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  1. Hi @BobWay thanks for joining here. Forgive me if this has been asked as I've done some skimming here. Could you touch on market competitors to Ripple and how you view their products in comparison i.e. World Wire? Were Jed/XLM discussed as competition internally?
  2. @Mods_are_tyrants they post about the same number of rockets per day as you mention low volume per day. I'm all for "reality checks", but why do so many devote so much time to telling people non-stop doom & gloom? I doubt that you're all just looking out for us. Even a single post is more impactful when it's in the form of say creating a thread titled Sell Now.
  3. I find it hard to believe that they will continue to have a 20 minimum when it would cost hundreds or thousands to open a wallet. I think if we hold $5 consistently they will drop the minimum considerably.
  4. Speak for yourself. I've only invested because I saw Ripple's logo on the spaceship that abducted me.
  5. If it's a Payday and xrp is under a dollar I'm buying 500. Hopefully, this week will be my last purchase.
  6. I'm surprised people are so worked up about this. It's a celebration and he's an entertaining performer who draws attention whether you personally enjoy his music or not. His lyrics don't reflect the views of Ripple and I don't see this having any negative impact on Ripple, only a fun experience for those able to attend.
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