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  1. I'd say the head of Ripple's infrastructure innovation tweeting about it is a very good thing. A. Very. Good. Thing.
  2. I'm thinking it's all PR in an attempt to bring new buyers into the marketplace. I don't understand the point of this 1 page ad/letter other than building brand awareness and separating Ripple from the rest of the crypto-world.
  3. There's definitely suppression going on. It's been going on since it hit .24 cents years ago as I said earlier. I don't know why someone suppresses this asset more than others, but they do. I keep going back to a worst case scenario -- Ripple is pulling off a scam on all of us and if we don't sell, our coins are worth zilch. For that to occur, everything they have still and in escrow would be worth zilch. The XRP they have gifted to charities would be worth zilch. If this happened, it would be a financial scandal of massive proportions on a global scale. These guys wouldn't be able to walk out of their houses without being assaulted. Everyone knows who they are. They're not faceless like other coins. They basically would live their lives looking over their shoulders for lawsuits and hit men. And before you say, they'll have enough to have security/lawyers up the ass, I'll say those things cost a lot of money. They'd be wise to be liquid billionaires before dropping that kind of bomb on the rest of us and having to run and hide around the world. I mean, they're selling to exchanges too. It's not just us. There are players around the world who would make their lives miserable if this was the gambit. So yeah, worst case scenario is it's a big Ponzi. How'd that work out for Madoff? I am convinced that someone is holding this back from running. Maybe it's waiting for the SEC approval before taking the shackles off? I don't know. But in the time I've been holding this, I've seen this play out in a very specific way. We don't move when other coins do. We move a little on news before someone pushes it back down. We move sideways. People get frustrated and start to question this and then one day, out of nowhere, we pump. Someone took their foot off the brakes on the ATH run. The numbers were moving fast at insane speeds. Whoever was suppressing stopped. I believe they'll stop again. I also believe this is the asset that has the best chance of real world adoption so I hold it. The Moneygram news should have spiked us over $1. Someone doesn't want that to happen until they do. If it's Ripple doing it, they have a plan in place. Letting this thing run like it did at the ATH made Larsen and the boys some of the richest men in the world in the moment. Perhaps, they weren't exactly ready for that yet and needed more time to set things up. But I believe in suppression. Without a doubt. Someone is holding us down.
  4. So back in the heady days of XRP before all the moonboys got in and we were scooping this up for under a cent, we started to pump. The last time I bought a significant stack was around .16 which was several years ago (I should have bought a lot more under a cent). We didn't stay there very long. It pumped back up .24 cents and just stayed there like we were stuck in concrete. There was rampant speculation that Ripple, the company, was suppressing the price. There were constant posts about how we'll never be more than .24 and how that was the number Ripple wanted to stabilize XRP at. We pumped a few times on Amex news and the Gates foundation news (I think to .42), but really didn't move at all until escrow was announced. There was a lot of smoke about Ripple suppressing the price. And it built up to a fever pitch where people started to lose faith in the asset and were moving on. I look for trends. I think we're in this trend again. And what happened last time there was this kind of smoke was we went on the Dec-Jan run that hit the ATH. Do I think Ripple the company suppresses the price? I'm 50/50 on it. But I do think we've seen this before -- where we get stuck in a sideways pattern while everyone moves and some big XRP whale is containing/suppressing the market if you look at the exchanges. And it does scare me and cause me to think a bit about this. But let's say they are actually doing this. Worst case scenario is it's a big scam where they rip profits from the holders and the coin goes to zero when they are done with it. I don't think this is likely. This would bring massive legal issues for them and possibly prison time. I'm more of the mindset that if they are suppressing the price, they will take the brakes off and let it run again. If they don't, people will bail en masse and all the bags they (Ripple) are still holding and that are in escrow will be worthless. My 2 cents. And props to you guys for doing the investigative legwork here. If you are right, you've exposed them and they will have to stop doing this. If you're wrong, we'll all profit from this shortly in my opinion.
  5. It's crap like this that needs to stop. I know. I know. You're "just having some fun with it". But it's this stupid fanboy deifying of these guys that makes the space and the asset look like it's f'ing kindergarten. The memes and photoshops just like this on Twitter make me ill. That makes me want to cash out more than the price swings.
  6. I feel this as well. Everything is telling us to go dump into BTC to stop the bleeding and ride it back up to the promised land. When it's this obvious, I usually believe this is a trap. I'm also contemplating cashing out to stop the bleeding. When my mind gets like this, it usually means we're about to take off. At least, that's how it has worked in the past. Not offering advice here -- just that when the groupthink is do one thing overwhelmingly, it usually precedes the opposite happening.
  7. I hesitated my large buy the other day when it was .419 waiting for a .39 dip again & regretted it. I did not hesitate at .426 this morning. This is still accumulation time.
  8. I'm sitting on a rather large buy right now trying to decide to if it's going to dip under .40 again. I've only accumulated under .40. What do you chart folk think? We have an incoming dip this weekend that might see .39 again?
  9. True, but I don't think any of my friends who post on Insta are considering it as a safe place to link their bank account to. It's a photo album. A lot of them have nicknames or fake names attached to the account. People are already concerned about privacy & security with social media apps. Now they're going to give them their bank account info/ss# and access to their balances? I think we're on the other side of the bell curve now with social media apps. People do not trust them. People under 28 barely use Facebook. Older people are giving it up. I just don't see it becoming a place you will trust your financial info with. But yeah, it'll be great to get instant money via WhatsApp if you're in a foreign country and you need funds.
  10. I also think what's not being said is the amount of fake/alt accounts on Facebook. People don't even use their real names. I was in a bourbon community on there where people were scamming one another pretending to sell expensive bottles of bourbon and you had no recourse if the person used fake credentials. I also NEVER would allow myself or my family to tie a bank account to Facebook. I actually think this Facebook Coin thing is a desperate attempt by them. I'm not going to instagram money to people with the Facebook coin when a lot of the accounts are alts/fake. I also don't think people using Whatsapp to send money to one another (which you can already do with venmo and cashapp) is a threat to XRP.
  11. I just want to say something completely non-emotional on this topic; Nobody trusts Facebook anymore. People who used to post every single day and spend hours on the site have left because of security concerns about their personal info. This is fact. Almost 2/3rds of my friend list on there are now ghost accounts who don't interact or post anymore. AND YOU THINK A FACEBOOK CRYPTOCURRENCY IS GOING TO THRIVE? Nobody trusts Facebook anymore. No one.
  12. When I see people post that Cobb is good for the space, I wonder "Are you high?". These guys are all a plague on this space. And who are these people with so much free time on their hands to watch their garbage content?
  13. I think guys like him are terrible for the space personally. It's all hype driven moon boy stuff. Those guys look like flat earthers at the end of the day to anyone sane. But whatever floats your boat. If you have enough free time in your life to sit and watch his full videos, you may want to look more closely at your life. Real information is out there that is concise and to the point. You'd be better off reading than having it distilled to you by someone driven by hits/views/subs, etc. I watched one video early on and quickly surmised what a waste of time it would be to continue watching after about 30 seconds.
  14. Here's what you need to know about XLM. Everything that morons accused XRP of, being controlled by the owners and highly manipulated by them, is true if you hold XLM. Jed can singlehandedly walk off with your money. He can get bored with the project and kill it. There is no corporate structure behind XLM that is working with regulators like XRP and Ripple have. People who touted XLM as the anti-XRP are some of the biggest morons in crypto. The only good thing I've seen that XLM has are the inflation pools where you earn small amounts of XLM for holding XLM. Short of that, you're buying a coin that a guy who has f'd people over several times in crypto controls. Why is that a good investment? They've been linked to IBM for awhile now and IBM isn't doing jack with XLM. And where's that mythical exchange from IBM that is all backed by XLM? XLM should be called Jed Coin.
  15. I believe it will. But it's going to fight like a cornered animal first before it lets us pass it.
  16. It also pains me to see people panting over Swell like it's the moon shot with no end. XRP moved to .42 at Swell last year mostly on The Gates Foundation news and then promptly dropped as low as .16 I recall before sitting at .24 forever. This place and Reddit were filled with posts for months about how Ripple was holding the price at .24 and how you had to get out of this "shitcoin" That it would never be more than .24 ever. Then in December, we had our moon before the bear market brought everything down with a thud. Point being if you're frothing around on the internet about Swell, please stop. It's a conference. It's not where Brad rises up through a hole in a stage while fog machines create a cloud-like effect and screams "I AM BEARABLE GUY! 589 BEGINS NOW!!!!". Enough with the hype -- this year should have proven to you that hype is a con. We want utility and usage and volume. Not some spike from a rumored announcement.
  17. He came off really poorly if you ask me. Just seemed to be trolling really and protecting his product which crypto essentially kills. If I send someone $1000 worth of XRP to India it's cheaper and faster than anything Paypal will offer. Consider the source. The guy looks like he knows the future is coming. If Paypal were smart they'd work with XRP to speed things up and bring down costs globally.
  18. Okay. This makes sense to me. I wonder what that catalyst will be. I mean, this isn't just XRP -- the whole market is depressed. I have friends who bought in heavy on ETH at $700 who are devastated.
  19. ...wouldn't they want the market to pump again so they can draw in newbie investors again and take their money at the top? I constantly see everyone claiming someone is manipulating the crypto market to drive it down -- that makes no sense to me. Crashing it down like this makes investing in it dangerous. What would make sense is keep attracting new money in by letting it quickly recover from the bear markets and pump higher than before so people FOMO and throw their life savings into it so whales can take it from them. What would anyone gain from sending the prices back down to levels from 12 months ago? All it's done is allow crypto to become this thing that people are more afraid of investing in than ever. I'm not buying this is just some "whales" messing with us. Thoughts?
  20. They are rolling them out slowly, but if you go online you can see there's a place to deposit $US -- it's just not an active button yet. Yet, being the key word in the sentence. It's coming very soon. I think they are starting it out with business accounts and then rolling it out to personal ones.
  21. Once Bittrex opens up US dollar cash deposits for me I will delete Coinbase and never go there again. It's got a nice user interface for newbies, but outside of that it's being lapped by the competition. The whole Coinbase is going to send XRP to the moon routine is old hat now. Market has moved on in huge ways.
  22. Remember last year when people would incessantly whine that Ripple was controlling the price at .24 and it wasn't allowed to move? I mean, we've tripled since then and seen a ridiculous ATH in Dec/January. That .24 whining went on for many months. I just keep on holding. I'm up.
  23. You want Kutcher and Oseary in on XRP. Oh, God do you want them in on it. This is a very good sign for the future. Ignore the price. Load up while you still can.
  24. The fact that US Credit Card providers have banned crypto purchases killed some of the market as well. People liked the instant purchase. They don't want to take a few days to fund a crypto account and have their money sit there. Especially, the more emotional buyers. It was a complete impulse buy this time last year for many. I know I didn't keep money on an exchange, but when Bitstamp opened up credit card purchases I was buying every XRP dip I could. Now I'm more pragmatic about it. Yes, you can buy instant with a debit card, but I think some people were enjoying buying on credit and then paying it off at the end of the month instead of the money being taken from your account immediately. That said, I'm not giving up on $5. I think the moves are slowly happening to enable people instant XRP purchases that make buying BTC and ETH as a gateway coin irrelevant for the average investor.
  25. I don't know, I've gotten quite liquid based on what my XRP's were worth this time last year.
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