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  1. Thanks for responding and I respect your opinion. However the responses and the results suggest otherwise. The best of luck to you.
  2. I'm a software developer and as such created - Mind Reader. Mind Reader's purpose is to query data in real-time to make a determination as to what will or will not most likely happen with a relatively high degree of probability. Mind Reader is designed to find and know anything of importance before it hits any main news outlets which might alter current markets. It works by interfacing directly with Twitter's databases and soon with other platforms such as Facebook. Which enables its users to know precisely what the public is thinking, again in real time, about anything of si
  3. I saw this on my Instagram feed.
  4. Here comes the great fall but rest assured it will rise again. Don't loose heart.
  5. How's that EOY prediction of yours coming? Guess my butt was spot on?
  6. Perhaps but everyone is panicking not too mention what's going in the stock market. I may not be paying attention to Bitcoin as I don't hold any but my speculation about the possibility of xrp going down in this bloodbath is not unreasonable.
  7. Apologies I sent that without realizing bitcoin is at $4500 but xrp is holding fast. I've been in a hole for a few days. Does this meant xrp is about to launch?
  8. Hi everyone. I hope all is well. "Seen any good couches lately" haha (inside joke "hopefully") I was doing some random thinking and think we have only one more major drop to go and then it's blast off. I also believe is drop is close. Is anyone else thinking the same thing?
  9. At this rate of the price XRP will be back to $3 in a few days.
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