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  1. You’re deluded. Or misinformed. Or worse, spreading malicious mis-information. If SWIFT we’re looking to launch their own currency, how long ago would they have had to start this process and with what team of experts? SWIFT gpi will still be as spectacularly bad at mis-messaging, misprocessing and simply misdirecting and losing just as many millions of any currency they already do. By any measure, they’re still only an expensive and laughably insecure messaging system using smoke signal technology without owning the rails. Please do your research before posting here again. Besides, Ripplenet already has the unassailable momentum necessary to bury SWIFT. The only thing that will save SWIFT in the long run is when they partner with Ripple underpinned by the ILP.
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    The Funniest Thing Ever

    I’m so glad you can see the funny side! 👍
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    The Funniest Thing Ever

    I just emailed it to my friend. We’re both in stitches, particularly the Army review 👍😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks and especially to @BarryM17
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    The Funniest Thing Ever

    ‘The Universal Hot / Crazy Matrix: or, everything a young man needs to know about women’. Maybe if only you had seen this @BarryM17 your ex-wife would still be licking her lips 👄 Was she called Tiffany? Full version with the men bit too (ducks and runs for cover) 😂
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    The Funniest Thing Ever

    That’s is bloody fantastic, thank you hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Thanks very much! Quite exciting to see what they will announce. By the way, the Nano S integrates seamlessly with the Tronscan wallet. I’m impressed. So my TRX is finally off Binance and in my ledger which feels good!
  7. @JoelKatz @OzAlphaWolf Babb have just appointed Intellectsoft Blockchain Labs (Palo Alto; New York, and London which is the local office to Babb) to build their app and custom Blockchain. I see they already use Hyperledger and R3 amongst other tech. I’m sure you already probably know each other? https://medium.com/babb/announcing-partnership-with-intellectsoft-fe9257326690 https://www.intellectsoft.net/solutions/blockchain
  8. Looks like they haven’t yet decided on the underlying blockchain tech. Someone from Ripple needs to urgently go and see these guys!!! Blockchain Ethereum + Sc or Stellar + layer or Custom hyperledger DEX Exchange BAX XAB BTC ETH GBP USD ETA: I’m not on Twitter. @OzAlphaWolf maybe you could kindly bring this to Ripple’s attention please? I think you’re connected with Ripple people, am I right?
  9. https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/babb-group-ltd/pitches/lERGKZ/download/qD0prq Here’s the official business plan / prospectus. Not sure if this link will work if you’re not registered with Crowdcube (looks like it might?)? https://files-crowdcube-com.s3.amazonaws.com/files/pitch_files/201806/babb_ibp_2018-2_872f464255b36c413a7c2415f62fa11a.pdf
  10. Hi @bachmama The crowdsale was always going to be in two phases as I guess you know? The first round that ended yesterday morning was private for prior purchasers for a week - it was never for 60 days - unfortunately that’s just how Crowdcube do it. Now it’s open to anyone and they reset the countdown for another 60 days on Tuesday morning for public investors. I haven’t been following the numbers that closely but I’m sure you’re right. I’ve just been on their Telegram group and it appears that some investors have removed their ‘bids’. Apparently one was an investor with fat fingers who invested £1M when they meant to invest £100,000 but it also appears that the £100,000 hasn’t been resubmitted either. What’s interesting to me is that they expected to generate £1.5M purely from the private round and another £3M in the public round. There’s still 59 days left I guess and these things always speed up near the end. I bet they will get close. The equity is required as a pre-condition for the banking licence application so it’s important to them for sure. Mind you in the overall scheme, if the whole £4M is raised it’s only something like 1.5% of total current shareholding for sale so unlikely to make a minor shareholder rich! I’m writing a lot of these figures from memory so I hope they’re ok. Today the price of the token has dropped over 8% which is not great obviously! It did the same on Sunday and recovered and it is quite volatile. At the end of the day you can buy quite a number of tokens for a few hundred pounds / euros. I’m long on BAX lol. I honestly don’t think I can lose at these prices. Long term forecasters reckon a price in 3-5 years of around £0.10. That would do me very nicely thank you. Their business plan stacks up pretty well for me and they raised £18M in ETH for their ICO. I guess it’s DYOR as usual 😊 ETA: a few more (any decent!) exchanges should lift the price nicely 👍
  11. STELLAR is the true original XRP, which was saved by Jed Mc when he was unfairly kicked out of Ripple, along with the original ‘missing’ 32,500 transaction blocks on the Ripple XRP interledger protocol blockchain which isn’t a real blockchain because there’s no historical record of all transactions only the latest consensus, which no-one wants to uncover because there’s very bad things there due to the fact XRP is a speculative token and not a utility token, oh yes.
  12. ‘Retail’ MUFG Bank advertisement in today’s U.K. Daily Telegraph, Personal Finance Section. Surprising?!
  13. Love it!! Thank you!