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  1. Oh There are no longer accepting application for CRN :-(
  2. Is anyone running a node for CSC? Asking for me... I would like to run a community relay node
  3. Hi Guys How can i create a current wallet I have in another Laptop/ PC?
  4. Hi all, What is the best exchange to buy CSC in the US?
  5. But man none of the people giving the testimony could answer either !!!! They were worse
  6. I would like to know who selected the Five gentlemen to talk about this subject? Some of them were bumbling with the answers. Especially with the question what are use case of digital assets What type of problems that are currently existing that these digital assets would fix. Damn there a quite a few problems these digital assets are trying to fix. SMH!!!!!
  7. Thanks. Looks like 2019-2020 for implementation.
  8. Yes this how they start to Pump other coins. Sowing discord and misinformation. I have no idea what they will do with the 80+ Billion XLM that is not in circulation. Also how many XLM does Jed have?
  9. I would like to know what are they going to with the +80 Billion XLM? Any thoughts???
  10. Newbie here. I have a few questions. Anyone has any timeline for adoption for CSC by casinos? Will CSC be used to Bet on Sports?
  11. FRAGMAN?? Facebook - Ripple - Amazon - Google - Microsoft - Apple - Netflix
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