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  1. I appreciate your positiveness but I shouldn't have to wait it out, if I can trade all my crypto with someone i'll let them take a 50% cut. I seriously want nothing to do with this Exchange ever again.
  2. I'll trade my crypto to someone for next to nothing (i'll sell to a stupidly low buy order) - that person can then legitimately withdraw their crypto from the exchange. As things stand i'm guessing Bitrue are going to be taking ownership of my assets as some point, doing this means they cant. And if nobody is able to assist me i'll just sell all the crypto I have to a stupidly low random selected buy order anyway and someone can make some easy $$$
  3. Update to this post - I posted this in the "zerpening" chat section of the forum but nobody took me up on the offer, i will therefore post here: === So the fu**ers at Bitrue wont respond or do anything. I've pretty much come to terms now with how things are and i've written off being able to withdraw my funds....... however maybe I can get one over on them before I leave that Exchange for good. Bitrue are rejecting my withdrawls, but they apparently have left me the ability to trade on the site still . Anyway, is there anyone here who wants to find a low volume token that I ca
  4. Yeh - I tried there, think it's read only.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Billy - I will indeed amend a TLDR at the beginning.
  6. *** TLDR - Bitrue small print in the TC's has a single sentence that says "You will not engage in n-degree arbitrage trading to exploit the inefficiencies of the market." Apparently this was something I was doing (didn't even know what that meant) and therefore my account withdrawls have now been frozen. **** I'll start by detailing the small amount of activity that i've had on my Bitrue account since conception. --- 4th June 2019 - Initial XRP deposit 4th July 2019 - First XRP withdrawl 8th July 2020 - XRP deposit made 6th August 2020 - XRP deposit made
  7. Awesome - this will go a long way to silencing all those "not decentralised" FUD'sters out there.
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