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  1. I do not know if it is correlated to opus.. will check !! Thanks!
  2. You do understand that xCurrent runs on a blockchain too, just that it's a private chain? I think Xcurrent processes single transactions ..so no blocks. Do not thing it is running on a blockchain
  3. MarioFle

    rippled version 1.0.0

    Not directly .. but if I am a big institution , do you think I am going to use a beta version , or a full live version?
  4. MarioFle

    rippled version 1.0.0

    So .. is Xrapid live now?
  5. MarioFle

    rippled version 1.0.0

    https://ripple.com/dev-blog/rippled-version-1-0-0/ “Today, after almost 6 years of hard work, Ripple is very pleased to announce the release of rippledversion 1.0.0.”
  6. MarioFle

    Rippled 1.0 is Here!

    Out of beta from now!
  7. Zomming out a bit, I hope that this is not going to affect Ripple penetration into China https://www.google.no/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/03/21/a-trump-trade-war-with-china-could-hit-these-industries-hardest.html
  8. http://cryptonetwork.site/2018/03/japan-quietly-hosted-a-blockchain-roundtable-for-central-banks-regulators/
  9. Guys this is the link : It looks legit to me
  10. I agree with you.. it is just the time frame that is wrong :-). I do not think this will happen in my life time. The whole system needs to adapt to the new technology. The banks are and will be for a long time the guardians of our money. Period. New technologies MUST be compliant with the old system to disrupt it. You can replace it of course but right now it can not be done on a mass scale! Ripple approach (work within the legacy system and trying to upgrade it) is much more disruptive than the bitcoinistas and it will do exactly what the latest are hoping for. Banks inevitably will fade away. But again not anytime soon.
  11. MarioFle

    New strategic Partner??

  12. MarioFle

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    Do you use bot as well?
  13. MarioFle

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    Wow! Congratulations ! Do you have any books or manuals to suggest how to develop a bot for crypto? thanks in advance!
  14. MarioFle

    Santander to launch blockchain Payment product

    Can our Spanish Zerpers fellows help with the traslation?