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  1. We all know the potential of ripple’s products to move money. My point of view about WU; WU is so big company placed everywhere in the world. They have created their empire. So, they also have a money everywhere in the world. They move a big sums of money from B2B every day. Company like WU have a special contracts with banks at special price. So, their fees is irrelevant. And how WU take advantage of? From big fees from their customers. At this point XRapid is irrelevant for WU, because WU already have a small fees, and they don’t care much about customers. And one day when XR
  2. I fully agree with you. and be sure I will not stop to keep reporting the scammers
  3. Yes I know. I have reported also that scammers who pretend to be BankXRP
  4. Hi everyone. Is 1 year since I started to follow the XRP community here, on tweeter and xrpchat. I have spend a lot of my time to read almost all topics. And thank you everyone to have made me understand the difference from Ripple and XRP; how they work; the impact and the potential they can have in the financial system and more and more...So thank you again to all of you. here I’ll post something I have contribute for this community. Because I know how hard is today to safe some money from our salary, I CAN’T ACCEPT THE SCAMMERS WHICH TRY TO STILL IT!!! because my english is a littl
  5. @xrptipbot and @Hodor. First of all, thank you for your contributions. I have one question about the security of my wallet. i have a wallet in and only in Bitstamp. 1.is it enough secure to have there? and, 2.if not, what I can do to secure it from thround or stealing etc..? If that questions was already answered on some topic, please forgive me to have replied to this topic. I have try to found same topic here, but without results. thank you and Best regards.
  6. A lot of topics about xCurrent, xRapit, xVia, xSpring, Coil, XRP....in this forum you can find. I understand you, like others are new in this community of XRP and want to know everything about Ripple. Sometimes we are lazy for take the autoresurch and ask “mom” Google for answers. For now i’ll Put a link below for help you to understand what is Ripple and how it work. BUt you have to listen this video very well, OK? here you have the link, and wellcome in the community;
  7. In Bitstamp they charge you with only 0,25%. For $1000 = $2,5 of fee hereyou have the schedule from Bitstamp’s fee; https://www.bitstamp.net/fee_schedule/ UNIFIED FEE SCHEDULE ALL TRADING PAIRS (CUMULATIVE) Fee %30 days USD volume 0.25%< $20,000 0.24%< $100,000 0.22%< $200,000 0.20%< $400,000 0.15%< $600,000 0.14%< $1,000,000 0.13%< $2,000,000 0.12%< $4,000,000 0.11%< $20,000,000 0.10%> $20,000,000 Please note: All non-USD trading volumes are converted to USD using a spot exchange rate
  8. From Ripple.com Impact of Not Upgrading If you operate a rippled server, but do not upgrade to version 1.0.0 by Thursday, 2018-06-14–when fix1543, fix1571 and fix1623 are expected to be enabled via Amendment——then your rippled server will become amendment blocked. A server that is amendment blocked: Cannot determine the validity of a ledger Cannot submit or process transactions Does not participate in the consensus process Does not vote on future amendments Cannot rely on potentially invalid data If the fix1543, fix1571 and fix1623Amendments are not enab
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/korean-national-assembly-makes-official-proposal-to-lift-ico-ban/amp/ The committee said: "We will also establish a legal basis for cryptocurrency trading, including permission of ICOs, through the National Assembly Standing Committee." An additional suggestion was that the government should set up a committee and new governance systems to "systematically" develop blockchain policies and provide support to firms working with the technology. i hope this will be good enough for move a little bit the market cap up.
  10. In this year we can see a lot of news about cryptocurrencie and Blockchain. A lot of talking about Ripple, XRP and Swift. So this is the year of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Everything is good, but what I miss from the global news is, the real competition of Ripple vs Swift. Why Ripple is better then Swift. Why XRP is not a currencies, but a asset tool ( Brad Garlinghouse said this in one of the first interview). And why the volatility is no matter in Ripples products because of so faster transactions, where Swift in 3 days of transaction lose 6% of all of that. I think how Ripple mu
  11. Yes I have?! Now, let me going to hibernate me for awhile. See you in a few years?
  12. This’s what make me scare now! will try to explains even if I’m not good in english language. what make me scare is the fact how a lot of people around the world goes in cripto’s investments. Until 2017/2018 no one federal institutions or central banks supposed how huge profits can investor have from Cryptocurrencies. And a lot of new investors became a millioner. Then became the new waves of investors, which number today is written in millions. Now imagine. If all what you wrote become true ( and all we would to became), how many new milioners the world will have?!
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