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  1. The whales buy ripple directly and therefore don’t affect the public pricing or benefit me in any way but affect me when they sell. I will never get any dividend and the price will weakened when locked up ripples are released. Ripple itself gets the money I provide but Ripple doesn’t owe me anything. For my investment I have XPR money I can use in transaction basically $1 for $1 and maybe have a return on the money I have invested with them to grow if Ripple is successful in finding business that causes usage or loose my money if they fail. Although I love the Ripple model and the Block Chain and think they are the better coin, I find the whole concept a bit arrogant. I hope I have misunderstood something and everyone can enlighten me on my understanding because as it stands for me now I believe my returns are only good while the public keeps faith and ripple really doesn’t need our money anymore.
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