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  1. I see only bitcoin here :-)
  2. Can't banks just use bitcoin ?

    Liquidity. Btc is more liquid than xrp right now
  3. Can't banks just use bitcoin ?

    Btc could be used by banks if hooked on ILP . Can it be right?
  4. Is Ripple the new Bitcoin?

    "Interestingly, Ripple also allows for automated scripts. Some see this as key to its future success. For example, a script might say: if account A does not receive £100 by September the 30th, then the money it received will be automatically returned to the original account. That script alone has just automated the Kickstarter process, for example, without ever needing Kickstarter as an intermediary. The possibilities of scripts like this are almost endless."
  5. How can we know if MMs buy xrp directly to the market?
  6. Constant trading. It's manic. mmmmm I do not think so.
  7. one thing to notice. The volume is more than 2 bill. The number of ripple accounts is 440K ish.. How do you guys explain this rise without any FIs starting to play?
  8. 10 seconds is more likely ripple. Just speculating though!
  9. Xrp price has increased a lot since last year.. patience, patience, patience, patience....
  10. Someone from Italy?

    Yes I am italiano ?
  11. Is the rise of Ripple imminent?

    Eth and XRP have two different use cases. it is like comparing Apples with oranges..
  12. 1 year ago it was around 100 K - 200 K :-)