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  1. One of the leading European-based bitcoin exchanges is adding another virtual currency to the bitcoins already traded on its platform.
  2. "The Cannabis Revolution is designed to be a fully legal and compliant medical marijuana establishment (MME) business, based in Nevada" "In order to raise funds for the operation, Wagner has introduced a digital currency, TOKES, which will be the backbone of a TOKES platform. “ "The digital currency also takes advantage of WAVES, a custom tokens platform, that will enable Cannabis Revolution and its clients to track transactions for auditing purposes."
  3. so I assume ILP should be ready now... Otherwise why should they do such an aggressive marketing without having it ready?
  4. Nothing will change ..the italian referendum is not about exit from EU.
  5. Are these two systems going to be the same thing ?
  6. "FlashFX, a cutting edge fin-tech startup based in Sydney Australia, is engineered from the ground up to deliver intelligent foreign exchange transfer services, without hidden fees. Using the innovative Ripple technology platform and XRP, Ripple's digital currency, FlashFX delivers extraordinary transparency, speed and transactional control to users. Flash FX puts their customers in control. They can choose a target conversion rate, automate the international money transfer and track their currency transfer, like a package, from start to finish. Change is coming to foreign exchange financial services. It will alter the competitive landscape in favour of the consumer forever. FlashFx provides a lean high-performance foreign exchange transfer payment services that safely, efficiently and reliably provides users with a better customer experience."
  7. Paypal Because of globe coverage
  8. "Crypto Currency: Most of the blockchain/distributed ledger companies have their own native currency for e.g. Ripple has XRP. Though any asset class can be used over Ripple protocol but XRP remains their native currency. Probably, success of any company would depend upon the usage and the value of its native or bridge currency ( Topic of discussion for later). These digital assets would need special classification in the books of record for regulations in most of the countries. Also, being speculative in nature, how would one ensure the stability of these digital currencies?"
  9. Bank of Canada to Reveal Results of its Digital Currency Experiment While Bitcoin Stands Dismissed "According to a report, Canada’s central bank will publish the results of its experiment with a blockchain-powered payments system. While the experiment utilized an in-house digital currency, one senior central bank official dismissed bitcoin “as a commodity rather than a money itself.”
  10. it looks like a green light to buy some Storj coins
  11. "Fran Strajnar, CEO at BNC, said in a statement: "A new asset class has arisen and its exponential growth is proving attractive. We are thrilled to be partnering with TPI, leaders in global market information, who recognise the importance of transparency across all asset classes, old and new."
  12. " The agreement allows TPI to distribute BNC's consolidated exchange feed, including the Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX), to their entire customer base. This represents the bulk of the exchange traded liquidity for digital instruments. Daily volumes for the entire digital currency marketplace frequently top $500m (£411m, €456m). "