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  1. We are still at the beginning of everything with very few actors really live on Rcl. But this year will be crucial beacuse big players are coming on board (directly or indirectly thanks to ILP). And so ripple is distributing more and more zerps. So I don't see how it could be possible to reach any stable xrp price soon. Their goal is to reach price stability right, but the system is growing and this could influence the price of the zerps, in a positive way, I think and hope :-).
  2. And the thing is it might go even lower than that.. I take it as a buying opportunity but the frustration of the" get rich soon " people will grow for sure.
  3. Probably he/she has no idea about the progress Ripple has done in these 3 years legally, technically and not least in building the base for a strong future financial network..
  4. "Government-owned State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in India, is taking the lead in the launch of a financial blockchain consortium that will include privately-owned banking giants and technology companies." "...More recently, another Indian private bank, Axis, announced that it would leverage Ripple’s blockchain for cross-border remittance transactions..."
  5. For the time being we need another FIs that goes live on Rcl.. so abudabi bank can "communicate" with someone. I expect this to happen this year ..
  6. It looks like you may be right .. But How can a seroius company like Ripple starts to market XRPs if they believe there is no chance XRP is going to be The Bridging asset? I think they know more than us. Plus the latest news make me think ripple is in the right direction (also with XRP). It is still somehow difficult to me to accept that we are still bulding the foundation (the railways) of the future financial world. I see it in this way ( as a biologist with a different background from the IT). If XRP can seriously reduce transaction costs for Banks, when the liquidity will reach a critical point (MMs and whatever), than they will use it somehow. And then it is very important to remember that RCL is opensource everybody can build things on top of it and therse are potentially many other use cases. But this takes time..
  7. So earthport uses ripple, sbi is going to list xrp plus is using moneygram. And moneygram is using earthport. Nice circle :)..
  8. One of the leading European-based bitcoin exchanges is adding another virtual currency to the bitcoins already traded on its platform.
  9. "The Cannabis Revolution is designed to be a fully legal and compliant medical marijuana establishment (MME) business, based in Nevada" "In order to raise funds for the operation, Wagner has introduced a digital currency, TOKES, which will be the backbone of a TOKES platform. “ "The digital currency also takes advantage of WAVES, a custom tokens platform, that will enable Cannabis Revolution and its clients to track transactions for auditing purposes."
  10. so I assume ILP should be ready now... Otherwise why should they do such an aggressive marketing without having it ready?
  11. Nothing will change ..the italian referendum is not about exit from EU.
  12. Are these two systems going to be the same thing ?
  13. "FlashFX, a cutting edge fin-tech startup based in Sydney Australia, is engineered from the ground up to deliver intelligent foreign exchange transfer services, without hidden fees. Using the innovative Ripple technology platform and XRP, Ripple's digital currency, FlashFX delivers extraordinary transparency, speed and transactional control to users. Flash FX puts their customers in control. They can choose a target conversion rate, automate the international money transfer and track their currency transfer, like a package, from start to finish. Change is coming to foreign exchange financial services. It will alter the competitive landscape in favour of the consumer forever. FlashFx provides a lean high-performance foreign exchange transfer payment services that safely, efficiently and reliably provides users with a better customer experience."
  14. Paypal Because of globe coverage