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  1. You lost patience. We need to consider that the finance world has a very high resistance to disruption. The higher the friction the better for them. But they can not stop evolution. But evolution takes time ..
  2. Yes but they do not tell you at what price per xrp ..
  3. You do not know how many xrp has been sold to institutions. You know Only that 169 mill dollar worth of xrp has been sold. Are xrp released from escrow not used for the sale to the institutions?
  4. From the report it says that 169 mill $ worth of xrp have been sold. We know that 700 mill xrp have been distributed. That’s around 0.24 $ per xrp. Can this be the price of xrp on the OTC markets?
  5. But when xrpl ties two private ledgers you should have record in the public ledger showing somehow that this hop mechanism takes place. When I use coil ,for example, the payments do not occur continuously but in batch. This means that at some point in time this batch should be recorded on xrpl. Or am I missing something? Regarding the exchange, We see that a given amount of xrp is trasferred from and / or to an exchange (when we use a ledger scanner). What we do not see is the movement of xrp that the exchange does on its private ledgers. If I am wrong then I need to read more 😄
  6. This is simple... if in a transaction xrp is involved than xrpledger is involved. No private ledger.
  7. They are using xrapid https://dailyhodl.com/2018/05/11/mercury-fx-ripple-xrapid-test-reveals-the-unbelievable-speed-of-xrp/
  8. I do not know if it is correlated to opus.. will check !! Thanks!
  9. You do understand that xCurrent runs on a blockchain too, just that it's a private chain? I think Xcurrent processes single transactions ..so no blocks. Do not thing it is running on a blockchain
  10. Not directly .. but if I am a big institution , do you think I am going to use a beta version , or a full live version?
  11. So .. is Xrapid live now?
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