution to that dilemma.
  4. Not only is Ripple (and XRP) going to be welcomed by the US government, they along with the rest of the governments around the world are going to use it to solve the building liquidity crisis. I think the future tense of the article is wrong; it should be past tense! Ripple and XRP are the solution for which they had been desperately seeking. Given the anarchist origins of crypto it's fascinatingly ironic . . . one of those instances where reality is stranger than fiction.
  5. Yep, just wait until there's another liquidity crisis as there was in 2008. The overnight repo market leads one to pause, at least. Is there a better solution to solving that type of event than that of Ripple and XRP?
  6. "The app, known as SCB Easy delivers instant, low-cost cross-border payments for over 16 million customers across the globe." XRP
  7. You are misquoting. He said, "I'm not going to speak about 'the' particular product . . . ". He also corrected the senator when he reiterated that "It is coming", saying "It's here." Libra does not yet exist. He was talking about Ripple and XRP.
  8. Colorado could use a symbolic wall. The sanctuary status of Denver along with legalization of marijuana has brought a tremendous amount of crime to the state. Mexican drug cartels are very active in Colorado.
  9. SORRY: This is a re-tweet from July (don't recall seeing this): Bank of America patent just went public: https://twitter.com/xrp_news Sourced this from @BankXRP
  10. Thank you for all your contributions, @Hodor. You are one of the initial people who helped make XRP legitimate for me. Best of luck to you and all of us who have benefited from your diligent work.
  11. "Long-time XRP reporter and YouTuber Alex Cobb has suggested that PolySign could well be used by banks to hold XRP on their balance sheets. Just a quick look at their website tells you these guys are seriously big hitters targetting the institutional and banking playing field and their trillions. TRILLION DOLLAR CLUB – PolySign was designed by David Schwartz & Arthur Britto for institutional investors to handle trillion-dollar volumes BitPay Partnership Another major signing announced this week was crypto payments processor Bitpay, allowing businesses to accept XRP for cross border payments. They will also integrate the Bitpay Wallet with the Xpring developer platform allowing further RippleNet developments on top of current technology."
  12. https://www.theglobaltreasurer.com/2019/09/30/bank-of-america-joins-the-marco-polo-network/ from: @HamEggsnSam
  13. https://www.theglobaltreasurer.com/2019/09/30/bank-of-america-joins-the-marco-polo-network/ Looks like Bank of America has been pretty active. Found this through: @HamEggsnSam
  14. This will certainly stimulate the market over in France: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/39518/france-will-not-tax-crypto-to-crypto-trades-will-tax-gains-converted-into-traditional-currency/ pointed to this by: @XRPcryptowolf
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/tiny-pacific-nation-is-making-a-go-of-its-own-digital-currency/ar-AAH9f1K “With the blockchain technology in place, we thought this was an opportune time to establish our own legal tender” and lessen the nation’s dependence on the dollar, Paul said in an interview from the sidelines of the conference. “As a small country it’s going to be easier and faster for us to make decisions and respond to the market” as a digital coin is introduced."
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