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  1. The first article in a month. I had to break the funk because there's just so much happening. This one will create mixed feelings with some I would imagine. https://philosophyofmetrics.com/remember-rememberthe-fifth-of-november/
  2. Congratulations to all the winners. Great participation and great stories from all. Everyone should be proud of themselves for being a part of this amazing XRP adventure. And a big thanks to @XRPeteSampras for putting on an excellent and worthwhile contest, as well as @Mercury for the added prize.
  3. Central banks can still use XRP in xRapid without actually holding XRP. That’s what makes it a thing of beauty.
  4. I don't think you're understanding right. They don't need XRP reserves to use Interledger, but XRP (xRapid) can still be used to complete exchanges. So can xCurrent. But using XRP creates even more efficiency and cost savings. Central banks can still use xRapid without holding XRP on reserve. That is the beauty of Interledger. Quick edit to clarify: Central banks can still use XRP without holding XRP on reserve. Is that how you are understanding it?
  5. I don't. Might be worth putting a list together and tracking it. Could be a trend which can be correlated with other Ripple news.
  6. Hard to say for sure. In theory, they could. But it's important that everyone understands the point of XRP and Interledger. Your original comment indicated that central banks could just use their own digital assets instead of XRP. That was your position. I would propose to you that the more central banks develop their own digital assets the more XRP and Interledger will be used to transfer value across all the assets. There is a misunderstanding out there that central bank digital assets are a threat to XRP. It is, in fact, the opposite. Interledger creates the ability to transfer valu
  7. Dollar depreciation is the end game. But it may not happen for the reasons pointed out by Dalio. Trump strategists would be better to depreciate on their terms, to their advantage, as opposed to waiting for a moment of crisis. It's going to be an interesting few years.
  8. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/feds-collect-record-individual-income-taxes-through-august-still-run
  9. China had to expand its own domestic credit markets to purchase that US debt and maintain economic stability after 2008. While the Fed printed bonds as a response to the crisis, China actually encouraged its banks to make both yuan-denominated and dollar-denominated loans, to the tune of over $24 trillion in value. When the dollar gets stronger it puts depreciation pressure on the yuan. When this happens capital outflows from China increase, as Chinese money seek safe havens and better returns elsewhere. At the same capital inflows decrease as foreign money also seeks better returns elsewh
  10. I wouldn't worry about the escrow XRP. It will be used in the system as things expand. What agreements will be put in place around its use and allocation can only be speculated at this point. Maybe Ripple will use it for a special project which no one has visibility to yet. I think there may be some big surprises down the road. But I'm just speculating.
  11. Thanks. I agree. My response was more about central banks "buying" XRP and holding them as reserves. Central banks will of course "use" XRP to exchange value across the Interledger.
  12. Why would central banks need to buy XRP? It’s not to say that they wouldn’t, but why do you think they would?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Way back around 2009, I started reading the white papers of global institutions like the IMF and Bank for International Settlements, instead of listening to others interpretation of them. It was like these institutions had their own version of legalese which made little sense. But as I read more and more it started to come together and I began to understand the monetary and economic references and terminology which was being used. Completely understand the fuzziness. It is stated that the only way to truly prove that you understand something is to be able to explai
  14. Here's my new 4500-word article on everything from the USD, SDR, sovereign debt restructuring, economic collapses, China, Russia, SWIFT, SAP, and XRP. Attempting to bring some clarity and a deeper understanding of some of the topics which have been getting misconstrued and some of the false narratives which have been running wild. Hope its worth the read. XRP - The Standard
  15. You've been introduced to the XRP Forum hoard. Instead of providing helpful information they regurgitate half-digested ignorance and share it back and forth in each other's mouths. The ones that did share information should be considered separate from the hoard itself. There are many great people on here who don't mind being helpful and guiding others along. But the hoard just devours itself and keeps eating because it has nothing better to do during these humdrum days of the bear market. When the bull market returns I'm sure they'll revert back to wonderful and kind human beings. Watch h
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