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  1. People have the power...
  2. Welcome @Tim!
  3. I always have used Gatehub. Never had any peoblems. I recommend it.
  4. It might be possible that when ripple will be very well established in the financial system than the otc selling will stop and the only option for the FIs to get xrp will be to buy them from the open market.
  5. I do not think this is a good way to handle the situation.. the price will sink dramatically..
  6. Is RC Cloud a new way of calling RCL?
  7. That is good, but still I need to convert btc for xrp. A lot of people do not know (do not want) how to do it.
  8. Account transfer..Then I need to change Eur-USD to XRP. So this is not the meaning of "directly". What I would like to see is a button where I can click And buy instantaneously XRP with VISA, Mastercard, paypal etcc.. without waiting one single day.
  9. When the average investor will be able to buy XRP with his credit card. Directly, immediately. Without going through several gateways like now!
  10. We are still at the beginning of everything with very few actors really live on Rcl. But this year will be crucial beacuse big players are coming on board (directly or indirectly thanks to ILP). And so ripple is distributing more and more zerps. So I don't see how it could be possible to reach any stable xrp price soon. Their goal is to reach price stability right, but the system is growing and this could influence the price of the zerps, in a positive way, I think and hope :-).
  11. And the thing is it might go even lower than that.. I take it as a buying opportunity but the frustration of the" get rich soon " people will grow for sure.
  12. Probably he/she has no idea about the progress Ripple has done in these 3 years legally, technically and not least in building the base for a strong future financial network..
  13. "Government-owned State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in India, is taking the lead in the launch of a financial blockchain consortium that will include privately-owned banking giants and technology companies." "...More recently, another Indian private bank, Axis, announced that it would leverage Ripple’s blockchain for cross-border remittance transactions..."
  14. For the time being we need another FIs that goes live on Rcl.. so abudabi bank can "communicate" with someone. I expect this to happen this year ..