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  1. 10 seconds is more likely ripple. Just speculating though!
  2. Xrp price has increased a lot since last year.. patience, patience, patience, patience....
  3. Someone from Italy?

    Yes I am italiano ?
  4. Is the rise of Ripple imminent?

    Eth and XRP have two different use cases. it is like comparing Apples with oranges..
  5. 1 year ago it was around 100 K - 200 K :-)
  6. New investments

  7. What could the minimum 24h XRP trading volume be for the FIs to use the zerps as a medium of exchange? Let's speculate :-)
  8. Explaining XRP

    I think he is referring to the transaction cost..
  9. Temporary zerpbox

    Yes exactly! Anyway it looks like we are going again up